Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1710

A few monster beasts still did not accept his kindness, but they all hid behind White Tiger!

Understood, you won’t get any news if you don’t solve this White Tiger! Or to put it simply, the truth lies in the little White Tiger. He must know more and more comprehensively than the few killing leopards!

A wipe of your face is like changing a face in a Sichuan opera, it becomes gloomy and vicious! Staring at the little White Tiger, bullying step by step! This is creating psychological pressure and destroying its will mentally!

At the same time, he breathed out, and said in a wicked voice: "Little thing! What are you thinking in your little head? Get right with a genius like me, how many lives do you have, are you enough?

To grow such a big tiger head, just don’t have a brain! I’ll teach you to be good, don’t always practice your body in the future, but also use your brain. When you see a hero like the uncle, you have to be good. Raise your tail, or you will suffer!"

The little White Tiger Four digs into the ground, his body is low, roaring and roaring, it seems that he is very dissatisfied,

Lou Xiaoyi As he continued to approach, the expression on his face became more and more gloomy, "Who is the owner of this Eagle Peak? Where did he go? Is there a sword cultivator who often walks around? How many sedums like this one inside the Eagle Peak? You recruited from reality, there are countless The benefits! Immortal Pill spiritual medicine, Grand Dao exercises, Treasure Item talisman, everything, only you can’t think of, there is no uncle who can’t get it out!

If you get the right answer, maybe you’re right. Take you as a Divine Beast and take charge of the side! At that time, the tigress of Manshan, take it as you wish!

But if you fail to appreciate somebody's kindness, hehe, I won’t come to kill you. , Lord, I recently made a pot of medicinal wine, and I was short of a rare thing as the main medicine. I wonder if you would like to offer it?"

Seeing that the little White Tiger was not afraid, only a pair of fierce eyes stared at him. We must choose someone and eat it! I can’t help but sigh boredom. These monster beasts are so bad and have a hard temper. They only know how to fight with their lives, they don’t know how to maneuver.

He doesn’t really want to do anything with it, just frighten them. , Practice For nearly two thousand years, there is one thing he is proud of, and he never really bullies these natural creatures... But you have to show some face anyway, right? Do you really think that oneself is the Half Immortal Mountain King here?

As soon as he stretched out his hand, a powerful hand instantly enveloped the little White Tiger, and continued to threaten him at the bottom.

"Look, let me see how you escape the uncle's palm of my hand!"

The little White Tiger still refuses to bow his head in the face of vitality and strength. Lou Xiaoyi is not polite. He controls his strength and grabs it. It is necessary to ensure that the little White Tiger cannot escape, and he cannot really get hurt. For him, such magical power control is a bit difficult...

The little White Tiger may just look fierce, but he was actually scared? motionless, he took it straight!

As soon as the vitality reached the body of the White Tiger, Lou Xiaoyi immediately felt a strange Devouring Power. Although he was not majestic, but pure and incomparable, he swallowed his vitality in an instant, and a little stumbled. No, it's like just slobbering!

A coolness rises from the bottom of my heart, from the tail vertebra to the whole body, even the big bird in the palace, the flapping of the wings seems to have become difficult!

Lou Xiaoyi, what a slippery person, with consciousness together, he immediately knew what was wrong!

The hand that stretched out did not retract, and it was a prostration, "Four ancestors, you are a bit unrepresentative. Do you play like a tiger and eat a pig here, and play with Junior?"

There are countless Old Ancestors in Xuanyuan, but only four are truly recognized as ancestors! The first ancestor Xuanyuan Great Emperor, founded Wen Guangfeng, is the ancestor of the vertical sword; the third ancestor Jiang Hengzhou, created the lineage of the sword! Wei Ji, the fourth ancestor, is the founder of the killing sword; the last is the thirteen ancestor, the collar-sleeve of the Dao sword!

Among these four ancestors, there are three and one demon, and only the fourth ancestor Wei Ji is the original white Tiger! This is the secret of Xuanyuan's paramount, and it was only slightly mentioned after Lou Xiaoyi received a copy of the Xuanyuan Sword sheath!

In this regard, Xuanyuan's record is very vague, and I pass by, and I don't know why it is, so Lou Xiaoyi has never thought about it at all!

He didn't think about it at all! Because for tens of thousands of years, people always subconsciously think that these Old Ancestors have already gone as Ancient Immortal, so the consciousness is always spinning on the old Ancestors who are still alive!

But as soon as the hand of vitality fails, he immediately understands it, unless the cultivator cannot do such a strength! As for the life span, is life a problem for the alien beast?

Who would have thought that this ancestor would also be living in Nei Jingtian? And so low-key?

What he doesn't know is that White Tiger left Xuanyuan for a reason, and some family matters are not good for comment! By now no one knew it! Except that Yazu had contact with White Tiger at the time, it was probably because of this relationship that Sanqin knew about this and recommended Lou Xiaoyi.

So, it’s not that White Tiger is really low-key, playing tricks with the younger generation, just don’t want to have anything to do with Xuanyuan, but didn’t expect this Xuanyuan dísciple to be so rascal, just like the one more than ten thousand years ago Same as people!

Xuanyuan Sword Sect, is this occupied by a rogue?

White Tiger coldly looks at this sloppy guy, with an innocent face, as if the words he had just said weren't from this mouth.

"My brain is small, I don't understand what you are talking about!"

Lou Xiaoyi smiled like a flower on his face, walked over affectionately, and sat next to White Tiger Next, I still want to take my arms! Even if White Tiger moved away in disgust, he didn't care. He was sticky and thick-skinned. He definitely got Xuanyuan's true inheritance.

"Brain is not in size, but in quality! The giant elephant has a big head and only knows brute force; the whale is huge, but a mouthful; how can I be the body of the fourth ancestor of Xuanyuan, the White Tiger, wise and wise, far-sighted, outside Under the awkwardness, Splendid is hidden?

Xuanyuan’s standing, killing sword prestige is far-reaching! Raise my sword power, take small scraps, tens of thousands of years of foundation, without the dedication of senior in it, but just a game It’s just a dream!

Dísciple often reads the historical records and regrets that he cannot be in the same era as the four ancestors. I would like to have a tail and a ten thousand li! Time, time is good fortune.

Such a great achievement, but willingly hides himself deeply, and is not tired of vain name, this heart to the Tao is admirable, dísciple’s admiration for the four ancestors, It's like a torrential river, endless, never stopping!"

White Tiger was full of tiger skin bumps. Under the cold, I don't understand how a person can be shameless like this?

"I heard that you made a pot of medicinal wine and lacked the main medicine? I have one free here, or you can take it, which is considered waste use?"

Lou Xiaoyi Happy! Thank you again and again, "Many thanks to the four ancestors, you are the main medicine, and the pot of fairy wine I asked for is not in vain! So, dísciple is offended!"

White Tiger just glanced at it. Squint, I want to see how this rascal justifies himself!

Seeing this rogue approaching cautiously, he also put on a pair of white gloves to show his hygiene; when he came to the tiger’s tail, he gently swallowed a tail from the base of the tail and extremely tenderly. Mao, when he came, rubbed it, and breathed a sigh of relief. It was like being held by Supreme Treasure. He took out a jug of wine from the storage ring and put it in, cherishing and cherishing it. He kept saying:

"From now on, it will be my heirloom!"

White Tiger's eyes widened. As expected, shameless has no limit. Can this be rounded back?

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