Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1712

After the cultivator grows strong in the Primordial Spirit, it will immediately face the final stage of distraction, which is also the final sprint stage of whether the cultivator can finally achieve the Yang Spirit!

Distraction and Qi, refer to the ultimate application of the cultivator to its own Primordial Spirit. Through the secret technique, the Primordial Spirit finally penetrates the body to form a brand new body. This body is not only the body of the Divine Soul, It is also a flesh and blood body!

This process will introduce a lot of time and space concepts, because the body rebirth ability after the achievement of Yang Spirit is actually the ability of Yang Spirit rebirth, which is reflected from oneself’s past and future, and becomes a limited Undying Body.

If you want to be distracted, you must first establish a few basic points. For example, where do you put oneself’s past and in what direction do you put the future, only if these are established and you have a reference , In order to truly start the differentiation of Primordial Spirit.

Lou Xiaoyi once thought that oneself’s flying sword was really going to the opponent’s past and future after the first cut of Yang Spirit. Later, as his knowledge became wider and wider, his boundary became higher and higher. I understand that flying sword does not really fly to the past and the future;

The slashing of the past and the future in the cultivation world is actually only the affirmation of oneself’s past in the cultivator Sea of ​​Consciousness and the affirmation of the future. Planning is a mysterious category of superconsciousness.

Then, when the cultivator is ready to distract oneself, he must choose a past for oneself in oneself's consciousness, a past that can establish the true spirit, and the rebirth of oneself will be based on this spirit in the future. , Void mirrored.

He needs to choose a future direction, life plan, cultivation technique path, universe view, and will persist in it in the future; this is why the great cultivator has reached the stage of Primordial Spirit Yang Spirit The fundamental impossible reason for changing the direction of practice is that they will no longer be impossible to change the door because they have got some great inheritance, because doing so not only denies oneself's past, but also overthrows oneself's future, that is, they lose the ability to be reborn!

Distracting spirit and transforming energy is the key link before the achievement of Yang Spirit. Its basic concept is to trace a self, a true self outside the body through the differentiation of its own Primordial Spirit; because of the Heavenly Dao rules, There are two real selves impossible under the same sky, so Dao of Space-Time is blended into the past and the future to achieve Yang Spirit Undying Body!

This virtual Yang Spirit, once separated, will immediately fall apart under the Heavenly Dao rule, because it cannot coexist with the ontology, but if the ontology dies, it will immediately reflect the truth from the past and the future, and trace back to the self.

This is the secret of rebirth, the key is to be distracted and separate a self!

But in ancient times, the rebirth of Yang Spirit was more troublesome than it is now. At that time, the cultivator wanted to go to Yang Spirit. Not only did he need an ego, but also the id, the superego!

In this way, three me can be distinguished to prove Yang Spirit Grand Dao! This is also the only way for all ancient cultivators! Including Lou Xiaoyi!

This is the major divergence that occurred after the ancient cultivation technique started in the Yang Spirit stage!

To put it simply, the current improved cultivation technique, the path to the upper realm is: Primordial Spirit comes out of the self--Yang Spirit--fleshy body decline--magical power decline--Primordial Spirit Decline-the decline of life essence-the decline of the Taoist heart, the achievement of Human Immortal!

The road to the upper realm of the ancient law is: Primordial Spirit emerges from the self and superego-Yang Spirit-Severing The Three Corpses, to achieve Human Immortal!

The modern version of the road to progress is relatively simple, and there are traces to follow, there are laws to follow, one step at a time, and steadfast; the cultivator will clearly know what oneself is in. Location, what needs to be cultivation, what to pay attention to, where are shortcomings, what needs to be strengthened, and then mobilize all the resources of oneself to realize it!

Just like there is a high wall in front, the wall exists there, how can it pass? You are looking for ladders, sets of ropes, pilings on the walls, building soil mountains, riding balloons, and digging holes. There are always many ways. According to the characteristics of oneself’s cultivation technique, you can always find a suitable oneself way to cross the wall, even if you fall to death. In front of the wall, did you touch it anyway?

The advantage of the ancient method is fast! At this point, the current cultivation technique can't keep up with it!

It did not consume a lot of time at all, the journey of tens of thousands of years of decline, trapped alive and dead in an unspeakable place! Jump directly over the five decay states, Yang Spirit Severing The Three Corpses, achieve Human Immortal, and it's done!

Of course, the ancient law also has its fatal weakness! There is no trace to be found, there is no way to rely on. You don’t know where oneself is, how to work hard, and you don’t know where to go. Just like a headless fly, you can only passively wait for a rare encounter in a million years. divine light flashed!

It is also a wall, and the wall of the ancient upper realm is a wall that cannot be seen or touched! You don’t even know where it is? How tall is it? How thick is it? Is there a thorn trap on it?

All the cultivators that fell under this wall were depressed to death, because they couldn't even touch the wall, and spent a long time wasting their lives in the long river.

This is not the most painful! The most painful thing is that the time they wait is unusually difficult. The modern cultivation technique cultivator has the ability to regenerate in the Yang Spirit stage, so there are many opportunities for error correction, but the ancient cultivator is much more embarrassing!

The ancient method has to cultivate three selves; from the past, the original selves were oneself. From now on, self is oneself. In the future, the superego is oneself!

In other words, the three mes to be cultivated by the ancient method are actually the past, present, and future!

But the repercussions of this method is that because the three mes have been repaired, the me in the past and the future is no longer hidden and obscure, just like a beacon, just hang there, as long as the boundary When it arrives, it can be seen by an individual, and the opponent does not need to guess at all, as long as it is cut!

Therefore, the rebirth of the ancient Yang Spirit is a joke. If someone has the ability to kill him in this world, then there must be a way to kill him in the past and the future publicly announced!

Ancient Yang Spirit, there is no secret!

This is almost fatal! In the long process of Yang Spirit boundary waiting for the next boundary breakthrough, how much danger awaits them? The ability to regenerate has been reduced to this point, so what is the difference between Yang Spirit and Primordial Spirit?

Various reasons, the difficulty of Severing The Three Corpses, the development process of Cultivation World, the actual needs of the Yang Spirit stage to hide the past and the future, etc., have slowly developed It's the current declining practice road.

This is the reason why Lou Xiaoyi is constantly in the main world, but there is no so-called evildoer who is willing to come out and clean him up!

Because the evildoers are cultivating the ancient law now, the ancient law does not hide the past and the future, and is fierce like a sword cultivator, the probability of body dies and Dao disappears is too great!

Lou Xiaoyi has not started to distract and transform Qi. It is not that he does not pay attention to it, but the boundary has not been fully consolidated. Under normal circumstances, he needs to start distracting and transforming Qi after Primordial Spirit is fully consolidated, but now this world, not a normal world!

It's all messed up! So everyone is rushing forward, striving to make the most comprehensive preparation before the era changes.

Nor can you completely blame him, he won't know that oneself has already been cut without going to Nei Jingtian. There are many things that can already be laid out in advance, and there is no need to follow the old system!

Just like now, if he wants to be beaten less, he must first work out oneself's future superego!

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