Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1703

Lou Xiaoyi is here with both ears. This is also a habit he has cultivated since he came to Nei Sedum; knowing is knowing, not knowing is not knowing, if oneself does not understand, learn to listen. This is a good habit!

Until one day when he speaks, others have to have this good habit!

Shu Yu and Mangosteen continue to broaden the sea and the sky, discussing five thousand years, up and down the world; there is a world situation, a view on the change of epochs, a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external sedum, and a fairy trail The sentiment expressed, there are the gains and losses of the mirror wall, and of course the evaluation of the characters, there are so many things that are not marginal.

They are old friends that have not been seen for many years. For the cultivator, many years may be at least hundreds of years. There are too many common topics, too many changes in characters, ups and downs, gains and losses... I don’t care about the feelings of the two Juniors. After all, the youngster is still too far behind in terms of accumulation and precipitation. Although the boundary is coming up very quickly, the radish will not be washed soon. Other things are to be said. It will never be as broad as these two Old Guys, who have lived for more than 10,000 years.

So, the youngster listens with ears up. For them, there are not many opportunities like this. Very few old Half Immortal will let the youngster listen to their free speech, speaking from a certain perspective, At their level, the so-called cultivation technique is not important. They all have a oneself path, a direction that requires oneself to explore independently; but the understanding of the general situation of the universe cannot be separated from these old people's fine points.

The wisdom of the elderly is often manifested here. They rarely find new ways to innovate, but they have the unparalleled advantage of youngster in terms of requiring time to accumulate.

That's what Lou Xiaoyi listens to. As for his cultivation technique sword technique, who can teach him now? It won't work if Yazu is here!

The same goes for Shuofeng.

But he is still secretly observing this new Nei Sedum guy. This is a subconsciously behavior, because in the current universe of cultivation, their real competitors are their so-called evildoers. In the circle!

The universe is too big to be exhausted! No one can travel across the universe, a late half Immortal, who is close to the summit of immortal, dare you say 10% of the ten percent traveled through the universe? It's hard to say!

Many of the ultimate mysteries of the universe need to be immortal, and there are endless life spans before they have the opportunity to explore.

Similarly, it is also impossible to have such an event that can gather practice geniuses from the entire universe, Grand Dao chasers, and the trend of the times. It is impossible to do it at all!

Generally, it is gatherings in various airspaces, otherwise they are far away. When they run to the ground, the youngster has become an elderly person, and the tidemaker has become a seaman...

However, Neiwai Sedum provided them with a realistic and feasible place to gather. Considering the reasons for the change of epochs, the path of the upper realm is undergoing substantial changes, that is, Nei Sedum has become their circle. The only place to go.

There is no need to set conditions, you can come to prove that you have this strength! There is no need to send out any kind of advice. Those who know will naturally know, and those who don’t know will be useless to tell you.

It's genuine, young and honest, and a real future meeting!

Shuo Fengren is one of the members. It has been more than two hundred years since Nei Sedum. The major event of Nei Sedum has also been experienced. The fairy trails show that he has been there, although it is a little far away, I can’t see it. But can you always feel it? Reflecting the Wall of Mirrors escaped a round, that was purely the reason for their lack of strength. Compared with these mature and mature old Half Immortal, there was still a gap between them in the practical sense!

The gap must be acknowledged, but what should be seen is that such a gap is being quickly bridged!

Because of this kind of experience, he can barely regard himself as an old man in this enchanting circle in Nei Jingtian, especially for the person next to him. He just came to Nei Jingtian not long ago. , Look dumbfounded, listening to everything is fresh!

They cover a wide range of people, including those who cut a corpse before Yang Spirit, and also include Primordial Spirit who took a step forward, and there are even peerless evildoers who have begun to emerge in Yinshen. , One step out of the three steps to becoming a fairy!

In short, they are those who don't take the usual path, excluding those mediocre people who have achieved Yang Spirit for thousands of years and have finally taken a step forward!

It is a bit big to say that such a normal way, Half Immortal, is a mediocre person, but in fact they think so in this circle! Because compared with such an ancient way of superiority that seemed to be normal before, the advantage of their circle is that it saves thousands of years at once!

The universe belongs to everyone, but it belongs to them after all!

No one has issued such an invitation, everyone comes to Nei Jingtian to gather. But as long as you do get out of this step, you will definitely come here to gather! Because your own cultivation base boundary has reached this position, there is something pushing you up in the dark, no matter how it is expressed, it is forced, accidental, opportunity, willing, ignorant... …

Since you have already taken a cut in the ancient law, everything else is natural.

Especially in the past few hundred years, Grand Dao has collapsed continuously, and now it has collapsed twelve times, more than 30%, the changes have begun to change, and the ones that should have come up have come up. If it is now A cultivator is still confused about the general trend of the universe, and is still in a dilemma about the decline and ancient laws. Then such a person basically loses the capital to compete for the universe in the future!

I just woke up now, it's a bit late!

So, it can not be said that it is absolutely all, but most of these people who are qualified to make a oneself voice in the future cosmic changes are here now!

If this is a puja, Heavenly Dao is the convener! The stage is the change of the universe, Grand Dao collapsed!

Among this group of people, Shuofeng belongs to the category that is not early or late. There were many more enchanting evildoers than him before, and later, there were later realizations that were hundreds of years later than him. People, such as the one in front of me.

The problem he faces now is that even if it is the circle of this group of monstruous talent genius, there is another circle in the circle!

This is inevitable, like this in the world of human cultivation, like this in Xian Ting, and of course they like Half Immortal! Because they are not alone, who does not represent a powerful Sect or force behind them?

A strong alliance? Or a combination of strong and weak? Is it based on the distance between each other? Or according to dao lineage? Or the grievances in history?

But one thing, each of them has a certain right to make a decision! It's not the so-called elites in the traditional sense. Looks at the scenery. It sounds awe-inspiring. They go out and are sought after, but they have not entered the decision-making level... They really have the ability to determine the direction of Sect or the realm!

Because in terms of strength, they have exceeded the normal Yang Spirit level! For most Yang Spirits, they may not be able to take that step in their lifetime, but they did, which shows what!

It is the future of Sect or the realm! There is still a real future!

They are the Sovereign of the future of the universe!

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