Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1715

White Tiger waved his hand, "Don't be close! I am not your ancestor, and you are not my discipline of grand disciples! I can't afford it, I'm afraid of losing my life!"

Lou Xiaoyi hehe laughed, he is not a person who values ​​generations, he still has to pay attention to the relationship between his eyes,

So he still rubbed it, and grabbed White Tiger’s neck." Yes, let’s not care about those imaginary ones, if you are older than me, I will call you Lao Bai, and you will call me Xiaoyi!

Lao Bai, your eyesight is so good that you can see with a single glance My problem occurred. I was depressed for a long time and I don’t know where the problem was. Now it’s okay. I can fight without scruples!"

White Tiger wanted to break away, but after all, he didn’t do anything. , It doesn’t like the red tape of human beings, and prefers freedom, just like now, it doesn’t need to be tied up because of the identity of the ancestors.

This kid does not regard it as an ancestor, but uses it as the object of soaking in wine, which makes it very comfortable and cheap!

"It’s not that I have a good eye! It’s because of the group of you who came to Nei Jingtian. Nearly half of you are in your state. This is a common phenomenon! So when people look at you, they will know that you are new It’s not long since I came to Nei Jing Tian!

As for you, it’s not easy to live in Nei Jing Tian to this day!"

Lou Xiaoyi laughed, "I don’t usually do that. Yes, he is very courteous and humble. He still writes a few poems to meet the occasion..."

White Tiger nodded, "Understood! It's just bullying and fearing hardships. People are the same before others and others are behind..."

White Tiger nodded "

Lou Xiaoyi is dissatisfied, "Lao Bai, this is wrong with you. This is different from person to person, depending on local conditions! This is not because you look at Lao Bai, your skeleton is strange, so you just rejoice for a while and reveal your true shape? "

White Tiger didn't entangle him either, "Who told you to come?"

Lou Xiaoyi didn't hide it either, "Meet the Sword Spirit of Sanqin, it pointed me to come The interior scene!"

White Tiger was stunned for a while, and sighed, the original dissatisfaction was also diluted by a trace of melancholy.

It has a consensus with those real Half Immortal elites in Xuanyuan, and it is not allowed to say its existence, because it has already become Xuanyuan's past tense! Even in Xuanyuan's Half Immortal, there are only two people who really understand its current status, Li Ji and Chonglou!

The Chonglou is still alive, so I won’t say it, so the only person who says it out and completely ignores his feelings is Li Ji’s brother, and it can’t afford to offend!

Li Ji and Sanqin have made friends. After Sanqin's death, he became the incarnation of Sword Spirit and entrusted them. Both of them passed away. What else can they say? The principle that has been adhered to for tens of thousands of years, after these sword dao companions one after another have left, it becomes unimportant, leaving only inexplicable sadness.

This is also the reason why it stretched out its hand to help this little fellow without the slightest hesitation. At any rate, there are still people who need it to reach out. If one day there is no such small trouble, then it will be true and this The world has no worries. Is this kind of future what it looks forward to?

It doesn't know either.

Looking at it silently, the atmosphere is a bit heavy, Lou Xiaoyi also knows that there are some things that can't be discussed in depth, reminiscence is a glass of old wine, the more you drink, the better!

"Old White, how many years have I been in here? It seems that the newcomers here have a party during this time. Did I miss it?"

White Tiger lifts the head , My heart turned, and the melancholy disappeared immediately.

"Two months ago, Feidujian had location information widely spread. This is what I want to come! Don’t worry, I’m not far from Feidujian. Far away, and for things like this, convening is one thing, convening is another, it’s not late!

But there is one thing I want to remind you, since you’re here in Nei Jingtian, you should be self-reliant, don’t expect It’s also Xuanyuan’s tradition to have someone help! We never form clans here! Li Ji is like this, Zhonglou is like this, so are you!”

Lou Xiaoyi doesn’t care, “Don’t worry, Lao Bai, oneself I have experience with this oneself!"

White Tiger said again: "You don’t have to worry about me and Chonglou. No matter what you do, it won’t affect us! Just let it go and do it. Good!"

Lou Xiaoyi smiled, "I feel at ease with your words!"

As soon as White Tiger said something, I felt something was wrong, just oneself. Some are full. I think that when Li Ji came here, he caused a lot of disasters, and it may not be able to bear it!

Forget it, fainting is not worthy of death, who makes oneself's teacher always produce these things? It's fate too!

Point out the direction to Lou Xiaoyi, this rogue raises his hand to say goodbye,

"Lao Bai, when I have time, I will find you a drink!"

White Tiger Shake his head, "Don't come! I will move tomorrow!"

...According to the Sixth Patriarch, Lou Xiaoyi doesn't have to look for it. He is in a good mood. This trip to the Eagle's Nest is not in vain. , The fight is not in vain!

He began to truly experience the ability of one slash, and this ability is still evolving, as he continues to improve the oneself superego construction, the corresponding ability of one slash is also In the process of continuous improvement, until the superego construction is completed, the strength of Yizhan can be truly achieved.

How to judge his current boundary? It's more embarrassing...You can say that he is still a Primordial Spirit True Monarch, but you can also say that he is a corpse boundary...

It's messy, because the corpse was cut a bit early!

The most obvious change is that he feels the increase of oneself life essence, perhaps a thousand years?

Under normal circumstances, a cultivator can cut a corpse through its own accumulation after Yang Spirit, which can increase life span by 5,000 years. Cut two corpses, longevity. It has only a thousand years of life now. It looks like Heavenly Dao has some sloppy-work, but it is not!

One is not a normal corpse cut in the traditional sense, and he has not passed the Yang Spirit level, so Primordial Spirit's body cannot withstand the increase in life essence of a cut.

Second, his one-cut ability has not been fully utilized. With the perfection of the future superego construction, this life essence will gradually be added. Heavenly Dao is still a few thousand short of a human trifling. Years old?

To put it simply, his current situation is a short man in the body and a giant in the spirit.

He never thought that Severing The Three Corpses would come so soon! But the fun of ancient cultivation is also here. The more you go up, the more variable it is, which may become better or worse!

Because of taking a step, the whole person is completely different from before, not only in the Divine Soul aspect of the body, but also as if the whole person has got a kind of sublimation, all-round sublimation.

This kind of qualitative improvement in strength has temporarily unhurried what he has verified on the sword technique, but cognitively, he understands a lot of things that were previously vague!

Before he looked at Nei Jingtian, something subconsciously would rise in his heart. This is not the place where oneself should come, nor does he belong to this place. As soon as he comes in, he is thinking about how to get out? Because he was looking at the problem from the perspective of a pure Primordial Spirit.

But now it is different. Flying among the many fairy trails, he feels that this is his home, and he is the master of this place! Because he is qualified to stand here and enjoy everything here!

I am ignorant and know how to ask the secrets of heaven, and pretend to be the future as a dreadlocks; bluntly blown to the big, the stalks turned out to be a secret!

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