Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1718

Ma Bailu laughed, knowing that what he was talking about was the truth. For a party like this, there is no certain boundary. A certain Sect group came from a group, but it’s not Eating the running water table, the conditions for coming here are too high and harsh. Either the ancient method takes a step forward, or the ancient method Yang Spirit boundary, there is no third possibility!

"I don't know who is the person that Shuo Senior Brother Feng waits for and the others, so that Senior Brother can't forget it?"

Shuo Feng laughs, he is not good at telling the character of this person Relatively weak, so oneself feels that it can take the initiative in communication, so he just chooses to say in a nice way,

"Gentle and elegant, modest and polite, a real Taoist person!"

Ma Bai A stone fell slightly in Lu's heart. Of course he was here for a reason! Because he knows someone, as long as there is good and lively place, there is no one he doesn't mix!

Moreover, I also eat more, soak rice in vegetable soup, and even some oil stars will not give you leftovers!

He is very strange, such a person can't come here without reason? He couldn't please him in the hands of this person, and countless fears, how could he be thrown away by the mainstream evildoers like this?

But if he is really thrown away, he is still a little bit happy, he deserves it!

Polite, modest and polite? Doesn't this match that guy? To be rude, arrogant and arrogant is almost the same!

"There are many people with such Taoist cultivation in Dongtian!"

Also knowing that oneself's introduction is too broad, Shuofeng added: "The poetry is right, the literary talent Oh!"

The stone in Ma Bailu's heart has fallen again, not far from putting it down, can this servant compose poetry? The jingle is almost the same!

"Since I like dancing writing, can I make a sword easy?"

Shuo Feng shook his head, "It should be a bad sword. There is no sharp edge of a sword. It is also a Taoist star to come and go. It should be a pure Taoist authentic!" When Ma Bailu heard this, the stone that was about to fall in his heart instantly lifted up! Xing Dun? Isn't this what the guy is good at?

Next to you, You Mingzi interrupted, "Suo Junior Brother Feng likes to hang people's appetite because of this little problem! You just say that this person's name is not good? You have to go round and round, Yunshan misty!"

Shuo Feng smiled, "Junior Brother Mao, forgive me, the old problem is! This humanity number is a bit, um, peculiar? It's called Yantou, and I don't know why his teacher gave such a very ambiguous name. "

A few people laughed, the name of cigarette butt is really not very elegant, especially when smoking has become popular in the universe.

You Mingzi is careful and noticed that the new friends are a little unnatural,

"Junior Brother Mao, what's the problem?"

Ma Bailu Qiangyan smiled, "Such matter, that is, swallow a fly!"

The other three people understand it! This is an enemy! You Mingzi regretted a little, and got together for a good time, but brought the two enemies together. It was very embarrassing. Fortunately, this person hasn't come yet, maybe he can't come?

Heavenly Dao often likes to be right with people. When you expect someone to arrive, he is often late. And when you don't want him to come, you will often appear in front of you dramatically.

A silhouette appeared in the sky, and they immediately found them. They came straight and couldn't hide. Moreover, as their identity, it was impossible to hide!

Shuofeng hurriedly greeted him, hoping that the two would not turn their faces immediately. While introducing the two of You Mingzi, he explained that the encounter with the Ma Bailu was purely accidental!

Great cultivator, a great cultivator, is still very graceful, everyone's smile seems to come from the heart, Lou Xiaoyi is especially kind,

"Brother Lu! Hundreds of horses! You are not dead yet in the new year? This God is really blind, loyal to evil, good or bad!"

Ma Bailu's face remained unchanged, and he was handed to everyone with skillful movements. After the smoke ring, it was especially warned repeatedly:

"Heavenly God land of immortal, the interior scene, everyone must maintain it, don’t throw cigarette butts, so as not to pollute the environment!"

Yes, who They are not willing to suffer! But I finally managed to achieve a gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist, which is also considered to give enough face to the three Nantian cultivators.

So far, the sixty-two young evildoers who have entered Nei Sedum have gathered. This is the beginning of a cultivation technique meeting!

"Why are you here? I heard that you didn't get involved with the Henghe people again while you were running away? There is so much excitement below, and how do you come up? Everyone is uncomfortable!" Qing Xuan was very dissatisfied.

Lou Xiaoyi replied, "old facetious, I can’t come here? Honestly, how many years have you been here? I found a few Three Purities ancestors? Isn’t it good to treat Zhou Xian well? Why are there everywhere? You Three Purities old facetious are making trouble?"

Cats have cat paths, mice have mouse paths, no matter what method is, if you have strength, know the trend, and someone behind you, you will definitely be able to come here!

"In the last cosmic war, was there a shadow of the Henghe people? It was hidden deep, and I didn’t see any clues at that time! Unfortunately, there are no seeds of the Henghe people here, otherwise there will always be He has to kill him to get his thoughts at all!"

Qingxuan never forgets, the last Five Rings battle, Three Purities was the backbone of the world Buddhism, the loss was huge, the casualties were heavy, and there were a few of them. He used to be close to the senior and junior brothers. This loss has always been hidden in his heart and there is no place to vent, so he has never stopped digging into the truth.

Like this kind of thing, it is useless to talk to others and discuss with others. Only by joining hands with this guy can we engage in a major event!

Lou Xiaoyi sits firmly on the Diaoyutai, "Ai, when I took a step, I understood a lot of the most mysterious truths. I felt that oneself had killed too much before, and lost the heavens!

Now I have repented, re-behaved, and focused on being kind. Those grievances and grievances have nothing to do with me. What Henghe Realm is not familiar with me. I care about it?

I warn you, don’t Bother me with these bad things!"

Where is Qingxuan willing to believe that he can change for good? He can't change it even if he changes it! It's just a deliberate stilt, wanting to get some extra benefits that's all! This man is such a chicken thief, he can't be friends with him, and he doesn't have the loyalty of a sword cultivator!

"Xuanyuan Sword Sect also lost a lot in the last war. Your sword dao lineage has always been hateful, and if there is a grudge, you will get revenge. Why, now you have changed to eat Zhai and recite Buddha?

sword cultivator Where is Xueyong? What about you? Do you dare to be the first in the world?"

Lou Xiaoyi laughed and cursed, "old facetious, you young and Laozi come to this set!

Xueyong was your Three Purities are gone. Do you need your Three Purities and need sword veins? You dare to be the first in the world. Since your Taoist is leading the sleeves, why don’t you want my sword veins first?

Oh, Three Purities is first when you are profiting, and you are first when you are fame, and when you are giving favors, it is my turn to suffer and sweat together, and it is my turn to shed blood and sweat?

The beauty of thinking! I tell you, I know what sly plan you are playing in your heart. If there is any action this time, you will have to use Three Purities to pull the banner! Don’t think of Xuanyuan as a shield in front!

It is okay for my Jianmai to beat you up, but I don’t need to do it in my early days. The Three Purities family has a big business and a vast network. Half of the Xianting Taoists can have a relationship with you!

This First of all, you are set!"

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