Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1697

Lou Xiaoyi is a little confused, this is not the exterior sedum he imagined, it can only be the interior sedum! If you think about it, it doesn't seem to be unreasonable?

Laijingtian only accepts the cultivator of decay. The Lou Xiaoyi boundary is not enough, and it is even more impossible. So it’s normal to be turned away? He always wondered if he would go through the back door of Sanqin, but now it seems that Old Ancestor obviously didn't mean this.

Neijingtian advocates ancient ways to become immortals, such as Severing The Three Corpses. Lou Xiaoyi is certainly not the way of Severing The Three Corpses, but his method of integrating large and small universes can also be attributed to ancient times. law? As for the low point of the boundary, is it necessary to cut a corpse to get in? He doesn't know, and now it seems that he doesn't need it?

For the first time, Lou Xiaoyi keeps reminding oneself that he has to puck his tail up and behave. This is not the main world, but the place where Half Immortal gathers. If he is in trouble, he will lose his life.

From deep in one's heart, he really doesn’t want to come to this place, oneself is a good and powerful Primordial Spirit, who can pretend to be a big, walk unhindered character in the world of the main world cultivation, this is still not very good. God, before the sword in his hand has shown its brilliance, it was brought to the Half Immortal realm by a guy to continue to be a grandson?

When I first came to Immortal Realm, I was not worried, but we need to be more careful. Obviously, the countless fairy mountains impossible from a distance are all masterless objects. If you break in, you can only gamble on your luck and take a look at oneself. Did you meet a good talker? Still have prejudice against Jianmai?

So, the best way is not to act rashly, just watch and appreciate...Because in his heart, this is not a place where he is qualified to stay!

Heaven and earth here is like an incomparable gigantic landscape scroll, where Heavenly Dao splashes ink and incorporates all the scenic spots and historical sites of the Wanfang universe into it, forming a three-dimensional ancient landscape.

It’s like a huge universe, instead of Celestial Phenomenon, it’s mountains, rivers, vast seas, sands, swamp forests, and many of them are places where former sages’ ascend to the sacred place. Immortal Sanctuary can't do it, except for the natural formation of the cosmic will, no one can create such a space.

As soon as Lou Xiaoyi entered Nei Jingtian, he immediately understood why this is a paradise of ancient law!

Because of the completely ancient environment here, the Heavenly Dao order has not been fully established. It is growing, forming, colliding and swallowing in chaos. Such an environment is basically impossible to form a stable upper realm. Road, the water milling cultivation technique that relies on entering the declining state to spend time is simply not feasible here, because the Grand Dao environment is always changing.

Unconsciously, the method of fusion with his large and small universe fits well, so he understands that oneself’s original method is actually the ancient method, but it is the ancient method that has long been lost, and it needs time and place. The ancient law of Renhe is born at the right time, and when crossing the border, he can ascending to the skies with a single leap if he can seize the opportunity of the epoch change, but he can't grasp it. This is a failed ancient method!

Looking very far, I vaguely discovered that there are ordinary persons living in it, not exclusively Half Immortal, so I restrained aura, flying at low altitude, I didn’t dare to be too arrogant; it didn’t take a long time to come here. When he was in a human village, he didn't go in, but observed by an ancient pine on the hill outside the village, and he gained a little understanding.

It’s the nearest mountain and several thousands li away. It’s very majestic; it stands in the clouds, without its top and its roots, stretching ten thousand li with countless odd peaks. I don’t know which cosmic mountain was manifested here by Heavenly Dao Will.

The spiritual strength of Nei Sedum and the realm of the main world have no comparability. Not only is it thick and liquid, but also mad. Under control, in such a place, what kind of human beings can safely embark on the road?

If you observe these villagers carefully, you will have an answer; the mortal here and the mortal of the main world are two concepts. Although they have never practiced exercises, their bodies seem to be born with some kind of physical skills. Yes, even so, the superior physical conditions did not help them too much, because they also face troubles that the Lord World mortals would not encounter, such as unpredictable natural disasters and raging monster beasts. These are probably the truth of ancient humans. Living environment, right?

He is still groping about everything about Nei Jingtian, this can only be handed over to the time, and can’t be anxious; after looking at the environment, it’s time to look at oneself when you turn your head, this time will be solved after the seal Sealing is not done by the same person, or by the same environment!

When I came in, it was the rule of Splendid Heaven and Earth, and when I came out, it was the powerful liberation of Nei Jingtian. Whether there is any difference in this, it needs to be carefully screened. He is a prudent person and always pays attention to oneself. Status, only when fighting desperately in this way can there be no worries.

One by one, one by one, through the whole body, there is nothing unusual, and no one is involved in his body, this is what should be in the question, not surprising, except for one point, his seven ant!

Spiritual consciousness is placed in the bird palace, and the seven ants swim slowly, seemingly normal, but there is a faint breath radiating out without any concealment.

It seems that there is one more temperament: life can be happy, death without regret!

This was left to him by Sanqin Sword Spirit!

Slowly surround the consciousness, he knows this is the message that Sword Spirit really wants to leave him, and he needs to study it slowly! Although I haven't really seen this Old Ancestor from start to finish, Lou Xiaoyi believes that they are related to each other. In the sword dao monument, there is the final farewell this time.

It is inheritance!

What Sword Spirit wants to tell him is actually very simple. There is no cultivation technique and no sword technique. These things are basically meaningless for a Primordial Spirit. What Sanqin is good at may not be liked by Lou Xiaoyi. When they reach this point, they are all taking the oneself road, and no one can teach anyone how to say it!

Just instruct him to meet someone, someone who is extremely important to Xuanyuan!

One is a mountain view with a hanging eagle's nest. It occupies a small area but is extremely high. The cliffs and cliffs are covered with large and small eagle's nests. Maybe the person Sword Spirit wants him to find is there. among them?

The other figure is a character, chic and suave... This person Lou Xiaoyi has seen a portrait in the Ancestral Hall in the dome, no stranger! So he turned out to be an ancient road repairer?

There is no specific task! Even if there is one person in one place, he doesn't know if this Old Ancestor is practicing in this hanging eagle's nest? Or are they two people separately?

Should this person practice on the eagle wall?

Consciousness continued to deepen, but Sanqin Sword Spirit had no other explanations, leaving only a gray cloud at the core of Sword Spirit. Lou Xiaoyi took a look and immediately knew what it was!

It is the reincarnation Grand Dao left by the corpse lotus. The true meaning! Sword Spirit wasted a huge amount of energy in order to wrap up this group of Grand Dao's true meaning, just to give the younger generation a chance to look at Grand Dao!

From beginning to end, Sanqin Sword Spirit has no nonsense, but it seems like countless talks. The vigor of an old sword cultivator with reserved and sword heart is vividly and thoroughly displayed!

The mind of senior Old Ancestor must be accepted! Accepting it is equivalent to accepting Xuanyuan's stick!

Lou Xiaoyi willingly!

Under the pine tree, Lou Xiaoyi's face is like still water. He can't live up to Sanqin's kindness, and he will no longer avoid responsibility to Xuanyuan!

Fate comes under the pine trees, lying on top of the stone, sleeping on the rock; there is no calendar in the mountains, and the cold is not knowing the year.

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