Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 2420


“嘭嘭bang! ”

General Fulong continued his offensive and displayed all kinds of magical skills. Bookstore

In a short period of time, he actually released more than 3,000 attacks.

At the same time, he can also distract the bloody fire cage and suppress Luoshui.

Luo Shui was beaten and beaten, and he was tired of resisting.

Her strength has passed quickly and her injuries have become more and more devastating.

After the slap in the face, her noble crown was broken, and her long hair was scattered on her shoulders.

The ice-blue dress also became ugly and covered with blood.

She has dozens of wounds and she is constantly picking up the pale golden blood.

According to the current situation, at most a quarter of an hour, her power will be exhausted.

At that time, she must fall into the hands of General Fulong, and both life and death are controlled by General Fulong.

The situation is so critical that she can only work with General Fulong and try to find opportunities to escape.

It is a pity that the magical power of her goddess tears has already escaped.

General Fu Long had long been prepared to prevent her from showing her tears.

Therefore, she can only find another way to create opportunities.

“xiū xiū xiū 咻!”

From the space ring, she sacrificed four long black knives, cast a royal Sword God pass, and manipulated a long knife to kill General Fulong.


The four icy long black knives were turned into giant blades of a thousand lengths, releasing the power to destroy the earth.

Originally, General Fulong did not put her attack in the heart, and could easily resolve it.

But he saw the appearance of the four long knives, and suddenly his pupils tightened, revealing a horrified look.

Because of that, the four long knives are very simple, not real artifacts.

Instead, the parts of the stalwart warships became simple knives after simple rituals and polishing.

“That is the fragment of the god ship of my family? Have you actually demolished the god ship of my family? Can you control them?”

General Fu Long stared at Luoshui with a gloomy look, and asked subconsciously.

He is very clear that the god ship of the patriarchal is very special, not an ordinary artifact.

It contains special powers that can only be cultivated and used by the cultivating people.

Today, Luoshui can also be manipulated.

In the mind of General Fu Long, there is only one thought.

“Did she understand the roots of my family’s strength and learn how to cultivate my family?”

This idea made General Fulong full of vigilance and felt a great crisis.

He knew that Luo Shui had assassinated many captains and seized many warships.

If she deliberately studies, it is possible to dig out the secrets of the celestial beings from certain ship captains.

On the occasion of the loss of General Fulong, four long swords that opened the sky and smashed him.

“嘭嘭嘭bang! ”

Deafening loud noise, General Fulong’s body of blood, was smashed by a long knife, splashing the sky.

The terrifying impact shook him out and slammed into the Blood Ocean, a hundred miles away.

General Fulong’s burly body had two more wounds.

One of the left shoulders, one under the right abdomen, all poured out blood.

The severe pain in the wound made him wake up a lot, and he also took away the contempt.

He quickly put away the thoughts of cluttered thoughts and devoted himself to Luoshui.

He wants to take Luoshui and force her to ask her specific situation!

However, when he returned to the bloody flame and rushed to Luoshui, he found that Luoshui had disappeared.

As early as when he was hit by a long knife, Luo Shui had been cast out of school and turned into hundreds of millions of colorful tears.

Under her control, four long knives passed through the blood flame, and together they stabbed the blood barrier.


The bloody flame cage that covers the sky is pierced by a large hole.

Hundreds of millions of colorful tears immediately passed through the gap and escaped from the dragon flame field.

“shuā shuā shuā !”

Upon returning to the heavens and the earth, Luo Shui felt that the pressure was greatly reduced.

Endless colorful tears, scattered in the world, disappeared instantly.

At the next moment, General Fulong chased it out.

He saw the colorful tears plunging into the earth, with the slightest hesitation of the stunts, to smash the world.

“Raging the Dragon!”

Raging, he cast two Black Dragons on his shoulders, releasing the fascinating Black Dragon.


Two hundred miles of Black Dragon phantom, slamming in the mountain range and the earth.

Suddenly, the mountain range of thousands of miles was collapsed, and two abyss-like giant pits appeared on the earth.

The land of five thousand miles is turned into ruins, and mountains and rivers and forests are no longer there.

The colorful tears that just broke into the ground were also killed by thousands.

The loud noise swayed the sky, and the earth shook tens of thousands of miles.

When General Fulong was in a rage, he even smashed five thousand miles.

So powerful, terrifying!

However, this is not very useful.

The tears of the goddess of Luoshui are integrated into the heavens and the earth.

Unless General Fulong smashed a thousand miles, he could kill Luoshui on the spot.

He only destroyed five thousand miles of land and killed some of the goddess of tears.

The remaining part of the goddess tears, has long since fled the area, I do not know where to go.

General Fulong stood in the dusty sky and looked at the two thousand miles of the earth. The angry face was distorted.

“Damnly lowly maid! Even once again escaped from this seat!

This seat swears that you will never let you escape for the third time!

Finding you again in this seat is your death! ”

The boring roar of the thunder, reverberating in the sky, for a long time.

After a moment, General Fu Long’s anger dissipated.

He broke the sky and teleported away.


Three days later.

An unnamed island in the easternmost part of Luoshui Shenguo, endless Tianhai.

In the ice-blue dress, Luoshui, standing on the reef in the wind.

She looked at her face and looked at the West with her face, her eyes dimmed.

At this time, she was a weak and embarrassed look, no longer the noble and majestic of the past.

Although, she managed to escape the killing of General Fulong.

But the tears of the goddess she had made were nearly half killed by General Fulong.

She was also seriously injured, and her strength fell sharply and fell into a state of extreme weakness.

“Luoshui Shenguo will eventually die, and no one can save.

However, the failure is only temporary.

I will come back for revenge after all! ”

Luo Shui looked firmly at the sea of ​​heaven, whispering to himself.

After all, she took out two messaging jade slips from the space ring.

After a moment of deliberation, she proposed two orders and sent them out.

“Hey! Hey!”

Two jade slips with ice blue glare disappeared into the sky.

Luo Shui also turned and left, his body blended into the blue sky, and soon disappeared.

Two days later.

The two remaining empire of the Luoshui Kingdom were declared to surrender.

The Tiantian army has just captured Donglang, Yueding and Tianwu empire, and is resting in the three empires.

The expedition’s experts are busy occupying the city, seize resources, and control the territory.

Originally, they planned to take a half-month off and then invade the last two empires in a spurt of energy.

Who ever thought, before they waved south, the two empires declared to surrender.

This is to save trouble, the army of the sky does not need to fight, it won the entire Luoshui Shenguo.

Since then, Luoshui Shenguo has declared demise.

(End of this chapter)

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This book comes from

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