Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1691

White lotus, transliterated as Fentori in Sanskrit. This flower grows in Buddha Country's Amanda Pond, and it is difficult to see in Human World, so it is also called "The Flower of Hope".

Azure Lotus flower, transliterated from Sanskrit to Ubala. The leaves are long and narrow, with a small circle near the bottom, and gradually pointed upwards. They are blue and white and look like the eyes of a Buddha. Therefore, they are called "lotus eyes" in Buddhist scriptures. In Buddhism, each lotus has its own metaphor. Consciousness is something that cannot be encountered or sought. It only exists in ideology. Buddha Country is also an illusory. The lotus in your heart is what it is like! If you can match the lotus in Buddha Country in the ideology, you have certain abilities of immortal.

Therefore, the five-color lotus flowers may not actually exist. They are just a concept. No one knows what they look like. They only exist in the heart of the cultivator.

But the Sanhua in the sentence Sanhua does not gather the top is true and has a source!

Sanhua is not the three flowers of Taoism, but refers to three kinds of lotus: Baolian, water lily, and corpse lotus!

The reason why these three kinds of lotus are the best among all lotus is not because of their power. In the cultivation world, using power to understand a treasure is a very low-end concept. A baby can only kill people by throwing it out. Then this baby is not a good baby. How can there be invincible things in the cultivation world?

The special thing about them is that they can help the cultivator understand Dao Realm. It is not just a taste, but an in-depth study of an Innate Grand Dao!

For example, Baolian, what contains time is Innate Grand Dao! This very difficult to deal with, although everyone knows time, but because this Reverend is not proficient, it shows the value of Baolian.

Another example is the water lily. Its Innate Grand Dao is Nirvana. It is an Innate Grand Dao dedicated to Buddhism, unfathomable.

The last is the corpse lotus, which sounds bad, but it involves the Innate Grand Dao, which is highly valued by both Buddhism and Taoism: Lunhui!

Needless to say the importance of wheel cultivator, it may be difficult to feel Nascent Soul cultivator. True Monarch has many applications for this. If you go up to the Half Immortal class, wheel cultivator The meaning is not ordinary. Of course, Lou Xiaoyi still doesn't understand this deeply. He is just a newly promoted Primordial Spirit, and it is only in the middle of True Monarch.

It is precisely because of the respective characteristics of the three kinds of lotus that they are highly regarded in the cultivation world, and because they are extremely rare, they can basically be encountered but not sought, and they cannot be cultivated. Only Innate Earth grows. spiritual object.

The corpse lotus, without roots and stems, is a kind of parasitic Rare Item. It is a kind of parasitic Rare Item. There are surviving ones, but if it is a corpse lotus fused with Grand Dao, it is precious.

Heavenly Dao rules, there can only be one corpse lotus in the same round of Grand Dao, which cannot coexist. Where can I find it in the vast universe? In the same way, only one lotus water lily containing Grand Dao can survive in the world, which shows their preciousness.

The huge blood-colored corpse lotus bloomed in the battlefield, emitting a rotten odor, and it was extremely smelly. It is precisely because of its existence that Grand Dao played a role in this ancient Battlefield space. That's why zombies are constantly being generated.

This is already a very magical ability. You can't expect it to actually give birth to dead person flesh and bones, blowing mud and flocs up to the blue sky, it’s not what Immortal Technique can do, but it’s a heaven-defying technique. The cultivation world does not exist.

Cultivation world can do Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth, there are many great powers to reset the universe, but for life, any responsible Heavenly Dao is Yan Jin, impossible leave a way out, because this is the beginning of disaster.

The breath of the blood-colored corpse lotus makes people feel nauseous. The cultivator can keep their breath and remains unmoved, but mortals can’t. Their mouth and nose pores can’t be closed, so let Lou Xiaoyi not get close. It feels uncomfortable.

Sword Spirit certainly doesn’t care about the smell. It approaches quickly and continuously punctures. The corpse lotus obviously has no resistance. Under the attack of the Sword Spirit, it passively bears it, but no matter how the Sword Spirit acts, it is cut. The opening always healed instantly, and the wound that was pierced was as good as before. In this sealed environment, mortal attacks appeared very pale. Here, it is almost indestructible.

There is still time. When you come in here, you will be at ease, and you don’t need to think about external issues anymore.

Holding his breath and approaching quickly, the seven ants quickly swept across the corpse lotus, feeling the firmness and recovery speed of the lotus. After some operation, Lou Xiaoyi, who was almost unable to hold his breath, jumped away. .

He paused for a while, adjusted his breathing, and stepped forward again, tried again, and repeated this several times. Finally, he found out some of the external characteristics of the corpse lotus.

It's troublesome!

He came to a few conclusions. First of all, this smell is really unpleasant. It is possible for mortals to faint after smelling it for a long time. Even if his physique is far better than an ordinary person, there is a limit. ; But the smell is indeed not poison qi, and it cannot cause death. It is just the characteristics of the corpse lotus itself. The ordinary corpse lotus uses the foul smell to attract flies or beetles to pollinate it. Now this corpse lotus has melted It is Grand Dao, but its essence has not changed. The smell is countless times stronger than that of ordinary corpse lotus.

Secondly, the fleshy petals of the corpse lotus are the level of ordinary plants. Not to mention the sharp sword, any hard object can easily cut it apart, just like a layer of juice wrapped in a film, as long as it is When the juice comes out first, there will be the power of rounds, which will heal naturally and be seamless.

Finally, just like ordinary corpse lotus, this ghost has no roots and no stems, so it cannot use the sharpest method to deal with plants, cut off the roots and extinct stems, and remove its nutrient source; its nutrients come from Ancient Battlefield, from thousands of dead souls, these things fill this space, everywhere, as a mortal, he can't block this connection at all.

Lou Xiaoyi kept trying, but Sword Spirit finally stopped on the side. Maybe he knew that oneself’s attack was useless, so he just stood there, as if the next question was caused by Lou Xiaoyi. Solving is a natural thing.

Good too! Can't help, at least don't make trouble, this is a good quality!

This thing must be destroyed! Destroying it is to destroy the birthplace of zombie, and the universe will be emptied. At least there will be no more zombies in the world of Wang Zang; he can see clearly that these mutilated corpses are sent through Space Crack everywhere. Everywhere in the universe, Wang Zangjie was by no means the only destination.

As for whether the destruction of the finally heaven and earth Rare Item will be a bit reckless waste of natural resources, he doesn't care! Anyway, if this corpse lotus is gone, another one will naturally grow in the universe, and it is impossible to cut off, and there is no cause and effect.

Who put this thing here? Is it natural or deliberate? This kind of thing cannot be guessed, maybe Sword Spirit old man knows it?

Destroy it first, this must be the wish of Sword Spirit!

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