Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1711

Lou Xiaoyi used his whole body to solve the problem, and immediately tried to reverse the bad impression before!

Special-milk-milk, in how many years have you been so low-pitched and complacent? Alas, you can't blame others, it's really incomplete consideration! I also blame Sanqin's manifestation, you can't bring a name? Can you die if you write more words? It made him lose face now!

White Tiger refuses to let him go. Since such a rude, unscrupulous guy is also a sword cultivator? Or is it the only one who has learned from ancient law in the past thousands of years? Really God has no eyes! The shame of Jianmai!

It also knows that moving its mouth is definitely not enough for this guy, no one can say about him, unless you are more shameless than him!

So there was a tiger's mouth, and a tiger's head instantly became bigger than a mountain. When it opened and closed, it had swallowed the insulting man Lou Xiaoyi!

Then lie down on the rock and continue to sleep!

……Lou Xiaoyi only felt that the place was dark and heavy, and he couldn't distinguish East, West, North, and South, up and down! But he was not panicked. He was the same as Xuanyuan Sword. If he can't distinguish between the real killing intent and the slight punishment in a boundary like him, then this practice is considered a waste of repair!

cheapskate! Can't be kidding! It's not a joke when Lou Xiaoyi complains secretly, but doesn't want to be oneself at first.

This is the punishment of the ancestors, similar to the nature of Guan Xiaoheiwu, he has to bear it, so he didn't struggle at the beginning! In fact, with his abilities, he can still hide himself confidently, he is confident!

Just use this to calm the anger of the four ancestors! Who made him threaten Old Ancestor to cut it to make wine? Well, it seems a bit too much?

This is White Tiger’s Life Source space? It's amazing! Being in it, even the escape of space can't be displayed! Just don't know if he is in the tiger's mouth right now? Still in the stomach pouch? Or is it just a special space?

Should he try to get out? Or is it a condition to stop punishment by yourself whether you can go out? He is still a little confused, because he doesn't understand this fourth ancestor!

Character, temper, likes and dislikes are not clear, sect seems to have never mentioned it! I don't know what I am tabooing.

When I wanted to walk around, I suddenly realized that oneself couldn't move his body in this magical space? Really can't move, no matter what method he uses!

Things seem a bit big! This White Tiger has a very violent temper. Is this not wanting to let him go easily and let him suffer a little bit in it?

To prevent him from moving a minute, it must be a boundary-level suppression that he does not currently possess! Otherwise, he can't be so thorough. If only relying on strength, even immortal can't make him stay in place like a tree**?

The difference between him and White Tiger now is Level 1 on both levels. For example, the difference between Primordial Spirit and Yang Spirit on the boundary, and the difference between the first cut and the second cut on the ancient law, then, Which aspect of the gap caused him to lose control of oneself's body?

It's just the body, and other things don't seem to affect it. For example, the bird palace is normal, and the ants are no problem!

When I was struggling to understand, a huge White Tiger silhouette appeared in the distance, just like the Fourth Patriarch, but it was much larger and mighty! There are more wings on the back! There are black clouds growing under the four claws, and the king character on the forehead is replaced by a White Tiger star. I look forward to being proud and majestic between running...

What is this? Is it Wei Ji and not Wei Ji?

This thing is at a moderate pace, but it rushes towards Lou Xiaoyi! Never slow down in the slightest, with clear goals and full of malice!

Lou Xiaoyi couldn't help shouting, "Hey! Don't come over! If you get closer, I will treat this as a contest within Sect! Xuanyuan rules, no one can invade the body for no reason!"

Winged White Tiger If you don’t hear it, don’t care, Lou Xiaoyi doesn’t care about this, he has no habit of standing and being beaten, even if you are a Sect Founder, you can’t beat him without telling you, at least you. You have to come up with dispatch rules and decide how much punishment can be enforced, right? Only to be convincing!

Flying sword gushes out and strongly rejects White Tiger, but Lou Xiaoyi is disappointed that this White Tiger is a virtual image at all, and it is not strong, whether it is his flying sword or the sword. Dao Realm, and even his power of faith cannot have any effect on the White Tiger illusory shadow!

Said it’s too late, then it’s fast, he is still mobilizing flying sword groups to attack here, but White Tiger suddenly accelerates and really hits him,

"Hey Yo! He killed Xiaoyi, Xiaoyi, Xiaoyi..."

There was no substantial damage, but it caused his internal organs to shift and he was in pain! This is the rhythm of using a water whip to stab a prisoner! If you don't let you die, it will make you hurt!

It's not over yet! He just breathed a sigh of relief here, and a White Tiger with exactly the same wings reappeared in the distance. Obviously, he would hit again!

Lou Xiaoyi shouted, "Four ancestors! dísciple's failure to speak first, so should be punished! But you have to say at least how much the penalty is before you are punished? You can't use lynching to break Xuanyuan's rules. Ah!"

Shout and shout, Lou Xiaoyi has learned well this time, no longer using flying sword, but directly out of the bird palace! Big Bird is the king of Immemorial Sacred Beast with extraordinary roots and feet. It is just right to deal with monsters like White Tiger!

But the facts disappointed him again. The bird just went straight through, seemingly useless, and White Tiger did not show even the slightest fear of such a noble existence!

So, once again, his mouth was slanted and his eyes slanted!

Something's wrong! The impossible big bird of my own sparrow palace is not useful at all, but this kind of weirdness happened, then...

Lou Xiaoyi pondered a little, and finally understood the key! It's not that flying sword is useless, and it's not that the big bird lost its coercion, but this winged White Tiger is not the tiger of the present at all, it is actually the tiger of the future!

It is the superego of the four ancestor Wei Ji! Not from the portrait! It is the future of the past, present and future! It's the self, the superego, the superego!

Of course he can't cut it, not on the same timeline!

This is not just a simple sense of seeing the other side’s future and you can kill it! That belongs to the category of human cultivator. Sacred Beast monster beast doesn't have this to say, you can cut them right now!

But if the Sacred Beast wants to reach the top and become a fairy, it must also set a goal for oneself. For example, the white Tiger star of the fourth ancestor Wei Ji's wings and clouds is its future vision! Because alien beasts cannot be reborn from the past and the future, their future vision seems to be unafraid of being cut!

Lou Xiaoyi is now facing such a thing, the future image of the Fourth Patriarch, use this to punish him, he has no escape!

This is not the normal fighting rhythm of a strange animal. It will certainly not take off-pants and fart when it is really fighting with people. It has the most powerful body in the world but uses the future virtual body without using it. But in this The magical space is used properly!

Lou Xiaoyi immediately understood that the only way he wanted to fight against such lynching was to also target the vision of the future!

This is reciprocity!

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