Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1705

Shuofeng nodded helplessly, "There is no way! Grand Dao thirty-six, but there are always difficult and easy, always indifferent, and now the most crashes are on Five Elements! Next is Yin and Yang, and then killing! On the contrary, there are quite a few Innate Grand Dao in the direction of no one. For example, the transportation in the Five National Games, the morality in the Five Virtues, and the too easy in the Five Dao. If the direction of the Innate Grand Dao is these, the competition will be easy. Much!

Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not dictated by the will of the cultivator, and no one will choose which one Grand Dao has fewer competitors! Everything has to be set off from its own conditions! Junior repaired Hunyuan, luck is good, no one here competes with Junior! But I have intuition, someone must have also taken a step on Hunyuan, but it hasn't been up to the inside for the time being!

speak frankly, I will feel even more uncomfortable if he doesn't come!"

The universe changes, Grand Dao collapses, and the cultivator's status will also change. Impossible will remain the same!

Before Heavenly Dao began to collapse, the cultivator of that era was more flexible in choosing the direction of harmony, and there were more ways to become immortals; for the self, the superego, the good corpse, the evil corpse, There are many things that need to be considered for condensing the past and yearning for the vision of the future!

The final hedo only needs to look at the direction and fight hard in the third cut! This is in line with the unique cultivation environment at that time, because at that time Innate Grand Dao had no pits for everyone! Even if there are, there are only one or two hidden in the thirty-six Grand Dao, leaving you no choice! So at that time, Half Immortal would basically choose the acquired Grand Dao, or oneself's newly created Grand Dao to join!

Because the best thirty-six pits are out of place, so cultivators can only strengthen oneself from other aspects, but do as one pleases even more on the road, because no matter how hard you work, you are also impossible Squeeze a Golden Immortal down oneself to the top.

But after Heavenly Dao began to collapse, the direction of becoming a fairyland was very clear. As long as you are a little aggressive, you will definitely work hard for thirty-six Innate Grand Dao!

There are thirty-six meat dumplings placed there to tempt, who is willing to eat mixed noodle sesame seed cakes easily?

So their goal of this generation cultivator is very clear, the only purpose is to go with Innate Grand Dao! Since the purpose is clear, of course we must start early. From the very beginning of True Monarch, oneself’s goal was determined. No one would be so stupid as to look around among the thirty-six Grand Dao, and finally the result of falling a bear and breaking the stick was all early. Set a goal, and then bet on all of oneself, this is the correct posture for the summit!

Strong as the crow ancestor, get together morals! But judging from Yazu's self-report, he also started to really consider oneself's direction of harmony after the second cut. He went to the natural selection continent to look for the unmatched Grand Dao, and finally found the morality fortunately! This is the rhythm of his time, as it should be! It should not be too early to find the direction of Hedao!

The era is changing. It is no longer the era of the Crow Ancestor. The Innate Grand Dao is now empty for twelve, and it will continue to be empty in the future! Until thirty-six are all empty!

Because it’s so obvious, it doesn’t make sense for you to try Hedao now. When you have spent thousands of years of stupid effort to merge an Innate Grand Dao, when the era restarts over there, it’s white. That's it!

All the ambitious people have their ideas after the era change, when the new Cultivation World is re-established, and then go to oneself to see and prepare the Innate Grand Dao for countless hours, so that they can get In the long run, at least in the years of several millions in the next epoch, a Golden Immortal will be stable.

There are countless capable people and strangers in the cultivation world dreaming of such daydreams, but there is no doubt that these people who can come to Inner Sedum now have the most hope! There are a lot of people who bury their heads in the realm of the world oneself and expect to fly into the sky after the epoch change. In fact, it is a frog in well ,

They don’t understand that from now on, they have been excluded from Outside of the queue of competition, when they are still obediently and honestly, step by step from Yin God to Primordial Spirit to Yang Spirit, and then think about whether it is a decline or the ancient law is one step forward, the most enchanting existence is already in Yin. God has already taken a step and beheaded a corpse!

Since True Monarch, I began to consider the direction of Hedao. This sounds crazy and unreasonable, but it is the most correct direction of this era! Therefore, those who have come to Nei Jing Tian to take a step forward, all have a clear vision for the oneself future Grand Dao!

This is the gap! Heavenly Dao always favors those who dare to be the first in the world! Of course, this must be measured first, and too much first is an outlier. It becomes a lesson and a stepping stone for others!

To become the final winner of the Innate Grand Dao chosen by oneself, the premise is that oneself is strong enough or other competitors are eliminated! So Shuofeng is very sorry, because his competitor is still a mystery, so he can't start!

"Fellow Daoist Yan is a newcomer, wouldn't it be so coincidental that he also intends to combine Hunyuan?" Shufeng forced a smile and said.

Lou Xiaoyi also laughed, "Fellow Daoist, don’t worry, I’m not interested in Hunyuan!"

Shuofeng smiled embarrassingly, of course not this person, if the fellow practitioner Hunyuan , He and this person can interact with each other! But this person should be a Hunyuan who is doing supplementary training, he can feel it, but he doesn't know what his major is.

Shu Yu hummed: "Pay attention to the occasion! I see what you two mean, if a fellow practitioner Hunyuan, you have to do it here? This is the Shu Yu Tea Ceremony, a civilized place. It’s not where you guys are fighting hard! That’s how old men are talkative, change places and change their tempers. At that time, you had to fix you guys who didn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!"

It sounds like anger, but it’s actually telling them that Nei Jing Tian is not their world, and there are many old repairs of one and two cuts. Although the direction of Grand Dao has been set early, it is impossible to change it. It is difficult to correct. These youngsters pose a threat, but before these young eagles fully mature, they can still be beaten.

Mangosteen smiled, and finally brought up the topic, "Although Xiaoyou Yan is a newcomer to Nei Sedum, I am afraid this circle can’t be avoided! In fact, no matter where you are, you can’t avoid it. This kind of circle is for competition and for the sake of setting up one's life!"

Lou Xiaoyi knows that oneself can no longer pretend to be confused. Sooner or later, he has to say that if you want to stand, there is no need to stand on the fence.

"Junior should belong to Azure Dragon of the East, but I don’t know if there is any conflict with Shuo Fellow Daoist Feng?"

Shuo Feng is a bit disappointed, but fortunately, although it is not in the same camp, At any rate, it is not the enemy of giving tit for tat. The Xiangtian and North Black Tortoise to which he belongs are the most incongruous. They are opposed to each other due to historical reasons.

"I am from Southern Vermilion Bird, and I can be regarded as a close neighbor. You can get close to each other."

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