The back of the blood Sword Ancestor is neither the three princes nor the second prince. Bookstore

The answer is already coming out.

The lowest-key five princes!

In addition to this answer, Ji Tianxing can’t think of anyone else.

After all, the monarchs and ministers do not need the loyalty and help of the blood Sword Ancestor.

Only three princes who have won the battle need the help of all parties.

“Oh… these princes are not clean, even the five princes who are the lowest tolerant, are also developing forces in the dark.

The monarch is also pitiful. The three sons compete for the throne. On the surface, they are competitive performances, waiting for his decision.

But in fact, the three princes have long woven the party feathers and secretly fought.

Even the six Sects were rolled in.

In the end, who decides the outcome, who is the new monarch.

The current will and determination of the monarch is not important. ”

Ji Tianxing whispered with no expression, flashing thoughts in his mind and analyzing the stakes.

“Now, I have broken the good things of the second prince and offended the five princes.

Only the three princes, the relationship is fairly harmonious.

If there is nothing unexpected, you may have to go black. ”

Qi family has joined the Three Princes camp, and Ning Jia is the in-law of the Three Princes.

He first served as a family, and now he is in Ningjia.

No matter how you look at it, the world will treat him as a three-prince.

This label, he is currently difficult to tear off.

Ji Tianxing closed his eyes and raised his mind, thinking about half an hour.

It’s already dawning outside.

He converged his thoughts and sacrificed the Nine Heavens ten towers into it.

Meditating in the distorted time and space, he took out the fragments of the other two guests and continued to refine and refine.

Of course, he also wants to capture the memory of the two souls, in contrast to the memory of the black robes.

Can not only determine the authenticity, but also can check for missing vacancies.

Time passed quickly and the day passed quickly.

Ji Tianxing refining the memory of the golden armor and the dark old man.

It turns out that the memory of the black robes is correct, and it is also the most insider.

This person is the first of three people and has a higher status.

Ok, no problem, Ji Tianxing began to refine the power in the godhead, and many rules.

These three guests are all veteran gods who have been famous for many years, and they have mastered more than 50 rules.

Ji Tianxing has selected 20 rules from which he can be deprived and refining.

In this cultivation, he not only refining the 20 rules, but also engulfing the power of three gods.

We must also consolidate the foundation of Shinto and practice the secrets of several gods.

They are the ancient magical masters that were mastered in the past, and they have lost their unique skills for many years.

After all, he is now a god expert.

Thousands of supernatural skills mastered thousands of years ago can now be used for most of them.

Next, he will certainly face a more severe situation, multi-faceted encirclement and assassination.

More practice of a few magical powers, you will be more confident and playing cards.

Unconsciously, one year has passed.

Ji Tianxing successfully refining 20 rules and practicing it into four magical skills.

Today, the number of laws he controls is up to 150!

Many of the upper gods in the Eighth Layer are just like this.

His strength is refined and he is approaching the Shen Tird Layer.

After the end of cultivation.

Ji Tianxing went to see Yunyao, Ji Ke and the unparalleled.

The three are retreating and repairing, quickly consuming a lot of source stones and gods, and constantly improving their strength.

To his surprise, the daughter’s unparalleled strength has reached Heavenly God’s Sixth Layer.

Yunyao and Ji Ke also reached the Heavenly God Eighth Layer and are moving towards the Ninth Layer.

Perhaps they can retreat for eight to ten years and break through the kingdom.

Such an amazing rate of promotion is extremely rare in the realm of the gods.

Ji Tianxing was very pleased and took a lot of source stones from the Five Elements world and placed them beside them.

After doing this, he left the Nine Heavens ten towers.

Back in the secret room, it was late at night.

He spent a year in the tower of the gods, and the outside world only passed seven days.

“Seven days have passed, and that 50,000 sets of Heavenly God equipment, do not know that Ning Qingzhen has finished processing?

Ning Si far from the delivery of goods, should also come back? ”

These thoughts flashed through my mind, and he got up and left the secret room.

Keeping the silver armor at the door of the secret room, he quickly went to salute.

“See Tianxing son!

During the retreat of your practice these days, a secret letter was sent outside the government. Please ask for your help.

In addition, Missy has returned to the government and came to see you last night. ”

After that, the silver armor guards held a jade slip in both hands and handed it to Ji Tianxing.

“Know it.” Ji Tianxing nodded calmly and reached for Yu Jian.

The silver armor guards retired.

Ji Tianxing didn’t worry about seeing jade, some of them cried and laughed. “This Ning Siyuan, just came back to the house and came to me. Is there anything?”

But why is she always looking for me in the middle of the night?

If this is more, it is not allowed to let the people of Ningjia misunderstand?

If you know it, how sad is it? ”

Ji Tianxing wonders, when is it time to find a chance to make Yunyao and Ji Ke show their faces?

At least let Ning Siyuan know that he is a family.

Moreover, the two wives are beautiful and unparalleled in the world.

However, Ji Tianxing just thinks about it, but it won’t do it.

Too deliberate, childish, and somewhat narcissistic.

Swinging these messy thoughts, he read the contents of Yu Jianli with his knowledge.

This secret letter is still sent by Jin Zuowei, and the content inside is relatively simple.

Two days ago, the blood knife door began to act.

Eight elders led by an elder, fifty elite masters, raided a certain stalk of blood Sword Ancestor.

When the night was a big win, Sword Ancestor disciple was killed by more than 30 people and six deacons.

He also killed more than 300 vassals of Sword Ancestor, smashed the rudder and seized billions of resources.

Next, the Blood Knife Gate will launch a similar action, smashing the rudders of Sword Ancestor one by one.

Ji Tianxing Put away the jade slip, and some of them were frowning.

“It’s really boring. Do you have to tell me about this little thing?

Destroy a rudder and kill it. ”

He has investigated before and has an understanding of the forces of the six Sects.

For example, the blood Sword Ancestor, the total rudder mountain gate in the mountain blood ban in Shanyang County, outsiders can not enter.

Many elders, deacons, and elite disciplines are practicing in Sect.

However, the blood Sword Ancestor has a rudder in more than 20 counties.

These rudders have several deacons, dozens of inner sect disciple, and hundreds of vassals.

Those vassals are either registered discrimices or gossips in the secular.

On weekdays, each rudder is responsible for inquiring about intelligence news, doing business transactions, and doing things that are not visible.

More than twenty rudders add up, is the eyeliner of blood Sword Ancestor, a tool to make money.

These esteemed sects seem to be high above, not eating fireworks.

In fact, they have to set up a rudder to support a large number of people.

If you don’t inquire about the intelligence message, the whole Sect is the blind and the blind.

If those rudders do not make money, do not plunder resources, how to support the high Sect?

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