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Sword Spirit is in front, Lou Xiaoyi is behind, one after the other's wedge forward!

If the front is a human being, Nishizhao Senior Brother, he who is behind needs to ensure the back and side of the person in front, but the front is Sword Spirit, this thing does not have a fleshy body, so he In fact, you don't need to care too much about how to protect it. The most important thing is to maintain the attack strength and let the two of them advance fast enough so that they will not be surrounded by the slow zombie.

At the same time, I hope that Sword Spirit knows good or bad, just kill through the zombie group and enter the main road on the other side, don't be too lingering.

Sword Spirit’s attack is indeed sharp, and every time it is an unhesitating attack, Lou Xiaoyi’s responsibility is to be responsible for cleaning and suppressing the side. This strategy makes their peers faster at first, but with As we approached the central area, zombies became more and more dense, and the speed slowed down.

Near a hundred miles, it’s not a distance for the cultivator, but for him now, it’s a long journey of death. Even if he rushes to the central area, he will have to cover fifty miles, usually like this It takes a lot of time for a period, not to mention that you have to deal with the zombie group that has been bombed and is slowly moving over.

He finally discovered that the so-called hilly land is actually not a hill, it is a hole-acupuncture that is half-buried and half-exposed, in which there are constantly stiff bodies crawling out. This is a zombie community!

What is the purpose of Sword Spirit? Is it just for pure killing? Doubts began to develop in his heart!

From at first you only need to face one or two facing each other, to four or five later, when you rush out thirty li or so, there will always be more than ten zombies entangled with them , If they can't solve it quickly, then there will be more encirclement!

If you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off already! At this time, Lou Xiaoyi settled down and rushed forward wholeheartedly. This is the most basic quality of a sword cultivator, and he can concentrate on killing the enemy with no distractions!

The Sword Spirit is becoming more and more brutal, the sword light is dazzling, and the brilliance is all over the place. You must know that this is the sealed Sword Spirit. It is a bit unbelievable to do this!

Lou Xiaoyi is already side by side with it, don't care about the back, surrounded by the zombie behind, I am afraid that there will be death or no life today! Just work hard to move forward!

How he forced oneself to this step is also very strange! It was as if Sword Spirit had a peculiar charm, and his loyalty to the sword until his death moved him!

Zombies have begun to appear at a higher level. Their bodies are stronger, more responsive, and stronger. Lou Xiaoyi not quite clear How to divide the zombie here, he doesn’t care too much about this. .

The two long swords are both Sword Spirit condensed, but one is imaginary and needs energy supply, and the other is real. As long as the master has the strength, it will never collapse. This is a big advantage in the battle. , Sword edge is everywhere, invincible.

He finally saw a huge cave-mound in the direction Sword Spirit was rushing, but he was not sure if Sword Spirit would pass by, or had other intentions? This is a Sword Spirit lunatic, one can imagine what kind of character its original owner was.

But at this moment, the condensed sword edge of Sword Spirit has a slight change, as if it has shrunk by half an inch! Although the change is small, it has not escaped Lou Xiaoyi's observation, knowing that Sword Spirit is a little unsustainable. At this time, of course you should come forward.

Taking the initiative to take over most of the pressure, the sword light burst into bright radiance in his hands. The last time he worked so desperately was in the sword dao monument, he didn’t expect this time to be in a mortal body. Fight!

The world is unpredictable, and it is really unpredictable. After the achievement of Primordial Spirit, the most dangerous battle is not against Yang Spirit, but facing a group of magic relics that have lost their master!

The last section of the road, opened by Lou Xiaoyi, finally approached the huge cave-mound! When he was still hesitating to step over the hill, rush out of the encirclement, or something else, the Sword Spirit next to him suddenly screamed, and the sword light skyrocketed again, and plunged into the cave-qiu cave!

In a flash, Lou Xiaoyi didn't have time to think about it, so he jumped in, because he believed that a Sword Spirit of tens of thousands of years would not choose such a brainless death!

There must be some reason!

As soon as you enter the mound-acupuncture point, you immediately seem to be in another space. The zombies outside are jumping around the acupuncture point-mouth, but they dare not follow, as if there is something here that makes them extremely jealous. s things.

This is an Ancient Battlefield! Bloody flags, broken swords, scattered armor, boundless bones! From time to time, there is an arm stretched out in the mud, and then slowly crawls out a zombie with incompleteness!

It is exactly the inexplicable Ancient Battlefield space that can produce zombies mentioned by Ning Yan! They just speculated, Lou Xiaoyi saw it with his own eyes!

The Sword Spirit swayed to the center of the battlefield. There was nothing to stop the two of them. Most of the newly climbed zombies couldn’t even stand, let alone fight. .

Lou Xiaoyi followed closely and finally discovered the goal of Sword Spirit’s adventure!

In the center of the battlefield, countless bones are piled up under the banner of the war, and a huge corpse lotus is blooming!

There are strange lotuses in the universe, so I won’t envy them! Three flowers don't gather at the top, five flowers don't go to Yuan!

This poem is about the eight most special lotus species in the universe. They are a good thing recognized by both Buddhism and Taoism, great opportunity, especially Buddhism.

The lotus is the sacred of flowers, symbolizing purity and elegance, purity and detachment.

The holiness of the lotus flower that leaves the mud without staining, symbolizes the Buddha and Bodhisattva's transcendence, and the four are all empty;

The root of the lotus flower does not die. Extinguished, constantly within reincarnation.

Buddhism has eight auspicious treasures: umbrella, double fish, aquarium, lotus, white snail, ruyi, treasure building, and golden wheel, but the Buddha placed the lotus in the most lofty position.

Because of the sacred meaning of lotus in Buddhism, the Buddhist holy flower is called "lotus" in Buddhist scriptures, Buddha Country is called "lotus world", robes are called "lotus clothing", and monks are called Dharma mudra is called "Lianhuahua Gassho", and even the Buddha is called "Lotus Prince"

Lotus is the only flower, fruit (lotus root), and seed (lotus seed) coexist in a hundred flowers. It symbolizes the presence of the "three bodies" of the "dharmakaya, samantha, and response body" of our Buddha.

The lotus has five colors: white, blue, red, purple, and yellow, which are called "five kinds of heavenly flowers". Among them, white and blue are the most popular. That is, five do not Chaoyuan.

In other words, if you can own any of these five five-color lotus flowers, you have an immortal-like ability! Of course, the possessions mentioned here are not obtained by luck, but by oneself. It also requires a lot of effort. It is for the lotus path. It is a very special kind of Buddhism, and the extraordinary monks can expect it extravagantly.

It's a kind of Road of Immortal Ascension in disguise. Of course, Lou Xiaoyi just heard that he still can't fully understand these things at his level!

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