Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1693

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This time, there is finally a squirt of juice!

Because there is no water outlet at all, there is a jet stream directly from the side of the tank, and the joints are also flowing horizontally, splashing everywhere, and the strong smell makes Lou Xiaoyi have to hold it. Breathe, but Sword Spirit doesn't matter. Seeing the effect, the turning is more and more rising!

Lou Xiaoyi was not idle either, holding the sword and going up, began to chop and chop on the corpse lotus frantically, causing it the greatest possible damage!

This corpse lotus, because of the special environment, although there is no power to resist here, it is actually very safe. It is safer than when the Cultivation World outside is capable of self-defense, because it is all here. Outliers, they are all zombies that come out of its reincarnation, densely packed, layered on top of each other, it is difficult for any hostile objects to break in!

Even if an enemy really breaks in, they are at the mortal level, how can they cause damage to an existence like this? Only his self-healing ability can't be shaken by a mortal body.

But now, it has encountered a mortal who does not take the usual path.

Under the double blow, the corpse lotus finally began to wither after persisting for a while. It shouldn't be so fragile, but the sealed environment has the same effect on it. This is reciprocal, and nothing exists. Be special here!

The main effect is the loss of corpse lotus juice! At this time, Lou Xiaoyi finally understood that it was not the Dao Realm that was lost, but the life force of the corpse lotus itself! To completely eliminate it, we can't just rely on the obliteration of the lotus body, but also need to integrate its Dao Realm. This is very simple for him as a cultivator, but it is basically impossible for him as a mortal!

He is not tempted by such temptation. He is no longer the first brother. He has more than a dozen Dao Realm on his back. He has a strong tolerance for this and will never do anything because of greed. The extra action,

Destroying the corpse lotus and removing the root of zombie’s resurrection is his only purpose.

The corpse lotus is unable to resist, the petals are shriveled and drooping, but it still needs a fatal blow! In this regard, Lou Xiaoyi is still not sure what oneself should do, because it is not Primordial Spirit who is now, and it is not only a question of ability, but also a question of perception!

The only way to make it weaker is to make it weaker! To see more clearly!

But he didn't wait until the moment he fully understood! Sword Spirit drew out the juice of the corpse lotus continuously in the frenzied rotation, turning faster and faster, until the defective products made by Lou Xiaoyi suddenly all split up and in pieces, Sword Spirit did not hesitate, a strand of sword light exploded, One head plunged into the horrible lotus core of the corpse that was cut long ago by Lou Xiaoyi, it seemed that something had been cut!

In an instant, the corpse lotus that was still struggling suddenly stopped resisting. The naked eye was visible as if it had weathered, and it merged with the earth-yellow ground and disappeared.

It seems that we can hear a strange howling sound. At this moment, all the zombies in the Ancient Battlefield space that were still crawling out stopped their movements, some returned to the ground, and some dragged most of them. The torso squirmed in the battlefield.

Everything is over!

Lou Xiaoyi and Sword Spirit left this space one after the other, and the countless zombie groups outside were ashamed as wooden chickens, and they no longer commit crimes. Taking advantage of the zombie’s six gods and no masters, Quickly passed through the zombie group and came to the other end of the main road.

He can feel that after such a big battle, Sword Spirit has suffered a lot of losses! He has consumption and can be supplemented by food, but Sword Spirit cannot. It is an energy body. Under such an environment, there is no possibility of replenishing it. For Sword Spirit, even in the Cultivation World outside, they are the same. They can't self-complement, because the only way for them to self-complement is Master. After the sword cultivator is gone, Sword Spirit will eventually be impossible for a long time.

Lou Xiaoyi strangely, although this battle is fierce, if such a battle can make the loss of Sword Spirit clearly visible, it is conceivable that the reserve of this Sword Spirit is also limited. I'm afraid it will not be long.

As for the Grand Dao, the wheel of the corpse lotus, how the sword of the last Sword Spirit broke, he doesn't care! After all, this guy is different from him, he has a unique perception even in such an environment, what it can perceive, oneself can't do, so there is no need to get to the bottom of it.

Can't ask, can't communicate!

Continue to move forward, Sword Spirit has not slowed down the speed of oneself at all, even seems to be a bit more hurried? I don't know what Sword Spirit is anxious about?

Going forward this time, Sword Spirit's performance is different from before. It will no longer actively attack the aliens it encounters. If it does not provoke the two of them, it will let it go, only attacking and killing. Those who stand in the way, provocative!

In this connecting channel, Sword Spirit is not the only one who finds trouble with other aliens. Others also find trouble with Sword Spirit. They are enemies and are incompatible with each other!

Lou Xiaoyi no longer cares about whether he is happy or not, he has begun to take the initiative to provoke the responsibility of fighting. What surprised him is that Sword Spirit no longer fights, as if he has acquiesced in his behavior!

Like an old man, after seeing oneself’s younger generation grow up, he finally picked up the proud and unyielding heart, and let the youngster take on the responsibility that belonged to them.

I finally know that oneself is old!

Go all the way like this, pass the test, nothing can stop the sharpness of Two Swords! In most cases, Lou Xiaoyi can solve it by himself. Occasionally, if he sees more opponents, Sword Spirit also comes up to help. One man one sword keeps moving forward in such a tacit understanding and never stops!

Lou Xiaoyi doesn't know where this Old Guy is going to take him, but he knows that Old Guy must have its instincts, and it will never harm him! These days, although he has not blocked a sword for him, there are some things that can be felt. That is something that does not need to be explained in words.

Universal Swordsmen is a family member, he deeply understands this. For a Sword Spirit who does not know how many years he has been lonely here, the joy of meeting his companions is irreplaceable, even if it is sword cultivator, they also need to support each other!

This is the person, just flick!

The speed is getting faster and faster, because those who plan to go to the mortal world to go to freedom have already set off, and most of the rest are not urgently needed in this respect, and the probability of hitting a crawler The bigger one comes, there are seven out of ten aliens, and eight of them are all this stuff. This gave Lou Xiaoyi a bad premonition: This Old Guy wouldn’t think that after the zombie group succeeded, he would be able to crawl on the ground. Do it again?

He doesn’t care too much. These days, whether it is with the senior brothers in Xizhao or the Old Senior, he has learned a lot of very practical close sword skills. What learning is more effective than killing the enemy while learning.

Is he just worried that the old arms and legs of the Sword Spirit will be able to survive a fierce battle?

There is no difference between a crawler and a zombie in terms of battle strength, but they are undoubtedly more dangerous because they have a lot of legs, which is incomparable to zombie in terms of speed. This is also the biggest danger for them. Once surrounded, there is little chance of getting out!

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