Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1701

Speaking with Lu Jiang, Lou Xiaoyi was deeply moved. In addition to having an understanding of Nei Jingtian, he also learned about his actual situation by the way! Otherwise, it’s not a good thing to keep being so ignorant!

He doubted that Sanqin’s Sword Spirit had already seen something? In his practice path, it seems that there is very little involvement with Shimen Xuanyuan, but at every important pass, there is always strength from Shimen to support him!

Push him just right at the most critical moment!

Including the teachers of the dome, including the nine masters! Including Yazu’s sword dao monument! Also includes Sanqin Old Ancestor!

The power of inheritance is especially commendable in the growth of a cultivator. Fortunately, he has a strong teacher standing behind!

Several days of high-level talks, when there is always a lot of fun, Lou Xiaoyi gains a lot and is grateful; Lu Jiang is actually not too full to have nothing to talk to, and in this troubled world, he will make a share. Kindness is very important. Who knows which cultivator will stand out in the future?

For oneself, it is also oneself's dao lineage! At first glance, this youngster came to Nei Jingtian for the first time. With his first explanation, it was a fate of twice the results for half the effort. It may be used at some point in the future.

For Lou Xiaoyi, these news are mixed!

Fortunately, the actual boundary of oneself is much higher than oneself imagined! This allows him not to follow the steps of Primordial Spirit and then Yang Spirit, and then Yang Spirit to find a way to take a step! It means that this step of Primordial Spirit already coincides with the first cut, and by the Yang Spirit step, it will coincide with the second cut. This will greatly reduce the time of practice. Only after understanding the true boundary of oneself, he knows that in unconsciously, Oneself has already set foot on the fast track of practice, and it will get faster and faster!

There is also bad news. For example, if Nei Jingtian defaults to Half Immortal, will oneself be trapped here forever? Like those Half Immortal who are trapped inside and outside Sedum, no lower realms are allowed until this balance is broken one day?

There are still many things left to do!

It must be admitted that when he knew that oneself was actually half Immortal, a sense of self-confidence emerged spontaneously. This is unavoidable. If a wolf is thrown into the tiger’s nest, it will be called a ghost if it can be calm, but if you let it know that oneself is actually Little Tiger Cub...

It seems that now According to General Lu, there are still many Little Tiger Cubs in Nei Jingtian?

This is Interesting!

For a long time, during his personal practice, he rarely meets enchanting figures of the same boundary level as him. Well, maybe Qingxuan is one, and I don’t know where he died now? For the rest, for example, in Zhouxian, in Natural Selection, in Henghe, in Anchor Chain, he did not meet anyone who could talk to him on an equal footing. Once the gap between each other is too big, he naturally loses the possibility of equal communication. , It’s a bit of a market, but this is the eternal rhythm of the cultivation world.

If you can’t talk together, it’s useless to pull together.

I have to say that the universe is too big. With the aptitude of a veteran cosmic donkey like him, his experience is extremely rich, and how many places have he traveled? Is there 10% in the 100%? In the thousands of years of Dese, he has not really come into contact with this level, the circle of real evildoers.

The water inside is very deep. In fact, for most Great Influence great inheritances, they all know that the future level of the universe will never be at the True Monarch level, but at least at the Half Immortal level, because you Only at the level of Half Immortal, is it possible to climb to the immortal, this is the most important thing that can determine the future direction.

Therefore, for various reasons, porcelain does not touch the tiles, and no one is willing to let the absolute core of oneself cultivate a life and death with a sword cultivator that is not stingy; for most dao lineages, The victory or defeat of a battle does not determine anything, especially Taoists are authentic, they pay more attention to the future, only when you are immortal and get immortality, can you really stand on the stage, otherwise, you will be fooling around, you will be clown!

Lou Xiaoyi worked hard to create a savior from afar. In fact, it did not achieve any real goals. It was just a warm-up, a rehearsal, and the real trump card, Great Influence, won’t be there. Turned out on such occasions.

I’m afraid that only Jianmai will tolerate oneself’s core seeds in the wild waves outside, in order to kill and promote practice. In the orthodox view, I will not compete with you for a while. When the era changes, I will become If you don’t have a fairy, do you still use life and death?

Maybe it’s also a bit of luck. It may also be that Lou Xiaoyi’s reputation outside is too high, which does not match the concept of the mainstream enchanting circle. Therefore, he has been excluded from this circle all the time. It is because he jumps up and down. If you don’t say anything, you just cut off the corpse and took a step forward. Who cares about the disputes in the Lord’s world that are not on the stage?

No matter how high the heart is, how broad the stage is. This may be what these real seed characters think of Lou Xiaoyi!

But, he is here now too! No matter how you came, you are here!

Sanqin Sword Spirit’s good intentions brought him here, and I don’t know how much it means!

In the conversation with Lu Jiang, he only asked about the general situation of the 3,600 fairy mountains, and did not deliberately ask the specific location of the hanging eagle's nest! Moreover, according to Lu Jiang's description, the location of a specific fairy mountain is not fixed, it is changing, there is no regularity, and it is useless to ask.

This is the most basic principle of getting along with people. Lou Xiaoyi is willing to tell the truth, but if you really tell the eight generations of oneself ancestors, it is not real but stupid!

You can’t ask the eagle's nest on the hanging wall, you will get the bottom line when you ask. Who doesn't have a few enemies in the cultivation world? Especially Jianmai is so iron-blooded and tough? It's not that he is afraid that oneself will have any risks. With the space in the body, he can probably run, right? What he was afraid of was that someone with a heart would pass him and give that Old Ancestor what trick!

Let's get in touch slowly, anyway, looking at this frame, you won't be able to get out for a while!

So I continued to search and win, and one thing is true. Among the 3,600 fairy trails in Nei Jingtian, there have been immortal places, even True Immortal! Being able to be seen by such a character, the connotation of the exterior scenery of these scenic spots can be imagined, and none of them is simple.

The state of mind is let go. Knowing that there are still many new seeds like him in the past few hundred years, it does not seem to be how he is. Just go on a scenic tour all the way; like this Opportunities are rare, no need to search in the mountains, all of them are genuine, Immortal Qi is full!

He only sees the Old Ancestor from his teacher’s door, but doesn’t know his real body, but since he is the Xuanyuan Number One Person after the Crow Ancestor, a character like this has the temper of a sword cultivator. , Places like Nei Jingtian are impossible and unknown.

Know a few more friends and talk to people more often. In fact, it doesn’t seem to be too difficult to find Old Ancestor?

He thinks so.

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