Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1689

Sword Spirit does not have oneself spirit wisdom, only the instinct of killing. Fortunately, this instinct is selective, probably derived from the influence of its owner's long-term behavior, and is deeply engraved in their instinct. in.

But it also has a temper! Shown in many ways!

First of all, Lou Xiaoyi can't kill more than it! It is not happy with more than it! If you are not happy, you will run around without concern for the existence next to you, and use running to vent your dissatisfaction!

at first Lou Xiaoyi still don’t understand how this guy suddenly became violent, and later discovered that it was oneself’s fault, so every time he did it, he deliberately made a result, so Sword Spirit I'm very satisfied.

Secondly, this guy is a good teacher! There is a oneself insistence on how to make a sword. This is the habit of its owner for thousands of years. It must also be admitted that there are many unimaginable sword skills worth learning, but this does not mean that Lou Xiaoyi has to copy it all!

Moreover, it is now purely a sword. There are many sword styles that Lou Xiaoyi can't learn. He has more body, of course, he has to be scrupulous. Throw it in the heterogeneous pile!

Sword Spirit couldn't understand the difference between them, and instinctively thought that the companion next to him was not brave enough, and it was helpless.

In the end, this guy always regards himself as a big brother, leader, and senior brother! For example, if you encounter a fork in the road, it turns to the right, Lou Xiaoyi can't turn to the left. If Lou Xiaoyi insists, this guy will never change his choice. If they insist on each other, they can only go their separate ways!

No way, after a few attempts, Lou Xiaoyi always compromised and eagerly kept up. The only thing that comforted him was that this ass guy would not showing the mountains and not The slowing down of revealing the water to wait for him is also desperate for face.

Lou Xiaoyi certainly doesn't care about face! A sword cultivator senior, Half Immortal, a sword cultivator senior with a life span of at least ten thousand years, what kind of face can a junior like him save?

Just a stubborn old man! At the end of his life, he didn't mind being a personal attendant for Senior again.

As for the origin of this Sword Spirit, it is really impossible to guess, because all the sword skills belonging to the cultivator are sealed, and only the close sword can be used, and the close sword actually affects most of the sword veins. It doesn't make any difference, and it pays more attention to personal preferences, unless it is the sword technique of the Xizhao Sword Mansion that incorporates the Sword Spirit, it has a certain degree of recognition.

It is still possible to see if the sword is made by humans, but if the sword moves the sword by itself and completely violates the basic principle of human use of the sword, it is truly unrecognizable and completely unfamiliar.

This time is also Lou Xiaoyi's deepest journey into the passage. He can't tell exactly how far oneself has gone. He only knows that he went up the main road and then went down, went down and up again, so infinite cycle, There is only one target, and wherever there are many crawlers, they will go wherever they are.

There is a general direction, I have been going in! Probably Sword Spirit felt that oneself had a helper this time and could do things it could not do before?

In these places, the Nishizhao sword cultivator has not been here for tens of thousands of years. It is not that they have not enough exploration spirit, but that the hard-pressed people really cannot make them initiate such a reverse push. They must ensure that there is no one. The aliens can rush to the beautiful heaven and earth. For them, this is not a very easy thing, and of course there is no extra manpower to push back.

The more you go in, the more Space Cracks increase, and most of them are very stable. Lou Xiaoyi understands that in fact, the connection channel has already begun to change, but humans only occupy a distance of two hundred miles. , Did not feel that's all.

Sword Spirit is very familiar with the path here, and I don’t know how many years it has been here? In this process, Lou Xiaoyi truly saw all kinds of foreign objects in this passage, far more than when he set up the card before!

For example, the cultivator Life-Source Treasure that is rarely seen when setting up a card.

The fact is that reptile zombies still have a limited cooperation, but between Sword Spirit and these treasures, puppets, they rarely join forces. They all take care of themselves, as if they dominate their lives. Do the same.

This is also a kind of memory retention, and it also represents the attitude of their owners. It’s just that the owners knew that they had borrowed and joined each other temporarily, even if they didn’t agree with each other, but these treasures were completely different from each other. If you don't know how to compromise, you just take care of yourself.

Lou Xiaoyi completely gave up the idea of ​​going back. In his opinion, instead of spending a few years in the Splendid Heaven and Earth with nothing to do, it would be better to accompany Sword Spirit crazy in the passage, and it can be more comprehensive. Knowing everything here, there are always surprises and surprises, and the life is more fulfilling. This is the rhythm he likes, rather than training the people in Munan Shibao outside.

When you want to go back, you can always go back, as long as you follow the main road.

He finally understood the reason why Xi Zhaojian’s cultivation base has been able to persist here for tens of thousands of years, because there are still many beings here to help them, and the subconsciously help is pure instinct.

A few months later, they came to a wide place. This is no longer a passage, but a hilly land nearly a hundred miles away. As Nian Yan said, the entire passage is about two or three. The place where reptiles and zombie breed the most is also the base camp.

Here, zombie can be seen everywhere, aimless, and only a handful of people who are really heading towards Splendid, and most of them sound. Most of the Avatars are incomplete, but the zombie, who can't bear to walk far away, wanders in this open field, as if waiting for something, looking for something?

Lou Xiaoyi can feel that Sword Spirit is very excited, because the condensed sword gang has grown a bit longer. After several months of getting along, he knows that this is a precursor to Sword Spirit's hands. This Sword Spirit is also very courageous, of course, it can be killed without a body, at most it consumes more energy, from a broken sword to a broken sword.

Follow the madness, or leave? In fact, it is not difficult for Lou Xiaoyi to choose.

"old man! There are too many zombies here, although the speed is not good, but if a rush to surround us, I am afraid neither of us can escape! Kill in the corner Just kill it, don’t rush in, can you? You’ve lived enough, but I haven’t lived enough!"

Lou Xiaoyi knows that he doesn’t understand oneself’s complaints, so he just treats these as a pastime. Don’t expect it to be able to fully understand; he has a one-self judgment on these zombies. If he can maintain the speed and rush all the way, it seems that he can do it reluctantly. , There are always limits.

Sword Spirit doesn't care about him either, only wandering around the edges, it looks like it's looking for a weak spot, but it doesn't seem to be? Because it does not meet Lou Xiaoyi's judgment of the situation.

Then the sword body shook suddenly, rushed forward, cut a slow zombie into two pieces, and continued forward.

Lou Xiaoyi had to keep up, foul-mouthed,

"damned old man, I was killed by you!"

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