Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1714

What is Hong? Lou Xiaoyi is actually in Mongolia too!

Don’t blame him for being too heart-warming. Golden Immortal only needs to combine a key Innate Grand Dao, one of time, destiny, Five Elements, morality, and cause and effect.

He is now aiming to collect all thirty-six. Is this what Ronald Golden Immortal can hold?

And now there is still a question, if he really accepts all these thirty-six, what else will others go with? Difficult not to become immortal. After the epoch change, there will be no Golden Immortal in the court? Everyone, True Immortal to the top?

Or after turning into a Hongkong and then feeding back, in fact oneself doesn’t fit in either?

This question is too far away, I don’t even bother to think about it, so I will mess up the water first!

speak frankly, his super-ego is a bit irresponsible, that is, as long as I am full, you can do my ass rhythm if you eat or not!

This kind of irresponsibility is not a sign that has just begun. In fact, from the moment he chose the infant and me and chose the big and small universe to merge, cause and effect have already been planted, and it is destined to be only this way. !

He can't choose Golden Immortal and Da Luo Golden Immortal, because only one Innate Grand Dao is not a fairy for him! If he wants to get together, he can only get together thirty-six!

They are all urged by ghosts, don't do his thing!

So, what is Hong?

He has been thinking about this issue for many years since he was a baby.

Is it a rule? Is it order? Or is it just a fusion of thirty-six Innate Grand Dao?

He thought about it a lot, and then overthrew it one by one! At first he thought that oneself would have to think about it for a long time, but when he was forced to do this, he suddenly realized it!

The problem with oneself is that it thinks too much, too many oneself makes oneself confused! He doesn't need to think about the so-called rules and orders. He only needs to know one thing, that is:

Hong is the universe, and the universe is Hong! Since he wanted to incarnate into the universe, he would naturally become Hong! As for what to do with the current Sanhong and Sihong, I can only talk about it then!

There are too many elusive secrets in the universe of cultivation, such as the most reminiscent of the twelve Innate Grand Dao that collapsed, where are their ancestors of the Dao?

Will you not go to heda because you have to consider this issue? impossible! When you are in harmony with the Tao, you will naturally know all this, and it is useless to think about it if you are not in harmony.

Lou Xiaoyi no longer thinks about it, because White Tiger hits again and again, endlessly, he needs to establish oneself's superego first!

It is to create a oneself small universe, using visualization method, the initial may be very simple and very limited, as time passes, it will gradually enrich and expand.

He was established very quickly, at least very quickly at the beginning, because he actually started this piece after he became an infant, and he had the oneself view of the universe, all the way to the Yin God, and then When it comes to Primordial Spirit, it has never stopped building, but it has not been integrated into the future of the superego.

Fortunately, White Tiger's attacks were intermittent, leaving him plenty of time to build a oneself superego, like he was trying to join hands?

Because of the difference between humans and beasts, his future superego will always be impossible to attack from the body, but when constructed in consciousness, it can withstand the impact of the Sixth Patriarch! This is a collision of superego between humans and beasts, and it may only be possible in the White Tiger’s Life Source space,

but Lou Xiaoyi did not have less superego defenses because of the initial establishment of superego defenses. Being beaten, or being beaten a little lighter, is still the strength of the previous beating. This can only show that the Sixth Patriarch at First did not use all their strength!

When he began to build up the oneself superego consciousness, which can deploy defenses in his body to block the opponent's superego White Tiger, the Sixth Patriarch also increased the pressure on the superego accordingly. , As a result, still maintained the intensity of beating him!

A bit bullying!

Thinking of other things is useless, the only way is to deepen oneself's superego ability! Because the power of the Sixth Patriarch Superego is ultimately limited. From the appearance, it may be a True Immortal level. It is not that the Sixth Patriarch is not motivated, but the roots and feet of being an alien beast determines its future development ceiling. Innate Grand Dao can't think about it, and it doesn't match its roots, so it can only be a True Immortal at best.

Lou Xiaoyi's superego vision is Mouhong, but the difference is big! There are three levels of difference, but the essential difference!

After all, it is the visualization of the vision in the spiritual consciousness. It is not true to achieve True Immortal or certain Hong in the real state, so the speed of establishment is relatively fast, especially in the initial stage!

Time was beaten up by the ancestors, and dísciple passed by in all kinds of denials. Wei Ji's original intention was to teach this guy for a hundred years, in order to warn this person's words and deeds, but for several years In the past, he found that the idea of ​​oneself, although very beautiful, could not be realized.

In the past few years, the change from shove to push and shove, and then from push, shove and shovel, to a joke, has no warning effect at all, it seems A joke of two generations.

The youngster nowadays is really realistic!

The point is that it is a little bit unable to see what the superego of this little fellow is? Although it has only been formed not long ago and is in the initial stage, but even such a rough thing can basically withstand the impact of his True Immortal superego?

It also knows that the goal of each of these young human evildoers is to at least be an Innate Grand Dao. Golden Immortal or Da Luo is their inevitable choice, but even the superego of Da Luo Golden Immortal Wouldn’t it be possible to hold on to a True Immortal vision that has been visualized for tens of thousands of years after its initial formation in just a few years, right?

Is it higher than Daluo? I dare not think about it!

These little fellows, newborn calves do not fear tigers, one dare to think and do more than the other, they usually don’t have a chance. As soon as the universe is chaotic and the era changes, they all show their true colors!

Without tradition and order, when new forces form a trend and sweep everything, what else can an old man like him do?

Forget it, hit and hit, and the penalty is also fine. It’s not too good for the lunatics of your own teacher, especially the madness in front of you, don’t really make it last. With the vision, take it to make wine!

True Immortal, there is no insurance!

Lou Xiaoyi feels that oneself has been ejected from the space, and his freedom has been restored! The sun shone brightly in front of me, the eagles circling, bright sun and a gentle breeze, Birds, Speech, Flowers, Fragrances; looking inside, I feel that oneself is completely different from when I came in!

He was just a Primordial Spirit when he was swallowed, and now he was spit out, he was already a genuine Half Immortal!

Finally understand that the only way to tap oneself's ability to cut is: to establish the superego!

I didn't feel the power of Yizhan before, just because he didn't even establish a vision of the superego, how does Yizhan's ability reflect?

Now, the vision of the future and the boundary of reality overlap each other and set off each other to truly reflect his current real state!

A big gift again, with fear and trepidation, "many thanks, the sixth ancestor is complete! If you can achieve something in the future, I would like to drink the medicine and wine with the fourth ancestor!"

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