Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1708

Amidst wild spring fireworks and white clouds, sit and drink fragrant tea and love this mountain.

Lou Xiaoyi and a few old buddies of Inner Sedum lingered near the moon, and after drinking tea, they finally had a general judgment about Inner Sedum and the future of oneself.

He Shuofeng set a date for the meeting and sincerely thanked the two elders and said goodbye. No matter what the purpose was, he didn't see him too far, it was just love. Of course, this is also the true essence of Shu Yu’s tea ceremony.

Of course, Shu Yu does not shy away from it. Among the evildoers who come to Nei Sedum, nearly 30% of them have drank tea and chatted with him. Their purpose is actually the same as Lou Xiaoyi's. When they first arrive, they are in a state of walking on thin ice, and then slowly become impudent over time.

But the old way is very measured. I talked about tea with a few people in a month. I didn't mention the roots of those people. It can be seen that they are still very limited and trustworthy.

Flying in the magnificent fairyland scenery of Inner Sedum, I sigh with emotion that in this world of great controversy, there are many people who understand the universe, but not only he has seen through the changes in the universe, and correspondingly oneself The practice has been adjusted. There are many people who do this, including more than sixty evildoers here, as well as those who have not yet reached the inner sedum, who have been tempered in the main world, and even include people like Lu Jiang Shuyu. Old Guy!

Although the Old Guys don’t say anything, who dares to say that there will be no place for them in the future changes in the universe? Won't work anymore? Jiang is old and spicy, can practice ancient methods, can go to the inner sedum, who is not ambitious?

He now has two goals that must be achieved as soon as possible!

First of all, oneself’s cultivation base must be thoroughly clarified. He is now the Primordial Spirit boundary, which is no problem! The problem is that he has now taken a step naturally because of the enlightenment of the twelve Innate Grand Dao, equivalent to beheaded!

Where is the benefit of being able to cut the dead body? If you don't enter Inner Jingtian, Lu Jiang won't remind him, he doesn't even know! This is a big joke, oneself don't know after the corpse is cut, can practitioners be so confused?

He is pretty sure that oneself did not get such a slash power after being promoted to Primordial Spirit, otherwise he would be impossible to become so dull, so there must be something he overlooked!

Next is to find the hanging eagle's nest, and only there can you find the ancestor of Xuanyuan, the famous Sword Venerable in the universe of cultivation, Lou Zu!

Maybe, if you find this one, oneself's first problem will be solved? But he still hopes to rely on the power of oneself to solve it alone. He has become accustomed to one person's exploration. This is a good habit, but there will be failures in some specific cases!

He is very clear about the gains and losses, the problem is that no one can answer questions! For things like this, apart from the Old Ancestor in this school, and the long-standing Lou ancestor, there is no other person who can help him.

A mathematical model, there are 3,600 fairy trails in a huge space, each of which is still moving slowly and irregularly. If you want to find one of them accurately, regardless of luck, How much time does it take?

Lou Xiaoyi's mathematics skills are very average, but he has to admit that this is a frustrating result, especially when he has not asked!

He doesn’t like to ask for directions, because a mouth will reveal a lot of things, but the actual situation now forces him to open his mouth; at least ask a cultivator in the mountains, there are at least dozens of fairy trails around. The situation is not a problem for the landlord, so he does not need to search one after another. This is also no way.

So he changed his usual cautiously strategy. From another perspective, even if he opened his mouth, others may not be sure of what? Maybe it's revenge? Maybe it's repaying favor? Maybe it's asking for advice?

Except for the mortal world, one or two thousand Half Immortal is scattered in the huge inner landscape, but it is actually very empty. This way, I fly all the way and ask because I am humble and polite, because I am like him. Such a Primordial Spirit Half Immortal has also been common in Nei Jingtian for hundreds of years, so the actual situation is not as bad as he thought!

In the words of one of the veterans, in the past few hundred years, oneself has come across a dozen people like him to ask for directions! It seems that he is not alone in the trouble of finding people in Nei Jingtian.

He ran for five years until he met a monk.

This monk is very unusual, because he is not hidden in the depths of the fairy mountain, but stays in the mortal world under the mountain. He does not wear monk clothes, he wears coarse linen, and mans shoes are exposed; there is no alms. The bowl, but carrying a large medicine chest, walks through villages and towns, without hiding oneself's deeds and purpose.

Regardless of whether it is true or not, at least it will live a real life. For a practitioner, while focusing on one's practice first, he can also take care of the mortals near the practice place. This is an attitude that is more real than recitation of Amitabha countless times in a monastery.

"Walking, staying, sitting and lying, pure has not moved the dojo, really has become a pure land, the name is samādhi.

The master has a good root and is admirable! Junior excuse me, ask where to go, I don’t know if I can get a word of advice?"

Lou Xiaoyi waited for the monk to leave before he came out to ask. This monk’s breath is deep and unmeasurable. Respect.

"Buddha is a mindless Taoist, does not cling to me, does not distinguish the law! If you have the heart to cross the people, how can you divide each other?

The little friends ask themselves, don’t need to worry about knowing But it doesn't speak!"

Lou Xiaoyi gave another gift, "There are cliffs hanging high, eagles nesting, lonely mountains standing upright, and no one is inhabited...Is the master visible about these fairy trails?"

Lou Xiaoyi actually doesn’t know its name, but it is only revealed by the Sword Spirit of the Three Qin Dynasty. After entering the interior landscape, looking at the fairy trails has its own advantages, no one is the same, and no one wants to come to that place. There will be a second one.

The monk did not answer directly, but looked directly at him, "I see how strange the encounters of young friends are. They both understand and kill Buddha. I don’t know why?"

Worthy of being a second-handed monk. Although Lou Xiaoyi's past cannot be seen transparently, it can't be hidden. Lou Xiaoyi is not panicked. He has experienced too many questions like this, and has his own set of arguments that justify his argument.

"Knowing the Buddha is because Buddhism and Taoism are originally one family! When you learn the Tao, you should know the Buddha. One is two, and two are one!

To kill the Buddha? It's just the Buddha who wants to kill I have no choice! The main world is chaotic, all kinds of battles, in which there is no choice!"

The monk is sighed, how can he not understand the various aspects of the main world? It's also a Taoist dispute, but if you must name the instigator, you probably won't be able to escape Buddhism, which is also a fact.

"Buddha teaches people to cherish one's life, the flowers bloom and the stems are all human; be careful not to ask, there is True God three feet above your head!

For the hanging eagle's nest, this is a dangerous land, do you know?"

Lou Xiaoyi firmly said: "Junior save it!"

The monk is nodded, and good words can't persuade the dead! Pointing behind him,

"You have passed! Turn around and fly to the colorful clouds, maybe more than a year!"

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