Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1721

Yangon said very clearly that for these Innate Grand Dao contenders, other places can’t control it, but since Innate Grand Dao, they must comply with one A fair and just playing field!

What is fairness and justice? From the perspective of ancient rules, it is just and honorable, to convince people with Tao; the winner is not happy, the loser is not discouraged, maintaining a relatively pure atmosphere of Taoism.

Of course, this kind of rule is fundamentally impossible. Now the cultivator is very practical. There is no fight between you and me. If you succeed, I will bless you. Big blade. It's been cut long ago!

But what I mean here is that even if you cut a big blade, you have to be in the atmosphere of the rules, such as fair skills, instead of group fights, sneak attacks, digging holes, limestones, and calling Parents recruit friends...

To do this, you must not tolerate the generation of hides the head and shrink the tail, the people who deceive the world, everyone must put out the general history of oneself, and make it public. Show selfless heart.

This is the rule of ancient law competition. You can’t fake your name, you can’t replace it...Of course, it’s a rough idea, and you can’t fully expose oneself’s family property. There are three great powers here, and there’s an inside scene. Constrained by the rules, lying here will cause consequences.

One hand, the cultivator responds immediately. For the cultivator who has come to this step, he won’t let him fake it. For no reason, if he loses his mind, why bother?

A new Yang Spirit stood up proudly, with a sound like Hong Zhong, "Some, Xitian Duanli, determined to destroy Grand Dao! May lead the destruction of Prince's seat!"

Lou Xiaoyi understands it, so you don’t need to elaborate on your background. The name, East, West, North, and South, the favorite Innate Grand Dao, just these three rough outlines, it also shows the identity and respects Yin. private.

But some people didn’t understand, "Destroying Prince, what kind of stem is this?"

Shuofeng explained softly, "In ancient times, when a cultivator was unique in some way, He has made extraordinary achievements and hopes to inherit the Datong in this field. Often people will give him the name of some son, such as the son of Lotus, the son of Grand Dao, the son of the universe...

We are now The dispute is Innate Grand Dao. There are as many as thirty-six. It is not appropriate to call it the Son of Destruction, the Son of Five Elements, and the Son of Yin and Yang. On the one hand, it is disrespectful to Heavenly Dao, and on the other hand, there are other competitors. The name was changed to Prince, which means there is a possibility of inheriting the throne, but Prince has more than one...

These are all ancient cases, which are a little ridiculous now, but since it is in Nei Jingtian, the repair is also The ancient method, so I can only go to the village and do what the customs do, and oneself can seal a Prince. For example, I can only be the Hunyuan Prince. Your rival horse white deer is the Yin and Yang Prince, and so on......"

Lou Xiaoyi twitched his lips, the title of unfathomable mystery. Gu Xiu has many things worth learning, but there are also many embarrassing things. Forget it, it’s not too unconventional. Like Qingxuan said, it’s safer to follow the crowd. Less noticeable.

"South Tianhong Tiangang, I would like to take the position of Prince Wanjun!"

Wanjun is another name for thunder. This person is actually a repairer of Thunder Grand Dao.

"Dong Tian Yi Lian, I would like to take the position of Prince Dendrobium!"

"The third watch in the north, I would like to take the position of Prince!"

"Eastern Birds, I would like to take the position of Prince!"

Dendrobium, a kind of spiritual grass, is also called Undying Grass, Revitalizing Soul Grass, which actually means roundness.

The cock crowing is when the day and night change. This third watch means that I fix the time Grand Dao, but I replaced it with a cryptic and unique term. It is a respect for Grand Dao, and it is also Xiwenong. The normality of Mo's cultivator is like this person does not talk about people, but has to talk about this servant, this goods, this bird, this dog's head, this mourning, this is the same truth.

Not ambiguous, referring to the cause and effect Grand Dao. Buddhism says that there is no cause and effect and no ignorance of cause and effect; no cause and effect means that there is no cause and effect, and the evils created in the past are not rewarded by evil; ignorance means knowing the result of my suffering and knowing exactly what karma this result is in the past. I feel it, and face it calmly, and never avoid it.

So his innocent Prince not only explained his Innate Grand Dao, but also showed oneself's attitude towards cause and effect.

Many of these people's words are Yunshan Mist, don't mean anything, ordinary people who are illiterate don't understand it at all, Lou Xiaoyi listens hard, disdainful in his heart, so he doesn't speak human words. , You have to make some twists and turns!

The self-introduction of one by one like this, half of it is literal, it is a taboo, it is also an ideological respect for Heavenly Dao, and it is also a manifestation of its own personality; such as those who kill and kill The cultivator of destruction, life and death, and power is a kind of practice attitude without any scruples.

Soon it was Lou Xiaoyi's turn. This level cannot be avoided. You have to do it all.

"Dongtian Cigarette, I would like to lead the frog Prince! "

Frog Prince? What kind of Tao is this? Rao is an experienced and knowledgeable group of eminent monks. They learnt from the rich bucket and did not want to understand what Grand Dao the frog is related to?

Looking at everyone’s suspicious eyes, and Qing Xuan’s murderous gaze, shaking his robe sleeves, he calmly chanted:

"The frogs crowing in the pond, the willows are ripe for the beginning of the rainy season. Close; a quiet person has no heart, only because it is unnecessary."

A poem accurately describes the croaking of frogs after the rain, and the cultivator is indifferent among them, and enjoys the scene; as for the croaking or not, There may or may not be, it just depends on the mood of the listener!

It turned out to be unwarranted. So, what is unwarranted? No one knows! This person can be recognized by Nei Jingtian, Interesting!

Lou Xiaoyi and Qingxuan have different ideas! Qingxuan only wanted to act in secret, but he knew that in the world of cultivation secrets could never be overpowered! If you want people to follow, you have to come up with something that makes people shine! You have to be high-profile, high-profile people can not see your hole card Grand Dao! In order to successfully provoke the curiosity of others!

It’s not easy, and you can’t use too rough methods, because here are all elegant people, you are impossible to use vulgar things to convince them, even if you beat them full of bags, should Dissatisfied or dissatisfied!

In this case, you can only have the sword moves with side stroke. Don’t you all like to draw text? Then he dragged a few words, at least part of the approval can be obtained, even if he uses his sword to kill people in the future, people will think that this is an elegant killing! If the other way round is to make a rough hand and then drag the text, that is arty, completely different two concepts.

This is the function of first impression, which is very important.

Thirty-six Innate Grand Dao, whichever one to choose is a problem for him, and he will meet opponents! There is no Innate Grand Dao that can be cultivated by him alone, and others cannot. Therefore, it is troublesome to choose which one of the twelve Grand Dao he is proficient in, because that means he dare not expose the other Grand Dao abilities. !

You can only choose unnecessarily! It may be this, it may be that, you think it is this, in fact, I am that...Do not delay his ability to play, no matter what you suspect, Lao Tzu must give you back!

In fact, he has nothing to do with it, that is, he has it all!

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