Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1694

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Sure enough, Lou Xiaoyi had expected that the next open area they came to was the land of earth crawlers!

Lou Xiaoyi finally knows the approximate position of oneself in the passage now. According to Xi Zhao Senior Brothers, the place where the crawlers gather is more than half the distance, that is to say, he now The center line of the channel has been crossed.

It is still wandering on the edge. Lou Xiaoyi knows it can’t hear it, and still complains constantly in his mouth.

"old bastard! You can’t get through here! Unless you want to Throw a handful of old bones here! In the end, the energy dissipated by the Sword Spirit fattened these reptiles! I told you, I will not accompany you, you can only go oneself if you want to go, such a big person, why? Don’t you understand the severity?"

Lou Xiaoyi is chattering here, but Sword Spirit wanders in front of it, just like the time it attacked the zombie, probably looking for an angle to wedge in. It's a bit frustrating!

What he cannot understand is that in the zombie territory, the goal of extinction of zombie can be achieved by destroying the corpse lotus, so will there be such a core thing in the territories of the reptiles? Or is there a bug mother? Is this possible?

Lou Xiaoyi knows very well about the terrifying of worm mothers. He doesn't think there will be cultivators to raise this thing. If it is just an ordinary male and female mating, how can it be cut off, and what is the point of rushing in?

No matter what, Sword Spirit is not persuaded.

Sword Spirit has been slipping along, wandering in the thinnest areas of crawlers. The fighting intensity is not high, but Lou Xiaoyi has been worried about it, not worrying about oneself, but worrying that Old Guy will not be able to resist it.

Such worries continued until they slipped and slipped to the main road on the other side, and then Sword Spirit speeded up and ran deep into the main road. Only then did Lou Xiaoyi understand that Sword Spirit also Not as stupid as he thought, he also knows to avoid the real attack, know when to take the initiative and when to give in.

Is a smart Old Guy! I underestimate this Sword Spirit.

In the future, the probability of encountering aliens is getting less and less. It seems that these things are also very territorial. The zombie is extinct, the reptiles are scarce, and the ones that are gradually increasing are those who are not reproductive. For example, Spiritual Body, beast pet, puppet, spirit of treasure, etc., but they are many levels less than zombie and crawler in number.

These things are not so hostile to the sword cultivator, and some even have the meaning of being close. In fact, it depends on the attitude of their masters before their lives, and then it shows in them.

The journey became more leisurely, but Lou Xiaoyi had troubles instead, because the food and blood he brought with him was exhausted, he had to control oneself, staying in a state of hunger for a long time, seeing A reptile, or a slightly hostile monster beast makes him very happy because he has food again.

The situation is very embarrassing, but the companion can't understand it.

Walking forward like this, entering the third and last open field, he was already in a state of complete hunger, and there was no other thing that could hunt him, but fortunately he could not die from starvation. , Because the sealed things in the spiritual depths do not allow this to happen, and that feeling is really uncomfortable.

Three open spaces and three ecological circles represent the attitudes of three practices. They can still be self-disciplined even without the master. That is truly Taoist, and they will not stay here. Not waiting for death, but waiting for a big enough change, instead of rushing forward like a fool.

It is still Sword Spirit in front, Lou Xiaoyi in the back, sometimes running on the main road, and sometimes plunged into the branch cracks like a weaving net. In this process, Lou Xiaoyi also slowly learned how to Identify the problem of branch network channel.

He is not quite clear, whether the passage is beginning to be blocked again, because he is not familiar with Sedum inside and outside of the passage, but as long as Sword Spirit is willing to go, he will follow, but he is really curious , Where does Sword Spirit Old Guy want to take him?

As he went farther and farther, and time went longer, he began to wonder if Sword Spirit wanted to take him to the entrance of Sedum inside and outside, right?

I'm a little nervous and a little excited, but can a boundary like him go there? Will it be impossible to get in? Will you be beaten when you enter? Is it time to go in now?

The more I go, the more itchy my heart becomes, and I can’t stop.

After entering the passage for nearly two years, one man one sword came to a straight Grand Dao, with a glowing light in front of it, making it impossible to watch!

Lou Xiaoyi felt that the sealed thing in oneself's spiritual depth was beginning to stir, so he knew that oneself had come to a very important place, the three-way channel of Inner Sedum, Outer Sedum, and Splendid Heaven and Earth If he can pass through that enchanting light, he might go to a place that he couldn't even think of before.

Sword Spirit began to wander around, as if looking for something, Lou Xiaoyi followed behind, really can’t help, and habitually began to complain,

"old man 儿" , What are you looking for? Zombie, we can kill, and reptiles don’t matter. Even if I fight with those treasure spirits, I’ll help you out! Can this place go around? You don’t care if you fight with Half Immortal. , But my small body can’t hold it. It’s not a Junior grass chicken. You have to have a limit when you cross the border?"

The sword spirit root ignored him, and instead looked for it on its own. Lou Xiaoyi had a headache. After getting along for the past two years, he felt closer to this strange and weird Sword Spirit than Xi Zhao’s senior brothers.

The most important thing is the respect for the sword vein senior. In Sword Dao Road, who can cultivate Half Immortal is not a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering character? Such a character is worthy of him to follow for a journey, and do his best, people will come and die, and if this unyielding Sword Spirit is left, he should send it the last journey.

But this does not mean that he can endure other people's arrangements for him!

Lou Xiaoyi hates others' arrangements for oneself practice! For one or two thousand years of practice, he has always arranged oneself by oneself, and he has also broken out a path that belongs to oneself alone. It is so easy to reach Primordial Spirit, but he was arranged?

What kind of ability, where to go! You can pretend to go down, but you can only get beaten if you go up! His character is not a good temper, he can't do docile, run errands and mess things up, no matter who it is, he can't let him succumb!

I heard that a single outlying sky can be at least tens of thousands of Half Immortal. Is this what his current ability can do?

I think so, but his body is unusually honest, because he himself is not stingy and likes a novel character. He has traveled in the world of the main world cultivation for hundreds of years. With his current strength, It feels like a glance at the many mountains that seem small. It seems that if you go down, you can’t improve in essence. So here, is it the beginning of another paragraph of his?

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