Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1706

Although he did not become a family, he did not become an enemy anyhow. This is a blessing in misfortune.

Lou Xiaoyi was a little curious, "Since I come to Inner Sedum, it is important to observe the immortal ruins, cultivate one's body and cultivate one's morality, the circle said, but exists in one's heart, there is something to think, and nothing is left if you let it go! Wouldn’t it be here that you really must tell you to live and die?

Besides, if you separate, what can you do? The universe is so big that there will be no other competitors? I don’t think so. !

The deer is lost in the sky, and the heroes are chasing each other. However, this kind of completely individual competition, regardless of the influence of the dao lineage behind you, may not last forever, and some have no purpose."

Shuofeng retorted, "The way of practice, one word, the way is perfect! Yes, unless I kill all the people in the universe, I can't completely cut off the meaning of competition, but this is not the reason why you are not fighting!

Struggle is attitude! Heavenly Dao is watching! All beings are watching! My heart is watching!

Heavenly Dao sees you without fighting, and there is no reason to favor you! The universe changes, the era Change, you are still scratching your skin, waiting for the pie in the sky, do you think it is possible?

If the sentient beings don’t fight, you will lose the brilliance! It’s the harmony of people! No one will follow. No one will be attached to it. In the long run, it will be difficult for you to make a oneself voice. What future can you talk about? What will you talk about?

People are inert. If you don’t fight, you will always talk about it.

One day it becomes indisputable again and again, then what do you do when you come to Inner Sedum? Isn’t it much safer to stay in the Cave Mansion in the oneself realm?

So Fellow Daoist Yan, don’t you think these people are all The country bumpkins who have never seen the world lose their grace when they see a piece of fleshy bones. For us, they are just a group of gluttons who have been hungry for thousands of years. They really lack these fleshy bones!"

Lou Xiaoyi didn't care at all, "I mean, you can't fight in groups in Nei Jingtian, right? With so many elders and a harmonious and stable environment, we are messing up and getting involved in the backers and close people... "

Shuofeng smiled proudly, "My generation of cultivators, who are all outsiders who take a step forward, can learn from those foolish gang fights? Of course, they have their own rules! No one will help. Everyone is fighting for the future! Just like if I had a dispute with Fellow Daoist Yan here, the two seniors would not join in. This is the rule of Neijing Tian!"

Lou Xiaoyi Just hehe smiled, "I’m from a small place, I’m so timid, no wonder a few people!"

A few people finally talked about one place, and Lou Xiaoyi had the opportunity to learn about Nei Jingtian closely related to him, but Not enough inside information for outsiders; no matter where you go, a person always needs Such an environment, such a group of friends, even if they can't live and die with him, it is good to be able to chat and fart together, and it is also part of the practice.

Life is not a black and white world, it is color! To have friends who depend on life and death, there will also be enemies who are absolutely irreconcilable, but most of them are the so-called friends of wine and meat, tea ceremony, piano and chess, and friends of interest, which are equally important!

When Lou Xiaoyi decided to join a small circle, he had this ability! Sophisticated, humorous, and honest, don’t pretend to be on the outside. When you can do this, it’s actually not that difficult to get along with people!

Being familiar with each other, they can speak more openly. In fact, they didn’t report to each other about the Sect, and it didn’t make much sense. They were in different elephants, the distance was really far away, and there was nothing big in history. Of course, there is no mutual grievances.

"Since Junior Brother is a newcomer soon, what is the destination? What are your plans recently?" It becomes two Old Guys remembering the past and two little fellows planning the future. This is the difference between an old man and a youngster. Old Half Immortal like Shu Yu and Mangosteen, you expect them to compete with the youngster for thirty-six Innate Grand Dao again. It is unrealistic. It is not practice to give up tens of thousands of years of persistence and change oneself for some purpose. The way!

It is important to understand that even if the era changes, it does not mean that there will be no other opportunities besides the thirty-six positions! In fact, if you do not seek to reach the top Golden Immortal status, there are still countless directions for the cultivator to choose from!

Lou Xiaoyi shook his head, "Where is there a fixed place to go? Just wander around and get familiar with the environment that's all! When you are new to Senior Brother in Nei Jingtian, do you have any goals for achieving it? Well, go around first. Look around, if you have good luck, maybe you can meet the senior of the teacher?"

Shuofeng is nodded, this guy is finally willing to confide one or two truths! In fact, among the so-called evildoers in Shang Nei Jingtian, almost all of them have roots, and a cultivator without roots can't come here!

The so-called practice, the dao lineage inheritance behind it is very important. It can determine the field of vision of a cultivator and will not just be placed on the piece of land in front of oneself! So there are few rogue cultivator wandering practitioners coming up in this place, and there are, in fact, there are foundations, but there have been some changes afterwards.

So Old Ancestor in the history of Nei Jingtian, or a senior in a realm, is also very normal, just like he did to mangosteen.

"Well, this matter can only be done slowly, not in a hurry! Many of the cultivators from the lower realm are coming up incognito. This is not a publicly exposed scene, even if the inner scenery has survived for several millions of years. No one can have a detailed roster of Nei Jing Tian, ​​maybe there is immortal, but it doesn’t match us!"

Sho Feng knows how to advance and retreat, knowing what to ask and what not to ask, it’s both polite and less. Dip cause and effect.

"Yes, Grand Dao collapsed, and five Innate Grand Dao collapsed decades ago. Twelfth out of the thirty-six, this is a dividing line! It means The change of the universe has entered a new stage, from the initial stage of the epoch to the middle stage!

I speak frankly, if I have not been able to step into the inner sedum by now, the future may not be possible. Great! Because time is not and the others! No matter how late you are, you will not be able to catch up with the point of the epoch change. It is hindsight!"

Lou Xiaoyi nodded agreed. For practice, rhythm is very important! Not only the rhythm of oneself, but also how to adjust the rhythm of oneself to follow the changes in the universe! You only realized the Grand Dao in the front foot here. The era of the back foot changes. You can only look at those long-prepared two-cut cultivators to compete for the sweetest dao fruit, so from now on there will be another one-cut cultivator, they are in The accumulation of time will be very hasty, and ultimately affect their future achievements.

"It is precisely based on this concept, so those of us feel that it is time to hold a Fa conference and solve some important things for us at the Fa conference!

This The meeting will be hosted by several highly respected Half Immortal from Neijing Tian. I wonder if Fellow Daoist Yan is interested?"

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