Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 1786


Ji Tianxing’s words, Yunyao has always been convinced. Bookstore

She looked at her heart and looked quietly, waiting patiently.

Like Ji Tianxing, she stays invisible and hides in the peak.

Unconsciously, three hours have passed.

The abyss of the skyfire has been very calm, neither a vision nor a sound.

Just continue to have an expert to rush to the abyss, but also lurk in the mountain range to observe the situation.

Ji Tianxing is very patient, while waiting, chatting with Yunyao.

“Yao Yao, it is said that the strength of the glass Fire Dragon has not yet reached Martial Saint Realm.

After I grab it, give it to you as a mount, how? ”

Yunyao gently shook his head: “That is the dragon that is used to cross the border, can you easily catch it?”

However, if you can get the Fire Dragon, it is a big surprise. ”

Ji Tianxing chuckled and said: “I have Black Dragon, you will get a glass of Fire Dragon, and we will be able to travel all over the world.”

Yunyao was a little moved and smiled and nodded.

The two chatted for a while, then silenced and continued to wait.

Soon, half a day passed.

The skyfire abyss is still calm, no different.

But some people have lost their patience and are eager to move.

There was an expert who didn’t kill the glass fire Dragon and rushed here afterwards.

They observed it for a long time, considered it for a long time, and finally decided to act.

“shuā shuā shuā !”

Three experts flew over the sea of ​​fire and got into the abyss.

The strength of these three people has reached the Four Layer, and is an experienced adventurer.

Although they took the lead, it seemed a little impatient and reckless.

But they have been carefully considered and the action is very cautious.

After entering the abyss, they flew down without a break, holding the Magical Treasure weapons and guarding all around at any time.

After a while, the three disappeared into the sea of ​​fire.

The experts who lurked around the abyss released the invisible gods and observed the movements of the three men.

Ji Tianxing and Yunyao are no exception, staring at the three people with God.

Soon, a quarter of an hour passed.

The three experts flew down for about thirty miles and remained safe.

However, there is an invisible diaphragm in the depths of thirty miles, which can stop the exploration of the gods.

The three experts took a lot of effort to pass through the invisible barrier and continue to fly down.

They left the scope of the exploration of the people, which is equal to “disappearing.”

Many experts could not trace the traces of the three people, and there was a ripple in their hearts.

Not long after, the abyss suddenly heard an earth-shattering dragon roar.

“ang !”

As the loud noise came out, the entire abyss shook.

Then, there was a red fire in the abyss, and a colorful mana.


Endless skyfire and mana rays converge into a huge beam of light, rushing from the abyss.

The experts around the abyss were all surprised and realized that the situation was not good.

Sure enough, there was a slamming fight of ‘Rumble,’ which came out of the abyss.

As the sound of the spell exploded, there were also a few screams and screams.

After a short break, a light blue stream of light rushed out of the abyss.


Light blue brilliance, a man who wears armor, is one of the three adventurers.

He has broken one arm and one leg, and his blood is dripping, and the injury is very heavy.

The soul that he was scared of was not attached, and fled in desperation.

However, he had just escaped to half, and he was able to leave the abyss after twenty miles, but he was caught by a dark golden dragon claw.

The huge dragon claws are as big as a palace, and the whole body is dark gold, like a glass.

The dragon claws are very strong and strong, the sharp nails seem to be invincible, the surface is covered with golden dragon scales, and the defense is very powerful.

After the armored man was taken by the dragon claws, the screams stopped and immediately disappeared.

With the sound of the broken sound of ‘ka-cha ka-cha’, he was crushed into pieces by the dragon claws and turned into pieces of flesh and blood, scattered in the abyss.

Even his soul was crushed by the dragon’s claws, turned into hundreds of pieces, and burned into nothingness by the skyfire.

The huge dragon claws shrank back.

The calmness in the abyss is restored, as if nothing has happened.

The experts of the abyss all around, seeing this scene with their own eyes, are full of gloom.

Especially those who have just arrived and have not yet played the role of the Fire Dragon.

I saw the terrifying means of the Fire Dragon, which was a dry mouth and a heart pēng pēng.

The death of the three adventurers ruined the hearts of everyone, and calmed everyone down.

Ji Tianxing and Yunyao looked at each other and showed a dignified look.

Yunyao raised his brow and analyzed: “The strength of the three people is not bad. Even the ten-day time has not been supported. The strength of the Fire Dragon is too strong.

Tianxing, I think this abyss is weird, it is probably the nest of the Fire Dragon. ”

Ji Tianxing nodded. “I have just observed the dragon claws. I can probably judge the strength of the Fire Dragon, between the eight and the Martial Saint.

This abyss should be its old nest, there is another mystery inside, can not rush into. ”

Yunyao agreed and continued to analyze: “The Fire Dragon is so powerful, but it is hidden in the abyss, it is estimated that it has also been injured, or the power has subsided.”

“It’s very possible.” Ji Tianxing smiled and said: “Let’s wait, let those people explore first and consume the power of the Fire Dragon.

If you want to get the Fire Dragon, you can’t worry, who can stick to the end, the greatest hope for success. ”

With an idea in mind, the two continued to hide in the Mountain peak, observing the situation.

The abyss all around restored calm.

Unconsciously, all day passed.

The death of the three adventurers before, shocked many experts, so that everyone can not act rashly.

However, when the next day, someone couldn’t hold it.

Four eccentric experts, joined the abyss.

Their body and facial features are similar to the human race, but there are obvious differences.

Obviously, these four people are foreign race experts, who have mastered special spells and magical powers and dare to be so confident.

Moreover, their strength is slightly stronger, and three of them have reached the Fifth Layer.

As the strength of the first one, it reached the Sixth Layer.

The four dispersed, formed an Array, and flew into the abyss with a special Magical Treasure.

The experts around the abyss have released their knowledge and attention to their movements and circumstances.

In a short while, four foreign race experts dive for thirty miles, passing through the invisible diaphragm and into the depths of the abyss.

Everyone stared at the abyss, and secretly guessed, how long can the four foreign race experts last?

Time passed by.

About a quarter of an hour later, in the calm abyss, an angry dragon roar suddenly sounded.

“ang !”

When the sound of dragon roar came out, the abyss shook again.

Then, the fire of the sky, the brilliance of the brilliance of the sky, and the explosion of the ‘Rumble’ sounded continuously.

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This book comes from

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