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Lou Xiaoyi sighed, see the Fa conference again! But it's not a Fa conference, it's more like a place for youngsters to exert their power.

"Gather these people together, isn’t it okay to find trouble?"

Shuofeng said, "If you don’t get together, you won’t find trouble? If you get together, how many You can suppress the field with two cuts, and at least you can control the scene! Smoke Junior Brother, I think you seem to be very repulsive to contention? This is not good. In this circle, the weaker you are, the more people will be on your nose. !"

Lou Xiaoyi is a bit funny, he really rejects determining what is done in this way, because it will make him very difficult to grasp! He knows how many oneself starts with oneself! Once the battle begins, immediately not recognizing one's family!

But in such a place, is there room for him to be unscrupulous? Will it cause trouble to Old Ancestor? The most important thing is, will it bring new enemies to the Fifth Ring?

His impossible direction is impossible to conflict with anyone, unless someone like him intends to kill the thirty-six Innate Grand Dao in one go!

So, pretending to be pretending is not necessarily a way, at least to complete the task entrusted by Sanqin.

He is not very interested in the content of these Heaven's Chosen Child gatherings. He is more interested in these people, which are also the connections that must be expanded.

"Go, of course! It's always good to get to know more people!"

As expected, there is no possibility that someone will not go, not go in a situation like this It is a manifestation of lack of mind, is anyone here lacking this?

"Okay, ten years later, the location will be in Feidujian, Nei Jingtian is a very famous fairy trail, almost known to everyone, known to everyone......"

Lou Xiaoyi smiled bitterly, "I don't know..."

Shuofeng laughed heartily, "Don't worry! Although the operation of the three thousand six hundred immortals in Nei Jingtian is irregular, but before the Fa conference is held, There are two great cultivators beeping to indicate that the surrounding fairy trails cultivator should be in harmony, and after passing them, they will soon spread throughout the inner sedum. Then the path will be self-evident, otherwise let alone you, even I will not find Feidujian now. The truth is!"

Lou Xiaoyi asked along the way: "Speaking of fairy trails, I think that this is a good thing in this inner sedum, but it’s not good at all. There are 3,600 terrestrial circles that rotate in disorder. There is no definite number, it can really be exhausting to find someone!"

Shuofeng said, "This is really no way! I've been here for two hundred years and I am at a loss! I know what you want to ask. , Do you want to ask how we found the Shu Yu Tea Hill? This is really not our ability, but Shu Yu senior oneself took the initiative to leave marks, leaving traces in every place where the tea hill passed by, so there are traces to be found ,

If the host is not so hospitable, but deliberately hides it, then there is no other way. There is no other way except to make a mistake or to wait for the once in three hundred and sixty years to show up. "

Lou Xiaoyi didn't get the answer, and there was nothing to lose. He knew that this was the characteristic of Nei Jingtian. The more advanced cultivator, the more he paid attention to the privacy of oneself, and he refused to be ostentatious, unless it was like Shu Yu's tea ceremony. Such dao lineage, after all, is a minority, not the mainstream.

Turn to a question that he is very concerned about, "Senior Brother Feng, you said that Half Immortal like us exists, in the past should not fully meet the conditions of Half Immortal, right? At the very least, the boundary is not enough. This is a hard indicator. So, is it a bit too much to circle us here?" When Shu Yu listened to him next to him, he knew what he meant, and what he wanted to ask.

"Do you want to know if you can leave Nei Jingtian?"

Lou Xiaoyi nodded, "There are a lot of things at home. It’s okay to stay here for hundreds of years, but If you let me stay until the epoch change, it’s a bit too far, and I’m totally unprepared! And is it really Half Immortal like us? Neither the opponents of Yang Spirit may be sure of victory, and the praise is too high. It’s not worthy of the name!"

Shu Yu nodded, "These are indeed problems! Originally, Xian Ting restrained all Half Immortal from going up to inside and outside Sedum, just for fear that the battle strength of Half Immortal was too terrifying and would have trouble with this. The unstable main world has caused some irreversible losses, especially in mentality!"

Lou Xiaoyi was shocked, "Mental?"

Shu Yu nodded, "Of course You may not be able to empathize with these things, but if we change positions, if you are a Half Immortal who comes up through normal practice, you work hard from Yinshen to Primordial Spirit, then from Primordial Spirit to Yang Spirit, and then After thousands of years of accumulation, it’s hard to become a Half Immortal. As a result, Heavenly Dao collapsed. Oneself's future suddenly became dim. Will you accept it?

Change oneself's direction, which is equivalent to completely denying oneself. Ten thousand years of hard work! The past has been wrong, how can this be practiced?

Don’t change it, the fattest 30 or so pieces of meat in the future era will not be eaten by oneself. Ten thousand years, it turns out that the brightest thing in the cultivation world has nothing to do with oneself?

How many people do you think can accept such a blow?"

Lou Xiaoyi understands , This truth is right, if you say must be wrong, then you can only use one word to describe: birth is not at the right time!

Shu Yu continued: "Everyone who comes here has a dream! No one is here to make salted fish! Since we chose the ancient method, it has proved that we are this cosmic cultivation world. The few who dare to take risks!

But our adventure was not recognized by Heavenly Dao, because we took the risk a bit early!

Most people will accept this fact ! Although you may not be able to meet the Innate Grand Dao, there are other opportunities after the epoch change. It is not that the situation will get worse, but it is destined to be the second best.

But there are also a few people who will. If you are not reconciled, you will be out of balance. If there are other reasons to stimulate, it is very likely to make an irreversible major event in the main world. This is the real reason Xianting restrains us!

Of course Xianting does not Knowing who is willing to accept it and who is concealed dissatisfaction, so I just put it in a pot and don't leave anyone!"

Mangosteen also said; "This is the situation of the inner sedum! In fact, the outer sedum is even worse! Their decline The way of becoming immortal does not require must be in harmony, so in this change, the opportunity to chase Innate Grand Dao is completely lost. Therefore, there are only more people who are dissatisfied in Lai Jing Tian!

Think Lai Jing Tian Half Immortal's terrifying amount, even if there is only a small part of obsession that can't control oneself, descending to the main world is an unstoppable force, and even the heavenly eyes can't stop it. Unless immortal goes down, it will be catastrophic!

Therefore, the blockade of Outer Sedum is stricter than that of Inner Sedum!"

Shu Yu smiled, "So you should understand. You alone are actually the most hopeful The one who defends the world Ping An! The least willing to be involved in the cause and effect of breaking the realm and destroying the stars! So Xian Ting did not actually hinder you from the lower realm!

This is our guess, not necessarily accurate, if If you want an exact answer, in Neijing Tian, ​​I am afraid that only those two slashing powers can tell you, or help you!"

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