Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1702

Lou Xiaoyi took a more relaxed mentality and traveled around the landscape. He temporarily forgot the tasks, responsibilities, and burdens of oneself. He just looked at everything with the mentality of a cultivator pursuing Grand Dao, and what he saw was different. .

Different from the main world cultivation world, here, the distance to the real fairy garden is closer, as if it's close at hand! Anytime, anywhere, one mountain and one river, the legends of immortal are spreading. He knows very well that many of these legends are true and not false!

Not every fairy ruin has Half Immortal resident. Similarly, even if there are Half Immortal resident, they may not be willing to communicate with him like Lu Jiang! He is not a fresh flower, he is loved by everyone!

But even if there are people who don’t want to see him, the most excessive refusal is just ignored, and he didn’t take the initiative to provoke the fight. It seems that General Lu is right. This period is indeed rare in the interior. In the quiet period, many Half Immortals are still immersed in the revelation of the fairy trails decades ago, and the future direction of the fairy trails is completely uncertain. Who is willing to lower oneself to somebody's level with a youngster, which only increases cause and effect. ?

Of course, there are also hospitable ones. For example, after walking here for a few years, the mountain I saw is not a mountain, and a field is not a field. It can barely be called a place of Moganqiu; there is almost no other place here. Yes, it is the lush and green tea tree, almost covering the entire gentle hillside. The immortal who once came out called himself the god of tea, and it should also be the Taoist lineage.

Lou Xiaoyi has learned more and more about Nei Jing Tian over the years, and now he acts as the master of Nei Jing Tian, ​​and he no longer regards oneself as a guest, as if here That's where he should come, do his part.

Bisque spreads in a quiet night, full of fragrance.

There is no Cave Mansion here, and digging a Cave Mansion on a hill is like a mouse hole, which is very devoid of artistic conception. Therefore, it is more suitable to set up a house, just a few bamboo houses, which can be regarded as the tea mountains and green waters here.

There are Taoists who make tea under the pergola outside the house, and the three of them taste tea. They are in a leisurely mood. Lou Xiaoyi has already understood the rules of Inner Sedum. If you want to truly blend in here, you have to bring your own Immortal Qi. , His previous rude set didn't work, but fortunately, he was very adaptable.

"Mogan green world, bamboo shade ten miles of tea fragrance; know this taste, find Supreme refreshing.

Poor Daoist passed by accidentally, I wonder if I can borrow a scent of tea "

The three people knew that there was a cultivator passing by nearby. It is also very common for this place, because the tea ceremony field in Moganqiu was originally set up to meet fairy friends and ghost friends, and it has never been open. , Does not refuse to come; this is also the true master of this tea mountain, the cultivate the dao idea of ​​the tea fairy. This gentleman was originally a tea farmer, and later made tea for a living, but somehow entered the immortal dao, in ancient times , Such strange people and anecdotes abound, where is the current practice so rigid and framed?

Two of the three Taoists are Elderly Tian, ​​only one looks younger, but, like Lou Xiaoyi, is a Primordial Spirit boundary, which proves in disguise what Lu General said. , In Neijing Tian, ​​he is really far away can't be called the only evildoer, Heaven's Chosen Child walking in front of him is also a lot of people.

One of the Taoists emptied his hand and said, "Light wine invites the bright moon, makes tea to welcome the newcomer; there are no seats for one day, and there are fragrant teas at four o'clock!

Some friends come from afar, no Happy?”

A few people returned to their seats and talked, Lou Xiaoyi knew the origins of them; the is Master Shu Yu who invited him to drink tea, and his old friend was the guest. The old man Mangosteen, both of them were made by Yang Spirit, half Immortal.

The young Primordial Spirit cultivator named Shuofeng, like Lou Xiaoyi, has a special achievement in ancient law, but the Primordial Spirit has already been cut off. It is not only a good talent, but also good luck. , Is nowadays obedient in time! He had some connections with the old man Mangosteen in the dao lineage of the main world, so when he arrived in Neijingtian, he also met a lot of famous people under the leadership of this senior!

This kind of practice and network expansion is very rare in Lou Xiaoyi! His friends are basically made by oneself, and of course, so are the enemies, but he has never had the experience of leading relatives in the family to introduce people from different parties.

It is the difference between a wild child and a big child! However, in the cultivation world, this method is more mainstream. On the contrary, Lou Xiaoyi's method is unusual and vulgar, and it is embarrassing for Xianjia.

Fortunately, Lou Xiaoyi is a person who can pretend to be, and can also sorrow a few lines of poems. This is a style that attracts the recognition of the same people. He is an elegant man who can be summarized as an immortal reserve army.

Shu Yu asked, "The little friend looks at Liansheng! I want to come to Inner Sedum not long ago? Is this a clear drink? Or soup?"

The tea ceremony of Cultivation World is actually all kinds of strange things! There are not only the method of drinking and soaking similar to Lou Xiaoyi's previous life, but also the more colorful method of sencha.

The so-called clear drink is basically similar to the tea ceremony of Lou Xiaoyi's previous life, with little difference; the master asks this, in fact, it is asking him if you are purely for tea and chat, chatting and chatting?

The so-called soup syrup is a popular drinking method in certain areas. It is a mix-up, which combines many messy things with tea leaves, such as salt, ginger, various medicine ingredients, and even There are peppers! Only if you can't think of it, there is nothing they dare not put in.

Shu Yu's question is a pun, which is to ask if he came here with other purposes? Impure like soup?

He obviously didn't prepare the ingredients for decoction, just a handful of new tea and a copper pot... So the meaning is, if you have other purposes, then go! This is a place for talk, but it is not responsible for solving right and wrong!

Cultivate the dao people, especially the authentic Taoists, always talk like this, they think this is the temperament of immortal! Of course, no one knows what kind of temperament immortal is!

Lou Xiaoyi is very humble and low-key, "Drink a cup of clear water, quench thirst and produce fluid! It is a high point of view, and a lasting aftertaste! No ginger is spicy, no salt is the taste, it is Junior who disturbs a cup. The real purpose."

The old man Mangosteen smiled and looked at him, "Little friendly tea?"

Lou Xiaoyi was embarrassed, "Well, occasionally drink it, respond to the story, perfuse the elders! Relatively! In terms, Junior is better wine!"

Two veteran laughed heartily, what kind of cultivation base are they? Even across the space, you can smell the strong alcohol in a certain storage ring in Lou Xiaoyi. There are also various kinds of cooked meat incense!

But this is not important! The important thing is attitude! Honest and not pretentious, just by this honest sentence, you are qualified to listen to this tea; as for drinking, it is no less than drinking tea in the cultivation world, and it is also accepted by the mainstream. The fairy in tea, the fairy in wine , That is really unique.

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