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Some people do nothing.

Others are interested, trustworthy, and dependent on him, and even approach themselves.

For example, Ji Tianxing.

However, some people, even if they are worried about others, do not regret it, secretly put a lot of energy.

However, they did not get the response and recognition of the other party, and even they were disgusted and hated by the other party.

For example, Duanmu Shizi.

This kind of thing, where is it reasonable?

After all, the fate and emotions are unreasonable.

For Ji Tianxing, Ning Siyuan is just a woman with good looks and good character.

I can’t say it’s amazing, I can’t talk about how much good feelings, and it’s even more impossible to have feelings.

But Ning Siyuan is a clean, cool woman, at least not annoying.

Moreover, she is a bit special compared to other women.

Now he is in Ningjia, eating and living are people’s homes, but also need people to help.

Since people take the initiative to find help, he can’t sit still and ignore it?

Not close to human feelings!

Therefore, Ji Tianxing decided to be a listener.

And give appropriate help and advice within the limits of what you can.

Ning Siyuan lowered his head and said, “My aunt sent a letter to me yesterday, and it was sent to me separately.”

“Your aunt? Three kings?” Ji Tianxing raised a brow.

“Yeah.” Ning Siyuan nodded, and the tone was a bit lonely. “Over the years, my aunt loved me the most, and also cared about my future.

Because of the marriage contract, she did not complain about me. ”

Ji Tianxing can’t help but laugh, “It’s when you are young, your heart is not snobbish, but you are also brotherly.”

Qi Tianlong saved his life. At that time, he didn’t even have his wife. He married Qi Tianlong and bowed to his brother. He promised to become a relative in the future.

So, if you haven’t been born yet, you are destined to marry Qi.

Your aunt is Wang Hao, how can I find a privileged person for you, how can I bear to see you marry and return? ”

Ning Si far-sightedly gave him a look, a little bit of anger. “You understand it clearly, it is easy to say, how is there a little compassion?”

Ji Tianxing reluctantly spreads his hands. “You are a proud woman, but also sympathy with others?”

Ning Siyuan slightly frowned, said “Say business, don’t go to the topic.”

Ji Tianxing holds the tea pot and makes a listening sound. “Well, you continue to say.”

Ning Siyuan sighed slightly, and some distressed words, “My aunt is like me, and I was troubled by Ning’s bloodline when I was young.

Fortunately, before she broke out, she found her true man and married the three princes.

I still have one year, and the scorpio will break out.

But I don’t want to marry Qi, but I can’t destroy Ning’s reputation, and I don’t want to die in Tianzhu.

So, I am very upset now, I don’t know what to do. ”

Ji Tianxing frowned slightly and asked, “What is the scorpio?”

Ning Siyuan hesitated a moment and explained, “It is the bloodline problem of Ning’s, because Ning’s ancestor has a bloodline of ancient ancient beasts.

This makes Ning’s bloodline very powerful, talented and outstanding, and more than half of the children can become gods.

The chance of breaking through to the kingdom of God is as high as one in a thousand.

However, Ning’s bloodline is flawed, too violent and sharp.

Before breaking through the kingdom of the kingdom, there must be a robbery.

At the time of the attack, the bloodline was disordered and violent, such as a volcanic eruption.

The soul will also be blurred, and the body will burn.

Even if you use all kinds of methods to treat it, you can’t stop the tragedy from happening.

In the end, the bloodline will be exhausted, the flesh and blood will burn out, and the soul will be broken.

If you are lucky, you will become a fool of the fool.

After many years, the Ning family summed up the experience.

Scorpio can’t contain it, it can only blend with another bloodline before it breaks out.

Use another bloodline to neutralize and fade the Ning’s bloodline to avoid the scorpio. ”

Ji Tianxing This is the only way to understand, “Say, in fact, Ning’s bloodline is just flawed, not really deadly.

The only regret is that Ning’s children can’t be alone and must be combined with others. ”

Ning Siyuan nodded and agreed that “it is true, but I always feel that this way to avoid Scorpio is not the most perfect effect.”

After merging the bloodline with others, Scorpio will not appear again.

The Ning’s bloodline has also been diluted, and the talent qualification will be reduced by half.

I often imagine that if there is any magic in the world, it will not only prevent the appearance of the Scorpio, but also the power of the Ning’s bloodline.

If there is such a law, I will get it even if I have to pay for my life.

At the very least, Ning’s children will no longer suffer from pain and threats. ”

Ji Tianxing thought for a moment and asked, “In the Ning’s bloodline, there is a bloodline of the ancient gods? What ancient animal?”

Ning Siyuan replied, “The wrath of the eight-armed and three-eyed gods.”

Ji Tianxing smiled and said, “Heavenly wrath? That is the existence of the beautiful dragon, the ancient idol, the real god level bloodline.

The grade of Ning’s bloodline can only be regarded as a quasi-sacred king.

The perfection solution you want can be done with just a drop of anger and blood.

With the sacred blood of the gods, you can dispel the flaws of the Ning’s bloodline, and also make the bloodline leap forward and become a quasi-god king…”

Before he finished, Ning Siyuan flew over with a white eye.

“Tianxing son, you said this way, all Ning’s children have dreamed!

This is simply not practical!

In the entire Great Yan Empire, I have not heard of the wrath of God.

That is the god king expert, who can take it a drop of blood?

What’s more, the god of wrath has only appeared in ancient times.

In today’s world, there are no such beasts, which are unknown. ”

Ji Tianxing retorted without thinking, “You are wrong! Of course, the wrath of God is there, and more than one!”

The Great Yan Empire does not exist, but the mainland is absolutely there! ”

Seeing his look confident, his tone was so calm, Ning Siyuan was stunned on the spot.

“How do you know? Is it so sure?”

“I…” Ji Tianxing almost blurted out, because I saw it with my own eyes, and shouted at the two angry gods!

But when he got to his lips, he still held back and grinned. “Because I read the history books, it is true.”

“Oh…” Ning Siyuan sighed and chose to ignore his words.

“Forget it, I know that you are comforting me, thank you.

Do not mention this, or aunt’s secret letter. ”

Ji Tianxing is also not good to mention the wrath of the sky, see her shift the topic, then nodded and responded “you said.”

Ning Siyuan’s low voice “Auntie asked me to pack up and go to Wangdu next month.

Just 50 years of the blood of the ceremony will begin, when the country’s Heaven’s Chosen will gather.

My aunt wants to take this opportunity and choose a suitable husband for me.

As for the Qi family, she will find ways to persuade the Qi family, give up our marriage contract, and give the corresponding compensation. ”

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