Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1704

Since I started to talk about circles, there are countless nasty, countless interests, countless open strife and veiled struggles; there are many circles, different interest demands, big and small, and Shufeng wants to explore this newcomer Which circle should be the root of?

This is also part of your own strength. If you have a group of like-minded people around you, rather than alone, you have a greater say.

But he can't rashly interrupt the Yunshan Mist of the two seniors, nor can he suddenly ask the newcomer where are you from? Would you like to join us?

The cultivator is natural, that is, to test the opponent's bottom limit before the final flop, to judge the opponent's attitude, and when the mouth is opened, it will not be rejected and lose room for maneuver.

So, we need an opportunity.

The two Old Guys finally turned the topic back to Nei Jingtian after a few days of unparalleled sea and sky. After talking about the gains and losses of the last fairy trail, they finally turned their target to these newcomers who entered the Nei Jingtian not long ago. ,

Shu Yu laughed, "The wind of the universe, the waves after the waves; I have waited for a long time, and now it is the world of youngsters. I am not more than three or four thousand years old, and I have reached you and me. Achievement that was only cut after ten thousand years, think carefully, the situation is strange, it is unimaginable! Sure enough, there is a huge change in the sky, talents are born in large numbers, the universe is reset, and evildoers are frequent!

Sho Feng, I will ask you, Among your group of people, how many come to Nei Jingtian now? Last time I talked to others, it seemed like forty-three?"

Sho Feng respectfully, "Old Yu, you The news of is outdated! Forty-three people are the number 50 years ago, and now there are 61 people! However, the growth has been slow in recent years, and there is no one else except this Fellow Daoist Yan. , There is not much left outside!"

Mangosteen, as his elder, speaks very rudely. Of course, he may also be talking about him. He still understands the younger generation brought by oneself.

"It’s over sixty? There are so many people! How do you plan to resolve the Dao Realm conflict? And your small circles, I’m tired from listening to it, and it’s hard for you to still enjoy it!"

Shuofeng smiled and answered, "We don’t want it either! Heavenly Dao if not only given thirty-six Innate Grand Dao pits, if three hundred and sixty pits, then who would think about it all day long? Go? Everyone takes one each, hello, hello, hello, everyone!

As for the circle, isn’t this a tradition in the cultivation world? With your Old Senior as the base, of course, we can only be the latecomers. Rule Cao Sui! Before we came to Nei Jingtian, were there countless circles? Buddhism, Taoism, sword veins, soul repairing corpses, circles everywhere, it's not just us newcomers! You take this Junior is not convinced!"

Mangosteen stared, "We have been practicing here for tens of thousands of years. It is normal for us to have some involvement and exclusion! You guys, the first ones who came here? But six hundred years ago, did there have been so many circles for just a trifling for hundreds of years?"

Shuofeng explained, "senior, you can't take trifling for hundreds of years! Yes! , We have come here early and late, most of which are only a few hundred years of internal sedum experience, but what we are carrying is more than a few hundred years? Say tens of thousands of years are less?

Everyone There are dislikes and close relationships. These personal relationships can be overcome, and we are not the kind of caregivers! But there are some things that you cannot overcome and cannot ignore! Especially when it comes to the history of cultivation Yes!

Take us as an example, other small circles don’t mention it, it’s insignificant, just say that the universe is like the four heavens. Can we avoid the differences among them?"


The rise of Lou Xiaoyi's listening, there is a lot of information inside!

The universe is endless, but even if it is endless, practitioners can divide it! This method of division is the'Three Walls' and the'Four Elephants'

In the Taoist system, the universe is divided into five systems, Azure Dragon in the east, White Tiger in the west, and Vermilion Bird in the south. Black Tortoise of the North, with Huanglong in the middle.

The yellow dragon here represents Xian Ting, where the'Sanyuan' is located. The so-called'yuan' means city wall. 'Sanyuan' is'Ziweiyuan', which symbolizes the Imperial Palace;'Taiweiyuan' symbolizes administrative institutions;'Tianshiyuan' symbolizes the prosperous street market, which represents the prosperity of the fairy garden.

Four elephants are distributed around the "Sanyuan": East Azure Dragon, White Tiger of the West, South Vermilion Bird, North Black Tortoise. East, West, North, and South here are not East, West, North, and South in the actual sense, but generally refers to the infinite divergence from the projection of Xian Ting in the main world and the center of Huanglong to all around. The four directions, they are actually infinite, split the entire infinite universe into four equally infinite directional starry sky regions!

In each starry sky region, there are countless cultivation realms. Celestial Phenomenon and Lou Xiaoyi don’t know much about other Star Domains, but they know that the blue sky and the five rings belong to the Azure Dragon Star Domain direction. Yes, but Zhou Xian is not, but belongs to the category of Black Tortoise. As for where Henghe and Anchor Chain belong, it is not quite clear.

The blackest in the universe, it must be regional black! It’s the same everywhere! Whether it’s the cultivation world or the mortal world, whether it’s this world or his previous life, it’s the oldest antagonistic foundation.

Then dao lineage black, boundary black, and all kinds of countless blacks!

How black each other is, divide the distance between their respective territories, and interests are entangled. If you are close, there will be black conditions, and if you are too far away, there will be nowhere to go! But if you are from the perspective of the whole universe like Inner Sedum, the ways to blacken each other are more limited. The most important one is, where are you from East, South, West, North?

Like in Lou Xiaoyi’s previous life, are you Asian or European? America and Africa? After discussing a wide range, what country are you talking about? Then I divide it down...

Shu Yu is funny, "Then, you have divided East, West, North, and South? I am also very curious, the four elephants in the sky, in the end, Which Xiangtian has more talents?"

Is scratching the itch of Shuotian, "In the past few hundred years, all those who have taken a step below Yang Spirit, plus the promotion of Yang Spirit took a step at the same time, including the Fellow Daoist Yan, a total of 62 people!

Among them, there are 16 people in Azure Dragon of the East and 17 people in White Tiger of the West. There are 14 people in the South Vermilion Bird and 15 people in the North Black Tortoise! ​​These are certainly not all! But we estimate that there will be no more than ten people who stay in the main world because of various reasons.

With the general development of Heavenly Dao, there must be newcomers, but if you want to make a difference before the era changes, the time left for them is a bit late! Only these talents are most likely to be at the moment of the era change Take the last step, of course, except for some special ones!"

Mangosteen is nodded, sighing; "It's average! Heavenly Dao is fair and impartial! But there are more than 60 people, plus more You will come up in the future, you grand Dao sons have a lot of crashes, right?"

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