Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1719

The two whispering there, biting their ears and bargaining, they must compare!

None are willing to suffer. The last space war seemed to be a victory, but in fact it won the face and lost the lining! Of course, I have to find ways to make up for it! Lou Xiaoyi thinks so, Qing Xuan is also exactly similar!

The identities of the two of them are no small difference. With their current strength and status, returning to the mountain must be one of the people who are talking about it. If you consider the future potential, the entire Sect will be centered on them. Come and run!

After all, the Golden Immortal status after the epoch change is the core issue that all forces are most concerned about! Whoever has this ability can do business!

So what they are discussing here, actually speaking from a certain perspective is that Xuanyuan and Three Purities are discussing! It is Qing Yangtze and Guan Du are discussing! Because they have taken a step, their right to speak is even higher than the two Sect Masters!

How did the Wing Man come from? Someone is helping in secret!

How did the swarm come from? Someone is connecting in private!

Without these two great aids, the main world Buddhism simply cannot form enough strike force! It is also the root cause of the heavy losses of Fifth Ring! They only noticed the mobilization of the power of the Lord World Buddhism, but did not notice that there is a hidden malicious realm!

"This Fa conference is an opportunity! We must draw a group of people for our use! Even if the dao lineage behind them is far away, the water will not quench the thirst of the near, but this group of people alone is A group of powerful battle strength!

I've inquired about it. In principle, we people can still leave Inijing Tian, ​​as long as the boundary does not reach Yang Spirit, we can do it!

So I warn you, don’t mess around, don’t provoke anger, don’t be the target of everyone!"

Lou Xiaoyi disdain, "Everyone who talks about it will follow you! A hundred people, all kinds of strange things! Each has its own thoughts! Think of you as a farmer-uprising-righteousness. With one big banner, Yun Qijingcong?

Sixty people, who can finally be attracted by you, are willing to do something with us If you have more than 20 votes, you will be successful! If you have more, you don’t have to think about it!

So, when you should start, you have to start! You think that if you let others go, they can be deeply grateful to you Go dreaming!"

Qing Xuan fiercely glared at him, knowing that killing embryos is actually good, it is human nature!

What the two of them discussed during the preparation of the Fa conference was actually how to teach Henghe a lesson! It's not a trivial mess, but ruining the world!

As the post-age leaders of Three Purities and Xuanyuan, both of them are a little disgusted with the working style of the older generation of Wuhuan! Although he is known as a cosmic robber, he is still not enough bold and not very ruthless enough!

Now being a robber can't solve the problem, you have to pull the army to solve the problem!

Of course, you can’t just blame the older generation of characters. In fact, the real reason is that they are now standing at a higher level to look at problems. These are things that the older generation of Yang Spirit will never be able to compare. As time progresses, the cognitive gap between each other will continue to grow.

For the cultivation forces of the main world, the situation in the Great Sect realm is a bit embarrassing. Sect’s principals are all Yang Spirits, and they are basically Yang Spirits who are ready to go downhill. This is an established one. The road is not something you can change if you want to change, so cognitively you can’t keep up with the latest trends in the universe; what’s worse is that the Half Immortal of the Sect forces have been detained inside and outside Sedum, so they have to Less than the point mentioned above, this makes them a little bit out of touch with the situation!

To put it simply, because I was afraid of pulling the egg, I didn’t take a step too far. While maintaining the established rhythm of hundreds of thousands of years, I accelerated the change a bit, but this is far from enough! Before the great changes in the universe, such a rhythm was doomed to failure. It was due to inertia. They would not understand this until a certain opportunity appeared.

Only these evildoers who have been on the Nei Sedum can feel a certain difference, a certain pressure here; the changes are getting faster and faster, and you can’t tolerate you looking forward and backward, looking around, looking at each other. itch!

Place a bet, roll a dice, and stare twice, that is the correct way, because you have at least fought hard!

It is also the far distance, now standing high again, so people like Qingxuan Lou Xiaoyi can't tolerate continuing to let Henghe world go unpunished!

The conspirators behind you must pay the price, a heavy price! Only then can the entire universe Cultivation World understand the attitude of the Five Rings! Hundreds of years have passed, and if you wait too long, some people will forget history!

Lou Xiaoyi rushed back, and he had this thought, but because he didn't know the true boundary of oneself, he had a headache. How could he organize the five rings after he went back? According to his original idea, at least the Yang Spirit boundary should be reached, right? The time will be delayed for a long time, and it will make him a little annoyed, because even if he reaches the Yang Spirit boundary, he will have to spend a lot of effort to integrate and communicate after returning!

But now in Neijingtian, some of his doubts are easily resolved, he suddenly found that oneself seems to have some kind of appeal now?

Qing Xuan's purpose in Nei Jingtian is much clearer than him! Go back to the Fifth Ring through the Nei Jing Tian, ​​and then prepare to launch the battle of destruction! The only reason he wasted some time here was that he wanted to wait here for oneself's most annoying friend!

If it's a mess, it can't be done without this guy! He has always believed that this guy will definitely be able to come to Nei Jingtian, and he will definitely be able to come if others can. He may not be unable to go if others can't. This grandson is so evil!

The result is a hit!

"For an assault on Henghe Realm, the first principle is to kill with a stick! Disabled will not work! The situation in the realm is special. If there is a slight leak and unevenness, it will be revived. Everyone will be very busy in the future, who Patience and still staring at it all day?

But because of the distance, it is also difficult to mobilize the power of the five rings. That kind of True Monarch Nascent Soul approach is not desirable! I think it is the elite assault. Well, it will be much more convenient to move like this!"

Lou Xiaoyi smiled without saying a word. It’s good to work with smart people. I can think of everything in your head and it’s very easy.

Qing Xuan's expression is very heavy, "I have evaluated the strength of Henghe Realm through the power of Three Purities, and found that this realm is very good at hiding clumsiness, and their actual strength is far greater than that on paper. Many come here! Therefore, when the five rings alone cannot concentrate all our strength, it is difficult for us to say whether we can achieve our goal!"

Lou Xiaoyi clicked, "You just say, five If you don’t have anything to do with dozens of Yang Spirits in the past, you can’t do it! It’s not ashamed! It’s such a big area, it can’t be fully covered!"

Qing Xuan nodded, "That’s why I got my idea. Here! There are a total of sixty Half Immortal-level powerful players, which Sect power domain in the universe has such a strong strength? If this can be pulled down, a battle can be determined, and there will be no problem in bloodbathing Henghe!

Of course I know this is difficult, but at least we have to work hard in this area, right? We can pull one more! Even if you can't pull all sixty, you can pull thirty!"

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