Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1698

Lou Xiaoyi didn't expect that the first thing to enter Inner Sedum was to improve Grand Dao from the entry level to the rough level. The rest will take time to polish and it is not something that can be done overnight.

When he woke up from Lunyi's comprehension, he didn't know how long it had passed. Anyway, a carefree girl in the village had already married and became a woman! Here, time really doesn't count as much, just tens of thousands of years of lifespan, what counts?

The village is a self-sufficient place. In recent years, few outsiders approached, and few villagers went out. It was still in a kind of lifestyle with little social cooperation, self-cultivation, self-cultivation, adequate food and clothing, and a completely family style. They do not have that many tools and utensils of later generations, and they do not have a colorful entertainment life. The most communication method may be the most primary market, and they are still in a primary level mode of fighting against heaven and earth.

He doesn't want to disturb the lives of these mortals. Practitioners are still looking for practitioners. As the saying goes, things gather together.

First of all, find a person to communicate with!

To eliminate Buddhism, you may also have to eliminate Taoist authenticity. This calculation is also very embarrassing to him! Jianmai's practice attitude really makes it difficult for them to have the kind of connections that are ubiquitous in the world and neighbors in the universe. Probably better than the insect, it may be good and limited.

Stand up, laugh at myself, oneself What's wrong? Does it really turn out to be a joke when you come to a new place? The breath that Sanqin Sword Spirit left him, he can live a happy life, and what a pity to die. How long has it been, I have forgotten it all?

I have to say that in terms of a broad-minded and unrestrained life, he and these older generation sword cultivators are still too far away!

In that case, what do you want that many to do? Let’s start with this fairy mountain recently! It doesn't matter who he belongs to, just talk if he can talk, or fight if he doesn't. What's the difference?

My mind has been decided, and I feel relaxed for a while. How much does my practice have to do with boundary? On Zilaixianshan, there is a destined person. This is the correct concept of practice.

The world who knows nothing about it will have surprises if you go down.

In a short while, people have floated on the fairy mountain, staring down and looking down, what a landscape of a fairy mountain outside of the world; there is no sign of human beings, everything is in line with nature.

The mountain is the Sting Dragon Mountain, because there is a hole on the mountainside, the name of the cave is Sting Dragon Cave, and there is also an engraved poem:

Dragon Return to Origin Sea, Yang is buried in Yin; People say sting dragons, but I sting my heart.

Hid its use silently, the breath is deep; the white clouds lie high, there is no friend in the world.

Lou Xiaoyi observes the mountains silently, observes the depth of the cave, wanders for a moment, and goes away in a daze; the place is a good place, but no one is based on it. What he is looking for now is a person, not Find a practice Cave Mansion.

Before leaving, I wrote a poem on a bluestone outside the entrance of the cave, thinking that I would come here:

Dragon Sect, looking for the truth but not encountering the truth; only pine Shanghe is the person in the cave; the smell of flowers in the medicine garden is different, and the deer in Shaquan is new; if you mention poems and leave the surname, you will recognize each other in the future.

Only stepping on the cloud head, a voice came, "If you come, you will be safe, Fellow Daoist hurried away, is it to blame the master for being indifferent?"

Lou Xiaoyi In the cloud, "the newcomer doesn't understand the rules, and accidentally enters the new heaven and earth. They are sincere and fearful and want to be truthful!"

The voice smiled, "Seeking truth, you have found the wrong place. People in the mountains are humble and stay away from the world for a long time!"

An old way floats from the entrance of the sting dragon cave, divine poise and sagelike features, raising hands to invite; Lou Xiaoyi is in the shape of his body, willingly obeys his life, in his heart I have a new understanding of Nei Jingtian.

He has not fully opened up spiritual consciousness, nor has he fully explored the bottom of the cave. This has nothing to do with ability, but just a kind of courtesy; just like a visitor in the mortal world, you can't lie down when the master is not at home. Look carefully at the window? Or jump over the wall to find out?

Chance goes to chic, politeness is politeness. Only by keeping one's duties, will there be all the following, which is the basic cultivation of cultivator. But it must also be admitted that Half Immortal is Half Immortal, this breath converges Lifting The Heavy As Though It Was Light, there is no smoke or fire, even if Lou Xiaoyi's perception is not exhausted, it is also very good, not a trace of human aura. Come out, you can see the level of cultivators here.

Outside the cave, the ancient pine is contiguous, and the two sit on the top of each pine to form a conversation.

The old way glanced at Lou Xiaoyi, "It’s rare to have such an achievement at a young age! The old way and the landlord, steal here, the little friends are newcomers, don’t think that the old way is a stinging dragon daoist, Jiuzhan The magpie’s nest, in order to accommodate that's all."

Lou Xiaoyi was very polite, "A drop in the ocean, not worth mentioning; chance coincidence, accidental collision. Junior is also wondering how a boundary like me can come like this Where? I want to leave again, and I still want to see, it’s very contradictory!

Junior cigarette butt, now every Gaoxian, I am happy in my heart. If there is any noise in my ears, please senior forgive me!"

Lu Jiang said, "Since you can come in, you are eligible, regardless of the level of your boundary? Don't say that the little friend is in the Primordial Spirit realm. Since the history of Nei Jingtian, the Yang Spirit has entered nearly half, and the Yin God is also Yes, as long as you don’t follow the old road and don’t go downhill, Heavenly Dao recognizes you and you are qualified!"

Lou Xiaoyi blushed with shame, "The main reason is that Heavenly Dao is flawed, so there is a big gap. After pushing for tens of thousands of years, Primordial Spirit may not be able to enter; pushing forward for decades, Yang Spirit will not be afraid to enter..."

Lu Jiang smiled, "What did you do before pushing? Just stand up right now! Now that you can come in, this is a kind of recognition! As for Heavenly Dao is flawed, hehe, when did Heavenly Dao not be flawed?"

Lou Xiaoyi Zhengrong said: "Dare Ask senior, what do newcomers need to pay attention to when they first arrive? What do they know? What to do?"

Lu Jiang also said: "do as one pleases, how can there be rules? My old law should follow this Heart, is it possible that you are not you when you are here?

For example, if you think that I am good here, I want to take it further, why not?

You leave a poem one The first is a kind of fate, we two have done one, and there is another kind of fate, there is not much difference between them!

I will leave you to talk today, and it doesn’t mean anything! Another day, If you change the environment, maybe I want you to top your head, and there are no rules!

I say so, do you understand?"

Lou Xiaoyi said with a smile: "senior straightforward, It’s the style of ancient repair! Junior has been taught!

Junior’s visit to Sedum is pure coincidence. Since it is here, it is always necessary to experience the opportunity to be worthy of this opportunity! But after seeing it, it is still a coincidence. I have to go. If I just want to travel, can senior teach me? "

Lu Jiang shook his head, "You still don't understand!" There is no travel here! When you come here, you are the people of Inner Kings, and they have to accept everything here, whether it's kind or malicious!

Most people who practice ancient methods do things freely, rarely cover up. This is the temperament of Nei Jingtian!

But if you want to ask about the general environment of Nei Jingtian, the old way is in a good mood today, and I don’t mind saying a few more words!

The heart is the Tao, and the Tao is the heart; there is no Tao outside the heart, and no heart outside the Tao.

When you come here, don’t think about that many! "

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