Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1716

The higher the boundary, the more you know, the less you can deceive yourself and others, and you can’t get back the happiness you had before. Especially for him, the more trouble is, it is happiness. How long can it last?

I cut this corpse, only to find that oneself has cut out a lot of things that didn't need to be considered before, it's fate! It's not just human beings, any species will be confused when they reach this level.

At this level, you will no longer have a firm and clear goal as before. After you feel breath, you must consecrate. Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, and adulthood are required. Use this as the main line to arrange oneself The practice and life, cultivation technique, foreign object, chance, Sect, and family all have a clear purpose, and there is no doubt, perseverance.

Although it is simple, such a day is actually very happy, because you will not deny oneself, there are countless peaks waiting for you to climb, one mountain is more than one mountain, you will never have On the day when you lose your goal, you will only regret not being able to climb to the top.

Maybe they have actually reached the Human Immortal boundary, and they will not be confused, because they have cleared the past, present and future. Oneself has become the only oneself. Maybe they have higher mountains waiting for them, but eternal It has been decided.

Relatively speaking, those who are more confused are the first to fall into decline, or cut off a corpse, but have not completed the last step of Human Immortal, there is nothing in front of their eyes!

Especially those who practice ancient methods, they know that there are two mountains in front of them, but they can’t see, touch, feel, they can only go forward intuitively; The doubts and denials of past practice are repercussions to look at the problem from a higher level!

Lou Xiaoyi’s next step is to stand at this height and re-debrute all of oneself’s past, especially the entire sword technique system; many sword techniques are meaningless, in the present He seems to be flashy and deliberately mystifying, he needs a simpler and more essential Sword Art!

This is a process of re-recognizing oneself, which takes a long time, rather than suddenly enlightenment.

Only at this time did he realize that oneself's previous imagination might be a bit naive! His fusion of his own small universe and the big universe can really be smooth sailing? Can you have a clear goal? Can you practice carefree and happy?

He has indeed mastered twelve Innate Dao, but the next twenty-four will only get harder and harder! What is the time? What is the cause and effect? What kind of thing is it?

Others contend for the same way, the opponent is just a part of countless cultivators, and his opponent is everyone!

Like these so-called evildoers in Nei Jingtian, no matter how many people want to cooperate with Five Elements, there are no more than three or four opponents, but his opponent is all sixty-one! This is the inner sedum, and the outside world is still unknown!

Enemy the entire Cultivation World! This is the consequence of his choosing Ying Me! If his choice is known to the cultivation world, then he is the enemy of the whole people! People who want to get rid of it!

Everyone went to the banquet together, but you ate all the 30 Six Paths dishes, licked up the plate, and raised the table. Is this a human thing?

He wouldn't think so much before this step, and he couldn't help but think about it when he got to this step.

For the time being, it may not be unscrupulous! At the very least, find an Innate Grand Dao as a cover! Well, I can only find it among the twelve that have already been enlightened! Which one to choose?

...Flying across the stream, these months have been very lively, completely different from the quietness of other fairy trails in Nei Jingtian! This is something that rarely happens in Nei Jing Tian, ​​except for the fairy trails that are once in three hundred and sixty years.

Here is different from Laijingtian. The cultivators are very annoying to hold dharma meetings. They are all ancient methods, all in different directions, different cultivation techniques, and different concepts. They all can’t urinate in the same pot. How will it drive?

At most, three or five friends get together. It is not who educates anyone, but chats and farts like Shu Yu tea ceremony, cultivates sentiment, and never involves the trend of cultivation technique; this is the biggest feature of ancient law , Take the oneself road, regardless of others.

Feidujian is a place where no one is stationed for repairs. There are many immortal ruins like this in Nei Jingtian. I chose it only because of its unique location and it is also conducive to everyone.

In fact, there are no fixed conditions for this party, and there are no restrictions. The evildoers who have already taken a step at a young age must be able to come, and no one else will be able to come; in general, they are treated equally. Is the cultivation correct.

But all Half Immortal knows who is the protagonist of this gathering. Some are very quiet and some are active and lively, so the sixty-two people are not the only ones who come. The evildoer, including many Old Guys, especially some who are too late to take that step in Yang Spirit. Maybe you want to get some enlightenment from such a gathering?

Three conveners are two great powers! Once one Daoism and one Buddhism are scattered, this is also correct for cultivation. No matter where it is, such a lineup is standard and not easy to be squandered. For countless years, it has long become the unwritten rules of the cultivation world.

The Buddhist monk is named Guchan, the Taoist virtue is Yangon, and the wandering practitioner does not rely on black hemp.

We started calling together a few months ago. It is transmitted every ten days. It is transmitted through Nei Jingtian. So far, it has been transmitted nine times. It is not only for delivering news, but also for setting directions; after nine times, no If you send a letter again, what should come should be here, and you don’t want to send it again if you don’t want to come.

In total, there were hundreds of people present, among them 62 to 61 evildoers, almost all of them were there, because this is their party and the protagonist; There are dozens of idlers, not many, most of them are Yang Spirits who have not yet taken a step.

The situation of these Yang Spirits and the evildoers is just the opposite. The cultivation base is higher, but they are stepping on. After one step has been taken, it has fallen behind; the universe has changed, and the level of cultivation has also become chaotic. Until now, no one can tell who is more brilliant between them!

In principle, everyone agrees that the Yang Spirits who have not taken a step are better now, but they are one step ahead of the potential in the future! In the end, who can hold on to the end is something no one can tell.

This is the last wait. The official Fa conference will begin in a few days. At that time, all the evildoers will give a chance to show oneself, one is to prove oneself, and the other is to have an impression of each other. In a sense, becoming friends between them means that the realm of the main world dao lineage Sect becomes an alliance; they hate each other, and the main world will most likely be furious.

Half Immortal, even in Great Sect like Xuanyuan, they can talk about things, let alone they have an infinite future!

In troubled times, it is not appropriate to discuss seniority. This is the consensus of the cultivation community!

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