Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1686

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Lou Xiaoyi still found a way to relax oneself in such an environment, fight sword!

Fight with four Nishizhao sword cultivators! Of course, you can’t use real swords, but take a piece of wood as a sword. This is a necessary safety precaution, because they are not a cultivator anymore. They don’t have the True Aura body protection of the cultivator, and they don’t have the ability to grasp the measure. If you want to have fun, you can only use a wooden sword, in a flash, just a few steps away, don't dare to careless!

It's another feeling too! When fighting a sword cultivator with several tens of thousands of years old sword cultivator, even if he was as strong as Lou Xiaoyi, he was turned into a fool by the wooden sword!

He can perfectly suppress the back puppet, only because of some other reasons, imposing manner, sword, body breaking the sword anytime and anywhere... And now that these can’t help him anymore, it’s just to be repaired. It's normal!

He has only held a sword for a thousand years, and others have held a sword for tens of thousands of years. The gap is beyond doubt! Still the same sentence, Guangyao is not injustice to lose!

Fighting is the best learning!

In this way, Lou Xiaoyi took root in the beautiful land and experienced the blockade of connecting passages again and again. His learning ability was extremely strong, and he quickly became familiar with everything and the role played in it. It’s no different from a few Nishizhao sword cultivators.

He finally understood the purpose of sending him on the surface, because the mortal body wants to defend against alien attacks. There must be the most basic number of requirements. Five are the least. No matter how small they are, they will most likely not be able to achieve one when they encounter a larger group of shocks.

As for when the mission is over, it can only be seen when the puppeteer can realize the responsibility of oneself. It may be more than ten years, maybe it will be a hundred years.

Ten years later, the serious tasks were boring and boring. On the contrary, among the tribes and tribes of Dafengyuan, Miaofeng Mountain became more and more famous.

Because the first batch of disciplines, such as Shibao, have already made the name of oneself on the grassland! This has played a good role in leading demonstrations. Their reputation is mainly manifested in military force. Gradually, their reputation began to spread inland, attracting more and more people from the world, which is beyond Lou Xiaoyi's control. Of it.

In contrast, Munan is even more remarkable. Complete Perfection Cult has a reputation not only in the grasslands, but also in the interior of Yanzhao, but not by military force, but by virtue of being more profound and comprehensive. , A broader Taoist philosophy!

The introduction of basic concepts such as Five Elements, Yin-Yang, Tai Chi, Bagua, etc. has greatly enriched the local Taoist thought of Splendid. Munan is very happy about it, because he may become a benchmark figure in the continent. Even the Mu family supports him. The vision of the Aristocratic Family in the inland Central Plains has a much greater impact on the future than learning a sword technique.

But for Lou Xiaoyi, the only benefit of spreading the reputation is that you can eat and drink!

Xizhao people are really stoic, maybe because they are carrying too much, or they are heartbroken, so it is obviously a very simple matter to improve their living conditions. They have never been here for tens of thousands of years. He has moved his mind. It deserves to be the general’s dísciple. One after another’s will is like steel, but he doesn’t care about that. Tianmu has no special requirements in this regard. Why can’t he fight for oneself if he has done his best? A good living environment?

It's not Xuanyuan's things that are preached, it's Taoist things at all, and no one can hold his handle!

Quietness is Lou Xiaoyi's most intuitive feeling about this place. Even in the universe in the sky, he can feel that oneself is a member of the cultivation world, but here, the atmosphere isolates everything, not only the inspiration, but also countless involvements.

He always thought that oneself can adapt to any environment, but here, after more than a decade, even he feels a bit boring, as if he has been abandoned by the world! Has been excluded from the universe of cultivation!

Xizhao's several sword cultivators have persisted here for tens of thousands of years. In their peace, he can realize that something that has not been extinguished, is waiting to be ignited!

It shouldn’t be like this! Although he is only a friend who has only met for a short time, he is also angry for them in his heart!

Sooner or later, all this must be repaid!

……Five people are running in the passage, no one speaks. This is actually their normal situation. Lou Xiaoyi's first freshness has passed. He is now experienced as a Xizhao sword cultivator who has been here for tens of thousands of years, and there is nothing to teach him.

This is the fourth time, the eighteenth year, everything is the same as before, boring tasks, boring killings.

But after they rushed out of several dozen li, several people found something abnormal!

"The passage is getting wider! I remember that the width here should be 13 feet, and now it is at least 15 feet!" Said nightmare said solemnly.

Without the slightest hesitation, "Hurry up, I hope the hole we guard will not be too wide!"

In Mercedes-Benz, Lou Xiaoyi cautiously proposed oneself "The widening of the channel is nothing, at best, it is harder for us to keep it! What I am worried about is whether a new branch will appear as the channel is widened!

If it appears in our It doesn’t matter in front, but if it appears behind us..."

Lou Xiaoyi’s words aroused alarm in the hearts of several people. In fact, what he meant was that based on the basic principles of space theory, when the channel is unstable , A main road may split into many small branches like a spider web, and most of them may be dead ends, but as long as one is passable, their defense is meaningless!

This is not for the so-called mission, but for the mortals they guard!

Do you continue to guard the narrow mouth? Or retreat until the passage becomes stable?

Negative asked urgently, "If we retreat, we will easily miss out if we guard the broad front!"

Lou Xiaoyi insisted, "It may not be that bad either. The emergence of the cobweb is The double-edged sword, most aliens may not be able to find the right way! So we may be less pressure on the number!

And I always think that even if something is missed, at least we can Knowing how many are missing? It’s easy to find! It’s better than not knowing how many are missing!"

Several Xizhao sword cultivators looked at each other and made a decision. Xuanyuan’s analysis makes sense. Under such a change, it would be too passive to stick to the previous strategy. I don’t know if a small passage will be opened for more than two hundred miles behind it. If they work hard in the front, there will be a few small holes in the back. , This sin is serious!

"Looking back, for safety's sake, we will go straight back until we can see the entrance! At least this time we can't make any mistakes, as for the next time, it depends on how many people Tianmo sends!"

The five people turned their heads and started running back. For them, in fact, they are really sure that they can only enter the channel entrance as the safest place, even if it is not very defensive there, but at least they can know the exact situation. !

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