Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1687

Their decision was very timely. Just when they ran back ten li or so, a small seam broke in the channel wall during a channel spasm, and it was still expanding, although there was no foreign matter. Get out, but it's only a matter of time!

They are very lucky to have made the right decision and are more determined to return to defense.

Run until not far from the entrance, the walls of the surrounding passage gradually become stable, here is the width of several ten zhang, for only five of them, if you want to It is a bit difficult to intercept every alien that rushes over.

There is no way, you can only do your best.

Allocate the areas to be guarded by each, knowing that it will take some time to wait for the aliens to come over, and a few people can finally take a breath,

Yes, if you are close to the entrance, the problem of eating will be solved!"

Lou Xiaoyi asked; "Has this happened before?"

Ning Yun shook his head, "No , This is the first time! It seems that the collapse of the Five Tais has also begun to affect this place! After this time, if the above still wants to maintain the safety of the beautiful heaven and earth, they must send more people. We only need to guard this time! It doesn't count. Dereliction of duty!"

Lou Xiaoyi has some thoughts, but it is difficult to elaborate, because he has no real evidence. According to his guess, according to Wang Zangjie's zombie and the ground crawler wave in Daguopan, in fact, it is in the channel. I'm afraid it's already full of holes, but the Nishizhao sword cultivator is limited by the number of people, so I haven't had the chance to go in for tens of thousands of years.

The entire passage is several thousands li long, and the most vulnerable should be in the middle. They have been kept within two hundred miles. The truth about the passage is no longer understood, until now the changes in the passage begin to spread to both ends.

What happened in the middle?

It’s not that Lou Xiaoyi is nosy, but that life has been too boring in the past two decades. According to his understanding, the mess that appears everywhere in the universe should be related to this place. Struggle is also a battle of fortune. The so-called struggle is not only fighting and killing, but also including your contribution. For him, not knowing the changes here is that's all, but now that he knows it, there is no reason to lightly Exposed.

What is going with the situation? This is what the cultivator has experienced during the journey of practice. When these weird things gradually point in one direction, you must take a good look in this direction. This is homeopathy!

You are feigning ignorance, well, then Heavenly Dao's guidance should be given to others. It's nothing for you, because you are a person who refuses to bear the responsibility!

So comforted: "In fact, it doesn’t seem to be much? The Five Tais collapsed and affected a lot of things. Accumulated over a long period of time, and took advantage of the disappearance of the blockage to start the move. This is in line with the existence of this type of space channel. Basically, it’s not surprising.

It’s like a new spider web, shaped like a maze, with a lot of threads. It’s not easy for us to explore the way in it. In the end, it’s not easy to find a correct passage. Not to mention those outliers?

So, the probability of the outliers coming in large numbers is not great, and it is more likely that they are in teams of three to two?"

Nodded, this judgment is very reliable. Music," Xiaoyi said well, but our strategy in this case should not be too passive, we can’t stand here silly and wait, we have to take the initiative! Let’s start when they stick one's head around to look for, and don’t gather them. The opportunity!"

Several people have discussed and decided again to find the best blocking position. Finally, after multiple choices, two locations have been determined; one is a three-way junction ten several li away from the entrance. There are three people arranged here, which is their last line of defense; the other is thirty miles from the entrance, where four cracks appeared, and two people were arranged.

Considering that there is definitely not every crack breaking out of it, if you take the initiative, you can also deal with it.

Lou Xiaoyi and Ruyan were placed thirty miles away. It was just a tactical arrangement. For the five of them, their strengths are similar, and there is no situation where there is no one who is better than others. Really fight, and then do the rotation after a period of time. They are all veterans, and they know exactly what oneself should do.

Sighed into the nightmare, "The changes in the universe have affected this place after all. In the universe, there is nowhere to escape! I think this channel changes so many times, maybe there will be Half Immortal came from the opposite side. If so, do you think we should stop or not?"

Lou Xiaoyi smiled, "Don't think about it so much! You won't wait until that day, the eyes of the sky can be unusual Sending people over means that they have never stopped paying attention to this place. After this time, a large number of reinforcements will arrive. How to completely block this channel is what they should consider."

The opportunity for the two to chat, time slowly passed, and finally in a crack there was a reptile stick one's head around to look for, entering the nightmare away, leaping forward, chasing into the crack hundred zhang, and slashing it under the sword .

This is their strategy, not to give these things a chance to reunite! If the aliens are still unable to form a scale, then even if the terrain is wider, they will try their best to stop them; they don't need to stop a ten out of ten in this place, they can also miss the past, there are three people behind.

Humankind’s great advantage in wisdom has really played a big role here. For the heterogeneous species that reproduce in the connecting channel, there is basically no wisdom, inside and outside Sedum Although there are many Half Immortals, the number of body dies and Dao disappears every year is limited after all, and their powerful magic objects always have a limit, which is still within the controllable range.

After several months, it was easy to stop, because the appearance of cracks made the arrival of aliens become sloppy, and they took the initiative to attack, and the battle was easier than ever.

During this period, there was a rotation. Lou Xiaoyi went into the night and retreated to the back. He even had the opportunity to go out and carry a few roast lambs back, and gradually put down his worries. There is no problem with defense.

Re-rotation, Lou Xiaoyi and Ruyan came to the front again. The two were already familiar with each other and cooperated in a tacit understanding. When one entered the crack to hunt down, the other stayed on the main road. After more than ten days, they didn’t even let go. An alien passed.

In peace, everything went according to order, but Lou Xiaoyi didn’t care about it at all. As an Old Fox who has experienced the universe for a long time, he knew very well that mutations often happen in a seemingly normal rhythm, which makes you completely unprepared.

Here, apart from the main road, there are four cracks. One of the abnormalities appears frequently, the other occasionally appears, and the other two have never appeared abnormal. It should be two dead ends.

During the defense, one of the two dead ends suddenly moved, and a zombie poked his head out,

Lou Xiaoyi stretched his body and forced it back in two steps. In the crack, he immediately chased in and shouted:

"Senior Brother, be careful, this one has become a way to survive!"

Junior replied, "I save it! Junior Brother, don't chase too far !"

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