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The monarch of the Blood Flame Kingdom has six children under his knees.

There are two princesses and four princes.

The oldest and oldest prince has long since passed away.

Today, the Second Prince, the Three Princes and the Five Princes are qualified to win.

Among the three princes, the strength of the second prince is not the strongest, but the conspiracy and the ability of the commander are the most outstanding.

The impression of the Three Princes is always a gentleman who is warm and kind.

Therefore, the Three Princes were crowned with praise for their kindness and talent.

Many princes and ministers of the DPRK tend to support the Three Princes.

As for the five princes, they are usually low-key, so they are not well understood.

The second prince felt that after the death of the great prince, he became the eldest son.

According to the rules and traditions, the throne must first be passed on to the eldest son.

Therefore, his succession to the monarch is the most hopeful and most justified.

But unfortunately, no matter the monarch or the minister, there is no one to keep this rule and tradition.

The monarchs and ministers have considered which prince is better, and is more suitable to be in charge of the kingdom of God.

This made the second prince very depressed.

He had to secretly buy the minister, and he preached the traditional rules of the king in the kingdom.

Although, there are many ministers and aristocratic aristocratic families who are willing to accept this concept.

However, the results were not very effective and failed to shake the will of the monarch.

The second prince had to win over the party feathers, cultivate cronies, and secretly devote forces.

Going down to the lord of the city, to the head of the county and the minister of the king, he tried his best to buy and win.

Even, he also privately recruited elite soldiers, secretly raised a lot of experts, at least 100,000 soldiers.

Qingshan City, the main Yuwen bearer, is the absolute cronies of the Tianfeng County.

The Tianfeng County Lord was already drawn by the second prince ten years ago.

For the second prince to compete for the throne, it can be said that it is the horse before the horse, and do their best.

Three years ago, the Tianfeng County Master received a secret letter from the Second Prince.

I learned that the second prince would recruit 50,000 soldiers and secretly support them in Tianfeng County, in order to be able to plot the major event in the future.

Going north, you can attack the sunset waters and make contributions.

Down the south, you can use this as a bargaining chip when you are competing for the throne.

After the Tianfeng County Master learned, he readily expressed his support.

And very loyal to express his willingness to 50,000 sets of Heavenly God equipment.

The second prince greatly appreciated and promised to promote the Tianfeng County to be the country’s minister.

The Tianfeng County Lord is also full of expectations, saying that he wants to cover the land of the second prince.

The financial and family property of the Tianfeng County owner is insufficient, and it is impossible to remove the resources worth 10 billion yuan within three years.

So, this matter fell on the head of the Castle Peak City.

In the eyes of Tianfeng County, Qingshan City owner owns Xuanguang Cave, which is a cash cow.

Qingshan City Lord did not bear what he asked, and within three years, he secretly got 50,000 sets of Heavenly God equipment.

But the city owner did not know that 50,000 sets of Heavenly God equipment were prepared for the second prince.

He also thought that Tianfeng County had some plots and left 50,000 sets of equipment in his hands.

When the Tianfeng County owner spoke, he will deliver it himself.

Tianfeng County, the main bang, asked the second prince.

The second prince said that he was not in a hurry. The 50,000 soldiers were not recruited yet, and it may take several years to reach.

The owner of Tianfeng County informed the owner of Qingshan City that the equipment would be delivered in a few years.

Who ever thought that Ji Tianxing entered Qingshancheng at this time.

He became a family and enshrined, helping the Qi family to take away the Xuanguang Cave and causing a series of disasters.

Qingshan City owner was forced to no way, had to ask for help from the Black King, please ask the black king to assassinate Ji Tianxing.

The black scorpion king is born with greed, the lion is open, and the sky is asking for price.

It does not lack cultivation resources and veins, but it is not good at refining, so it will ask for 30,000 sets of Heavenly God equipment.

Qingshan City sovereignty has repeatedly agreed to this condition.

As long as he can kill Ji Tianxing, he is willing to pay 30,000 sets of Heavenly God equipment.

Anyway, there are still a few years before delivery. After he regains the Xuanguang Cave, it is not too late to get the 30,000 sets of equipment.

It can be counterproductive.

No one expected that Ji Tianxing won the game.

Qingshan City owner not only lost his life, but also lost 50,000 sets of equipment, 50,000 pearls, and the venomous Dragon Ball!

After the incident, the Tianfeng County Lord was furious.

The owner of Castle Peak is his cronies and his money tree.

Now that the tree has been cut by Ji Tianxing, how could he let Ji Tianxing go?

More importantly, the 50,000 sets of Heavenly God equipment are also missing.

The Tianfeng County Lord vowed to promise the second prince, but now he wants to lose faith?

The key point is that Qi Tianlong and Ning Qing broke into the kingdom and were given the prince by the monarch.

The second prince also knew about this and asked Tianfeng County.

Tianfeng County did not dare to hide, but had to tell the truth.

After the second prince knew the truth, he was also furious and immediately sent three guests to Qingshan City to secretly investigate the whereabouts of 50,000 sets of equipment.

The three gates, of course, are the three gods who were killed tonight.

Knowing the ins and outs of the matter, Ji Tianxing suddenly realized that the corner of his mouth sneered.

“It turns out!

No wonder I have never figured out how the Castle Peak City owner will have 50,000 sets of standard equipment.

Unexpectedly, this guy is in disguise for the second prince to sell his life.

Now I have killed the Castle Peak City Master, Tianfeng County Lord and three guests, and also robbed 50,000 sets of Heavenly God equipment, which is the second prince offended.

Ning Qingyu will handle the 50,000 sets of Heavenly God equipment, and this event will definitely be known by the second prince.

I don’t know, will the second prince remember to hate Ningjia? ”

When I thought of it, Ji Tianxing’s frowning brows quickly spread out.

“Ningjia was originally a supporter of the Three Princes. It has long been the pinnacle of the Second Prince, and he does not care much about this.”

With this in mind, Ji Tianxing has nothing to do with Ningjia.

He continued to sort out the memory of the man in the black robe.

Soon, he learned something about it.

The second prince was good at partying and smuggling, not only wooing many city owners, county lords, and ministers, but also dealing with the major sects.

For example, the bloody palace of one of the six Sects is closely related to him.

There are two other Sects, and they are also eyebrows with him. It seems that there is more cooperation.

In addition to these top Sects, the second prince also bought nine second-rate sects to become his running dog and accomplice.

From the current situation.

Among the three princes, it seems that the second prince has the greatest power.

Ji Tianxing reached out and touched his chin. The tone of play whispered, “Is the two princes close to the sects? Is he the backing behind the blood Sword Ancestor?”

Currently, his most direct and powerful opponent is the blood Sword Ancestor.

To be sure, the Three Princes have nothing to do with blood Sword Ancestor.

In the style of the second prince, it is likely to be behind the scenes.

However, Ji Tianxing searched the memory of the soul of the black robes and found no relevant evidence.

It seems that the back of the blood Sword Ancestor is not the second prince.

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