Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1692

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Lou Xiaoyi pondered for a moment, and then began to do it.

1st move, see if you can drag this huge corpse lotus out of the Ancient Battlefield space. The corpse lotus has a diameter of three feet. It is purely in terms of weight. With Lou Xiaoyi's strength, there is no problem. In fact, he gave up this method after some attempts.

Whether it is pushing or pulling, the corpse lotus is completely motionless, which means that it has a mysterious connection with this space that is not part of the mortal world. This is not what he can do now.

2nd move, etch Formation! Although people are sealed, they don’t have the memory. The weird burning sword array learned from Foundation Establishment has never been forgotten. Although there is no Spirit Stone and no magical power, there is Inner Strength, and it can be done to a certain extent. Activating the formidable power of part of the array on the upper part can not be used to kill, but it is okay to make trouble.

I tried again, but it still ended in failure, because it was impossible to carve anything on the huge petals of the corpse lotus, the blade was scratched, and recovered in an instant, there was no chance for the array to take shape.

The method of cultivation cannot be used, and the earth method of this world is of no use. Lou Xiaoyi is lost in thought and needs to do something high-tech!

In many attempts, he discovered that the secret of the corpse lotus is probably in the juice in the lotus petals, or it is not the secret of the corpse lotus, but the energy-carrying medium of the corpse lotus itself, which cannot be used. If the sword splits it, you can only use your mind to draw salaries from the bottom of the pot.

This is Ancient Battlefield. Although it is a long time ago, the relatively special environment allows human bones and weapon remains to be kept relatively complete, so that they will not be weathered and broken for a long time.

Among the countless broken weapons, he found several well-preserved long weapon grips, and found several intact armors, a wolf fang club head, and manufacturing began.

First, I used a few weapons to build a fixed bracket, which was less than one foot away from the corpse lotus; then the wolf fang club head was used as an axis, and the wolf fang club was mounted horizontally. There was no bearing. That thing was too Fine, not what he can make now, just use it together.

After dismantling several sets of armor, using long sword to cut out six or seven pieces of equal size, slightly creating a backward twist, and then fixing them on the spikes of the wolf fang club to form a The wolf fang club is the shaft, and the simple device with seven blades on it.

The trouble is still to come, how to seal is the most troublesome...you have to have a suitable water inlet pipe, as for whether there is a water outlet pipe or not Doesn't it matter?

This is a thick iron lance rod. I don’t know which general used it to be so thick. He needs to hollow out the middle to form a hollow tube, which is obviously difficult to do with Seven Ants. , Although it consumes iron like mud, it is not long enough.

Lou Xiaoyi looked towards the idle Sword Spirit, this thing is a standard drill!

...The final shape is a crude pump! Fortunately, he doesn’t need the lift, nor does it pursue flow, nor does it need sturdiness...These things he has come into contact with in his previous life. They are the face of a friend who specializes in pumps, and he is only familiar with occasional help.

There are countless loopholes, but fortunately, he doesn't need to draw water from the bottom of the well, and there is even no height difference! There is really no way. If you are a mortal, you can only rely on the limited mechanical knowledge of previous life.

In theory, actually getting a tube into it and sucking it with your mouth seems to be a way, but the juice of the corpse lotus is more viscous, and he doesn’t want to pour a mouth of the corpse lotus juice in. This thing The nutrients are too disgusting.

It took him a few days to make this set of bits and pieces, and he couldn't do it too finely. He doesn't even have a vise on hand now, so let's use it together.

Anyway, this is a great attempt. It is a challenge from industrial civilization to cultivation civilization. He has no bottom in his heart; the only good news is that this corpse lotus does not have the ability to fight back. Changing the cultivation environment will have the ability to defend, but here, it is just a big flower!

The barrel of the gun, that is, the water inlet pipe, has been fixed. The whole device is like an iron pulley. A handle of the gun sticks out in front of it, and the tip is cut into a pointed wedge.

Lou Xiaoyi pushed this thing forward and slammed it forward. With great force, the sharp wedge plunged into the petals of the corpse lotus feet several feet thick!

Lou Xiaoyi jumped up, grabbed the self-made shaker, squatted down, and started shaking desperately, dancing with his hands... After a few ten breaths, there was no drop of juice from the exit. Come out, you can only give up, consider what is wrong with this bad operation?

Exit the device and check the entrance wedge. Some of the juice has been Semi-solidified. This is a kind of self-protection of the corpse lotus, just like the platelet is to the blood. It is impossible. There are always biological specials. To prevent the loss!

The point is that he didn't form enough suction before the juice solidified, and he didn't suck it out!

His intuition is that the speed is too slow! Industrial civilization uses electric motors. Cultivation civilization can use magical power. He has nothing now. How high can the speed be shaken desperately by mortal power?

Turn your eyes to the Sword Spirit again, isn't this the best motor? No matter how fast you turn, you won’t be dizzy?

We have been getting along for a long time, and they have had the most basic communication, and he has also demonstrated it. It is not difficult for Sword Spirit to understand such actions.

Sword Spirit is a bit reluctant, but it recognizes this companion, so it can only reluctantly, although it feels that this thing is always a little weird, but the root cannot be wrong, it is the same sword. .

Clear the membrane at the point where the wedge is removed, and stab the long rod into the corpse lotus again. When the Sword Spirit rotates the swing handle, its speed is really not comparable to Lou Xiaoyi, it is quite high. Several orders of magnitude!

It feels a bit of a low-profile version of inferior quality second-hand small motors.

The idea is beautiful, the truth is cruel. After a few ten breaths, there is still no movement at the exit. Lou Xiaoyi had to stop the crazy Sword Spirit. This guy is really fast. He was worried that oneself's shoddy device would be scattered by it.

What is the problem? Bad seal? He admits that the seal is indeed not in place, but this is not a demanding condition, nor is it pumping a deep well, nor raising a big river. He deliberately made the device very low, even lower than the petals of the corpse lotus. With water, oneself can all flow out, right?

Water? Lou Xiaoyi realized a small omission, a basic common sense!

He took out the two big leather hydration bags on his back. There is no water inside, and there is no water in this ghost place. They are all the blood of the insect beast. Here, he can only rely on this thing to quench his thirst!

Cautiously pour blood into the water inlet until the entire water inlet is fully filled, and then gradually fills up the blade part. Because of the sealing problem, bloodshot leaks from all parts of the connection. Fortunately, Serious!

After waiting for the blade cylinder chamber to fill up, I didn’t hesitate to push, and the barrel of the gun plunged into the petals of the corpse lotus again. At the same time, the Sword Spirit turned quickly...

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