Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1709

From start to finish, Lou Xiaoyi didn't know the name of this eminent monk. In fact, after thinking about it carefully, if you can get to such a boundary, you can no longer use the master world Buddha Dao Idol's set of competition to measure these real senior experts!

He can see clearly, and it makes no sense that people’s lifespan for thousands of years is still there!

This is also the reason why he killed the Buddha but did not hate the Buddha! If the cosmic cultivation is regarded as a whole, in fact, the Taoist and Buddhist families are senior and junior brothers. This can be distinguished from their philosophy inheritance. There are differences, but they are also the same; it is not the same as the heterogeneous Divine Spark in Henghe Realm. Going on.

He has yet to be able to see his true roots, because although he is only a Primordial Spirit, he is covered by Grand Dao after the first cut, and his sparrow palace is magical, and Xuanyuan Sword Sect is normal. The sword pill technique is still very different.

To be honest, there should be a sense of measure. You have to come up with a fierce flying sword to test the tolerance of others. That's nothing to look for.

So he turned his head and flew towards Caiyun. He knew that oneself was going to speed up. The position mentioned by the monk may not be completely accurate. It may be a rough idea, because all the fairy trails are in a relative movement. The monk watched early, he went late, and he might miss it again.

I have been looking for a place for more than ten years. Who will believe it?

One year later, I entered the range mentioned by the monk, carefully discerned the trajectory of the mountains in front of me, pondered for a moment, and searched in the most likely direction. After February, a lonely peak towering into the clouds finally Appeared before my eyes.

It's not easy!

To be honest, the hanging eagle's nest displayed by Sanqin Sword Spirit is far from the actual terrain, and it is understandable. After all, Sanqin has not really been here, I am afraid it was also mentioned by Yazu. There is such a concept vaguely.

Fortunately, when the three characteristics of lonely mountain, towering, and eagle’s nest are fuse together, he is not afraid to find the wrong place. At least he has seen hundreds of fairy trails in the search for more than ten years. One is unique, it is difficult to confuse.

Walking around the peak, there is nothing to be discovered, neither Taoist temples, caves, nor traces of great cultivator. He didn't get discouraged, and went straight down, investigating carefully.

In fact, the easiest way is to encourage spiritual consciousness and communicate through communication, but he is a careful person. So far, he is not completely sure that this is Lou Zu’s practice. In the wrong place, calling the wrong owner, and a lot of trouble, it is better to observe in advance.

I searched from top to bottom, and once again confirmed that there is no so-called practice Cave Mansion here. This situation is not uncommon in Nei Jingtian. According to Lou Xiaoyi's observation, he has seen fairy trails. This is the case for three of the achievements, which is also in line with the cultivator's feelings of advocating nature. With their bodies, there is no need to have some shelter from the wind and rain.

What puzzles him is that there is no Immortal Qi sword qi here, but there is a kind of faint Monster Qi that cannot be erased!

There are 3,600 fairy trails in Inner Sedum, two per capita, and a sword cultivator needs to find such a place as a place for oneself's practice? And can't even erase the deep-rooted breath of monster beast for tens of thousands of years?

This can only explain one thing. The original owner of this hanging eagle's nest was a monster beast!

Have you come to the wrong place? Did Sanqin remember it wrong? Or did oneself find it wrong? Or Lou Zu changed places a long time ago?

He decided to stroke it again carefully!

Still not found anything! For his kind of cultivation base boundary, he didn't find it by doing so, which meant that there was something impossible. The underground ten thousand zhang couldn't escape his perception, so what else could be revealed?

I was a little hit, and I worked hard for more than ten years, so I got this?

But he still won't leave here, because there is another way to help him understand the past here, and that is the countless great eagles living here!

There are no ordinary animals that can survive in Nei Sedum. For these big eagles, the life span of hundreds of years is no problem. The only rich and incomparable inspiration here is the mortal species. Will grow into a different species too!

But the big eagles were very alert and left far away when the stranger reached the peak, full of guard. Can't be too strong?

Lou Xiaoyi is a gifted person. Since this is the land of immortal of monster beasts, of course there is a great possibility that monster beasts will reside here. In Lou Xiaoyi's view, these big eagles are flat-haired animals. Sacrifice, but in the eyes of the monster beast, it is the same race, but humans are hairless monsters.

By now, he has no hope of finding Lou Zu here. This is not a guess, but he really did not feel the slightest breath related to Xuanyuan. People like Lou Zu, such Status, there is no need to hide the head and shrink the tail. Sword Immortal is here at the top of the food chain. What is there to hide?

Expand the strength of spiritual consciousness and envelop the mountain again. Inadvertently, a few strange monster beasts, a little tiger, and a few mountain leopards were found on a protruding rock at the waist of the mountain peak. Get a good night's sleep in the sun!

I didn't see anything special, that is, the ordinary monster beast and the Nascent Soul boundary, which are stronger and limited than those big eagles.

Well, it's okay to ask them, at least to understand the reality here, it's very strange.

Lower the shadow, a few monster beasts immediately climbed up vigilantly, but they did not run away; In the inner sedum, there are many Half Immortal cultivators, everyone is knowledgeable, no one can bluff anyone, and get along with themselves. The way. Moreover, if you are really malicious, you can't run away.

I felt in the storage ring, planning to give them some sweetness before talking.

First take out some braised pork, and it turns out that a few monsters are completely motionless! Well, is this because you are used to eating fresh blood food and don't like the finished product? It also makes sense!

Candy, Treasure Item, fine wine...everything is taken out, and as a result, a few monster beasts look at him like a fool, the slightest remaining unmoved!

This is a bit embarrassing! He hasn't touched this monster beast of Inner Sedum so much, is it possible that the monsters living here are now so cold?

Inner Sedum is rich in resources, both are the treasures of Innate Earth. There are countless rare spirit plants on the stone wall of the hanging eagle's nest. Many of them are very old, even he hasn’t seen them. Ever... It seems that Country Bumpkin is oneself?

Among the abnormalities of a few monster beasts, he still keenly noticed something strange, as if all the monster beasts were looking at the little tiger's wink!

There is even a leader? But this leader is a little stupid, he still wants to unite the earth monsters and the cultivator to do the right thing?

It's also possible that the real big demon is away, so you are not afraid?

Lou Xiaoyi laughed, pointing at the braised pork in front of him,

"I’ll ask, you will answer, cover up, if it’s not true, see if you see it, I’m here The meat will be exhausted, but there are chewy ingredients!"

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