Although, Ji Tianxing spit on the mouth of the gold left. ≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≦ ≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦

But he knew in his heart that the blood knife door is correct.

Sword Ancestor’s various rudders were smashed, their wings were cut, their resources were plundered, and the blood Sword Ancestor fell into chaos.

Next, kill the Sword Ancestor’s expert one by one, destroying the rogue and elite power.

Finally, when the blood Sword Ancestor’s expert is dying, the power is weak.

In order to kill the Dragon Blood ban, completely kill it.

This is the steady and steady action.

When I came up and attacked the old nest, I wanted to do my best, it was too naive.

Even if the blood knife door comes out, it may not be successful, but will give it to the head.

“Well, look at the high efficiency of the blood knife door, they will not care about them.”

Ji Tianxing estimates, follow the action plan of the blood knife door.

He will not be useful for at least two or three months.

After all, the Blood Knife Gate recently aimed to destroy the rudders everywhere.

He can’t always follow the deacons of the Blood Knife Gate, and fight with those elite masters?

It’s all about cannon fodder and dried up, too much!

As an expert, it is a mysterious expert.

Only when you deal with the expert and leader of the blood Sword Ancestor will you actually play.

This will keep mystery and majesty.

That’s right, Ji Tianxing thinks so.

By the way, I was lazy for myself and found an excuse for peace of mind.

Ji Tianxing just thought about how to be lazy.

There was an aura coming from the sky and falling in front of him.

Among the auras is a jade with a special grain.

There is no doubt that it is another secret letter.

But it was not made by Jin Zuo, but Qi Yulong’s jade.

Ji Tianxing The front of the blood knife door, put the hand to pick up the jade, read the contents inside.

Qi Tianlong’s voice immediately sounded in his mind.

“Tianxing son, Tianfeng County, has tended to calm down.

A few days ago, the people in Tianfeng County were guilty, and the five aristocratic families fought for power, which led to chaos in the city.

After the county lord was killed, the county government was also in jeopardy and fought hard.

After the monarch heard the news, the Thunder was angry.

On the court, the public ordered the bloody and sinister, and took people to Tianfeng County to investigate the cause of the incident.

It is necessary to take out the murderer who killed the Tianfeng County lord, severely punish him, give the county government and the people an account, and also defend the face of the gods.

However, the monarch did not set a deadline, and the blood-stained god did not make a military warrant.

Within a few days, the monarch announced in the court that the Count of Dolly served as the head of the Tianfeng County and went to work on the same day.

The Count of Dolombo is a royal clan and a veteran of the neutral faction. He is only loyal to the monarch.

Count Dolly led a large number of confidants and elites. After arriving in Tianfeng County, he took over the city government.

In less than three days, the five aristocratic families were strongly suppressed and the chaos of the county was settled.

Today, Count Dolly is in control of the big picture and is finishing.

I believe that it will not take long for the Tianfeng County to end.

The five aristocratic families were ambitious and wanted to compete for the position of the county owner. I didn’t expect the bamboo basket to be in a hurry.

Moreover, in accordance with the meaning of the monarch, Count Dolly knocked on the five major aristocratic families, and let them all put a blood back…”

Qi Tianlong’s secret letter is probably about these contents.

The tone in front is quite serious. Finally, when it comes to the end of the five major aristocratic families, it is inevitable that there will be some gloating.

Ji Tianxing puts aside Yu Jian, a smile in his eyes.

The only remaining worry in his heart disappeared with this secret letter.

Before, he also took care of the minds of the monarchs, and there were some concerns.

Many people know that the Tianfeng County Lord killed him.

The monarch is full of eyes and ears, and he will know the kingdom of the country.

If the Guojun really wants to catch the murderer, he can secretly send an expert to pick him up.

But the monarch did not do this.

In the hall, there was a lot of thunder, and the blood and ink gods were ordered to be adept, investigating the matter, and taking out the real murder, etc., all acting.

Everyone knows that the monarch is in a mess.

The blood-blooded gods go to investigate the cause and just do it.

Everyone is a smart person, and you don’t need to say more than you can.

Ji Tianxing secretly whispered, “Since the monarch is confused, it means that he has defaulted. I am a member of the Three Princes.

At the same time, he also knows that Tianfeng County is the supporter of the Second Prince.

In his opinion, this matter is a contest between the two princes.

He didn’t want to break the balance, and he couldn’t personally end the game and intervene in the battle between the princes.

Tianfeng County is dead, but the defeat of the second prince.

If the monarch ordered to deal with me, in the eyes of others, it was to suppress the three princes and support the second prince.

This kind of signal must not appear! ”

Although, Ji Tianxing has never seen the monarch, he does not understand the nature of the monarch.

But when he thinks about it, it is not difficult to guess the mind of the monarch.

For this reason, he stirred up the wind and stirred up the rain, causing more and more things, and there was no fear.

Since the matter of Tianfeng County, the dust has settled.

He no longer remembered the matter, got up and left the room, let the guards inform Ning Siyuan.

“Tell Miss Ning, this son has already gone out. If she has anything, come to Qingsongyuan to find me.”

The silver armor guards screamed and quickly conveyed the message.

Ji Tianxing went to the study room and sat down on the chair of the Taishi, so that the maid soaked a cup of tea, and tasted it slowly.

After half a cup of tea, Ning Siyuan arrived as scheduled.

She is still wearing a silver armor, but she does not wear a helmet, and her long hair is tied with a ponytail.

It looks like a hero, very neat and capable.

After the meeting, the two men greeted each other and went straight to the point.

“Miss Ning escorted the goods back, but the boat is not good enough to rest, what is it for me?”

Ji Tianxing, holding a beautiful tea pot, asked calmly.

Ning Siyuan’s eyebrows had some worries, and for a moment, he said, “In fact, it’s just some of my own private affairs.

In this Ning, I don’t have a confidant and a friend, I don’t know who to tell.

For a moment, I couldn’t make up my mind and thought of you.

If you don’t want to hear it, then I didn’t say it. ”

In Ning, she is a distinguished lady.

Others can only fear her, who can be friends with her?

As for the confidant, it must be the same age, and the identity and strength must be equal.

Duanmu Shizi is qualified, but Ning Siyuan hates him a bit. Being a friend is reluctant. How can he be a confidant?

Therefore, Ji Tianxing has become the most qualified.

Ji Tianxing put down the tea pot and licked his mouth. “Miss Ning can see me so much? How long have you known me? Just treat me as a confidant?”

Ning Si looked at his lips and nodded. “If you say a confidant, I will climb high and I will not expect it.”

I just think that you are more worthy of my trust than others. ”

Ji Tianxing nodded and smiled. “Well, since you trust so much, I can’t help you. It’s okay to be a listener.”

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