Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1699

In the introduction of General Lu, the various aspects of Nei Jing Tian gradually opened up, allowing him to finally have a preliminary understanding of this mysterious place.

Inner Sedum is very big, it's bigger than his imagination, but after all, it is limited in shape, but not infinite!

If you understand it as a three-dimensional concentric sphere, it may be much simpler.

In the inner scape, there are countless famous mountains, rivers, lakes and seas. These are all landforms that have their origins in the main world, but they are not pure fiction!

Why choose these sceneries? Not for anything else, just because these monuments have all walked into Immortal Realm. As a result, the universe will only assume that these places are eligible to enter the Immortal Realm when it generates the inner sedum!

Of course, they are basically ancient Ancient Era characters. Under the current cultivation system, if you can finally set foot on Immortal Realm, you may not be able to have such glory; because now the probability of becoming immortal is low. , And most of them are declining into immortals, and the environment of Inner Sedum does not agree with this.

The famous mountains and rivers in the interior landscape, the river Great Lake, together, there are as many as 3,600, this is a fixed number! It has not been increased for a long time.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the number of is Human Immortal. Some are perished, some are in harmony, some are solved by soldiers, and some later come up again through the ancient method, so how many are there now? People, no one knows that it is, unless you get to the boundary, you can get a little idea about it.

In Nei Sedum, the cultivator is completely free. There are no special rules to follow, except for two points, which is a rare group activity in Nei Sedum.

One is mandatory. It is called the Wall of Mirrors. All the cultivators of Inner Sedum are obliged to participate. Of course, it also includes Outer Sedum. How many years are rounded, it is for the safety of the universe of cultivation. Rejected.

One is spontaneous, once in three hundred and sixty years, there is a simulation reappearance of the immortal climbing in the center of Nei Sedum. This is also the most important thing in Nei Sedum cultivator. It is the stone of the mountain and can be used for jade. There is always something to learn from.

In the Nei Jingtian, there are 3,600 places of interest in ancient history.

In the inner sedum, every historic site revolves around the center in a mysterious trajectory, fast or slow, or swiftly or slowly, away from the center, or close to the center; wait until 360 years The date is approaching, and in the last few decades, the monument closest to the center will be attracted until it reaches the core of the entire Inner Sedum, then this monument will be a scene of cultivator becoming immortal!

Therefore, the cultivator of Nei Jingtian can basically determine which monument will go to the center in the last few decades, and there will be a fairyland, even including the performance of this fairy-relic exhibition. Features of the cultivation technique!

The masters of each monument have different cultivation techniques. Severing The Three Corpses is the most common, followed by joining the Dao, dantian Three Lights again, sanctifying the inner gods, portraits and so on. Ten kinds!

Just like the Sting Dragon Cave in the Sting Dragon Mountain that Jiang Lu now occupies, the ancient immortal is the Sting Dragon Master. He is the immortal of Sanhe Daocheng. If one day this Cave Mansion moves to the center, it will be close. Observing all the details of the process of becoming immortal by Master Sting Dragon is the greatest opportunity for the cultivator who intends to join the path!

Of course, this kind of thing can’t be determined. The cultivator in Inner Sedum hasn’t researched the rule of operation of the entire monument for hundreds of thousands of years. It seems to be just random, some monuments. In hundreds of thousands of years, the saints have been manifested a dozen times or more, but some monuments have never been manifested once.

For example, this stinging dragon mountain, after having its own interior scenery, never traveled to the center once, so it is also called a dead end. Few people will come to occupy the mountain as king.

True powerful strongmen occupies the most active monuments, so that they have the opportunity to observe closely, and in the process of approaching the center in the last few decades, the site is also quite Divine Vestige Appearance is a chance for the cultivator to encounter but not to seek!

"You don’t have to worry about this. There was a fairy trail only a few decades ago. If you want to wait for the next time, it will be three hundred years later. So this period is the calmest period of Inner Sedum. During this period, no one knows where the next fairy trail will land on the fairy mountain, and there is no way to grab it. You also have a lot of time to get acquainted with this place!

The wall of the mirror is also every three times. One reincarnation in one hundred and sixty years, and fifty people at a time! We only changed one batch several decades ago, and it has nothing to do with you for at least three hundred years. So I said that you have good luck in coming to Nei Sedum. Don’t worry about these external affairs."

Lou Xiaoyi smiled awkwardly, "I am a newbie, and I may not even be officially included in the Inner Sedum list..."

Lu Jiang interrupted him, "You can come in, you are the Nei Jing Tian Ren! You can't hide, why hide? It's fate!"

Lou Xiaoyi forced a smile and said:" Junior is not hiding, it just feels a bit weird. In a place like Nei Jing Tian, ​​when the boundary level is not enough, people who have not stepped out of the 1st Step can come in? This is not a masquerade as having an ability. Huh? Heavenly Dao's opening is too big, some speak without careful diction, right?"

Lu Jiang glanced at him again, and a sentence made him feel like sitting on pins and needles, "No, you have already stepped out." 1st Step! It’s just that the ancient method of practice is too special, oneself didn’t feel it! Oneself think about it, what strange experience did you have during your practice?

Dengxian three steps , You have already taken a step, so Inner View will default to you, not dim-sighted from old age, you are confused!"

Lou Xiaoyi was shocked! A word to wake up the dreamer!

In the world of the main world cultivation, no one can see this clearly! Because everyone doesn't understand! I don’t know what the situation is that Yang Spirit took the ancient law step forward! I just feel that this person is extremely strong in battle strength, extremely prominent in all aspects, which makes people puzzled? But no one thinks about it, and there is no experience in this area at all!

But Lu Jiang is different. He is the veteran Half Immortal of Nei Sedum. His current position in the Sting Dragon Cave does not represent his position in Nei Sedum. He has sharp eyesight and unique insights. He only glanced at this strange little repair. I have already seen the reality!

It is indeed the Primordial Spirit cultivation base, yes! However, in ancient practice, there are too many unusual ways. It is not uncommon for Primordial Spirit to behead a corpse. This one appeared more than 10,000 years ago, and finally succeeded in ascending to the immortal, which is in line with the moral Grand Dao!

Time flies, Heavenly Dao changes. Such a case was rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns in the previous Cultivation World, but now it has become more and more normal, and it has gradually spread. ! There are more True Monarchs who will not wait until Yang Spirit before taking this step, but go to Primordial Spirit early and start beheading the corpse. He has even heard that there is a Yin God and walks out of this step!

This is the profound influence of Heavenly Dao on Cultivation World, and it is also one of the many chaos before the epoch!

There are evildoers in troubled times! In this sense, he was not surprised that this small repair stepped out of this step in Primordial Spirit!

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