Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1720

Lou Xiaoyi is in awe, this old facetious has completely inherited the characteristics of Three Purities' insidious, sinister, and persevering, and he has taken a very careful consideration. And there is no shortage of whimsical ideas.

But he also has the idea of ​​oneself, "I thought, don’t take this action as revenge for only five rings! Look at the big place!

Why don’t Zhou Xian, Natural selection, anchor chains, etc. are all pulled in? Anyway, it is also an elite Yang Spirit assault. If it is well controlled, it is not easy to reveal the details?

If the numbers are added up, Henghe Realm is considered No matter how much hidden strength, how can you stop it?"

Qing Xuan was a little moved, "Is there a possibility of a combination of those realms? Will it make people feel that their lips are dead and teeth are cold?"

Lou Xiaoyi coldly snorted, "Yeah, you still have an idiom? But you are not using this idiom! The so-called cold lips and teeth are all on one face! If we attack any other realm, someone will have this Worry, but only attacking Henghe Jie will not!

Because their dao lineage has long deviated from the scope of normal Taoism! Therefore, Henghe Jie and most of us are not in the same picture. Face!

Other people’s lips are dead, your teeth are cold!"

Qing Xuan's eyes lit up, and he ignored the guy’s stinky mouth, "Wait, this It’s a good idea! If, under the guise of exterminating alien species, the various aspects of Henghe Dao lineage are stigmatized, vilified, planted and framed..."

Lou Xiaoyi interrupted him, "These things Don’t tell me, you Three Purities are good at it! So I said, why Henghe is so forbearing? So unwilling to stand up by oneself? In fact, know that oneself’s dao lineage is incompatible with the mainstream of cosmic cultivation, and they are afraid of jumping for joy. Everyone shouts!

What we want to grasp is their weakness, and then gather most of them to form a general trend, eliminate demons protect the dao, exclude dissidents... not just for my vengeance of the five rings!

Don’t be so careful, we Five Rings are open-minded, but we will retaliate against others if we don’t move!"

Qing Xuan nodded his head, "Yes! Why did I forget We Five Rings people still have such a good character? Yes, this operation can not mention the last Five Rings battle at all. This is a pure and pure battle for the purity of Grand Dao!

Let me think about it, think about it, is there anything that can be borrowed? It causes dung? It arouses everyone's defensive heart? Show loyalty to Heavenly Dao?

Is also impossible to hide from everyone , But the problem is not here, as long as I find a reason for dignified to make a move, an excuse... There will always be, the hard work pays off, and the conspiracy is afraid of ghosts!

I have to think about it. !"

Lou Xiaoyi put his hands together, come on, this is considered a next home! As long as it is picked up by the people of Three Purities, can it be good?

This is actually something he has been considering! If successful, Yang Spirit great cultivator of several big realms will be dispatched, the monster beast of Peacock Dapeng, together with the people of Nei Sedum, can easily make up at least two or three hundred Yang Spirit top battle strength!

When the time comes rushing up, get another batch of Dragon Clan into the Genhe River, hey, it’s so sour...

The two guys with bad water are still there. Bad thoughts were turning here, and the three powerful slashers over there came out side by side, together with the cloud board, the Fa conference officially began!

Hundreds of famous cultivators sit side by side, and there are immortal birds and fowls that come to the wine and immortal fruit. This is the basic etiquette of the puja. From this point of view, the three cultivators are all about human beings. Of course, This effort is nothing to them.

The ancient method and the ancient method, everything follows the ancient times. Although ancient Xiu acted most freely, but it refers to the concept of practice. In practice, the ancient method of etiquette is actually the most rigid, even a little dull. This is also the two-sidedness of the ancient method.

Therefore, there are very few pujas in Nei Jingtian, but once there is, it is very formal and does not tolerate some mischievous behavior.

Jian, caught in the ditch between the two mountains!

There is a huge blue rock protrusion at the tail of the ditch, its location...Lou Xiaoyi thought not maliciously, looking at this place, for a person like him with a more unique aesthetic, the whole Feidujian It’s just two big buttocks with a ditch in the middle. They are in the ditch now...

The ditch is divided into two sides. On the right side are dozens of cultivators. Among them, there is one cultivator, they are rare People who love to watch lively; there are also uncut Yang Spirit, they want to appreciate Innate Grand Dao through this kind of observation.

There is no way in Tao, whoever attains shall be first. Although they are all very old, between four and five thousand years old, it does not mean that they will be taboo against these two thousand year olds. Young evildoers learn, without this spirit, you can't go on without abandoning honor and disgrace!

On the left are the protagonists of this puja, sixty-two young evildoers. The common feature is that they all have taken a step, but the boundary has its own high and low, most of which are Primordial Spirit. There are more than forty people. They broke through the Half Immortal door at the Primordial Spirit stage, and left oneself's boundary in an embarrassing chaos, including Lou Xiaoyi Qingxuan Shuofeng You Mingzi and the others, Mainstream.

There are more than ten Yang Spirits. They all succeeded in taking a step at the same time when they attacked Yang Spirit. They are also the most powerful in this group, but they have fully met the cultivator of Nei Jing Tian. The qualifications are determined, so this group of people cannot go out. Unless heaven and earth change and Xianting changes course, they can only stay here and practice, just like those seniors.

There is also a Yin God! This is the real evildoer, no one knows how he took a step when he was in Yinshen, so young, truly incredible!

With nine ringings in the cloud, countless fairy birds flapped their wings, creating an artificial Immortal Realm atmosphere in the mist-shrouded stream. This is still the opening ceremony of the castration version. I heard that in the real In ancient times, such a ceremony had a small puja with nine procedures, and a Dafa ceremony with nineteen procedures. There were fairy music, bells, golden lotus springing from the ground, rain from the sky, and happy beasts to greet you. Fairy singing and dancing.

Of course, the times have changed, and the cultivation industry does not advocate this until now. Even in Nei Jingtian, everyone is simple because of the shabby, meaning and expressing importance, and no one really does research on this program.

As soon as the ceremony passed, the three great cultivators stood up, with Lone Chan on the left, Yangon neutral, and Wu Ma on the right. They are all humans, so the cultivation is not correct, but Necropolis is also a clueless method. Without the power of Spirit Treasure, monster beast two cuts are too lazy to come...

Fortunately, the participants are all humans. So it’s going to be, at least Dao Buddha is neat; the fight for Innate Grand Dao is basically limited to human beings. Spirit Treasure monster beast is not good at this way, and it’s useless when it comes. Why not come.

The old Yangon road stepped forward, and the voice was peaceful and far-reaching. Using spiritual consciousness on such occasions is not solemn and has no sense of ceremony, so I still use the old way to roar!

"The universe changes, Heavenly Dao moves; myriad forms are updated and have a long-lasting impact; my generation is very lucky, and hit the water in the middle of the stream; be yourself and benefit the world!

If you can't do anything to prevent it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it, under the Grand Dao, don’t hold back; the Innate dispute depends on the ability!

So, you might as well sit back and enjoy it. Report his name, be fair, and aim for fair competition, a good start!"

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