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Still the magnificent palace, in the secret room with plenty of power.


Since last night, even the prince has not been treated for healing.


On the surface, he sits in the pool of gods and closes his eyes.


In fact, he is waiting, and there are still some ambiguities, uneasiness and expectations in his heart.


Although he is far away from Wangcheng, he is in the heart of the Battle of Sirius.


For him, the result of the final battle last night is crucial!


Seven sects with hate shots, more than two thousand elite main players, can you kill Tianxing?


Even the prince has no bottom in his heart, and he has no grasp of it.


He predicted that the elite main force of the seven sects would probably be killed under the sword of Ji Tianxing.


If this is the case, after the seven sects are destroyed, Ji Tianxing goes all the way south and goes straight to the city. How should he deal with it?


At the same time, he still has a hint of luck and a little hope.


The swords and the falling waters are all famous gods who have become famous for many years, and the combat experience is very rich.


More than a dozen superior gods, plus dozens of median gods, and nearly two hundred lower gods… such a strong lineup, there should be hope to kill Tianxing?


Don’t talk about the peak of the Ninth Layer, even if it is a half-step god, you have to drink and hate on the spot!


At the thought of this, even the Prince could not help but pray, I hope that the experts of the seven sects can kill Ji Tianxing and make great contributions.


Just in such a complicated state of mind, one night passed quickly.


Time is up in the morning.


Even the princes couldn’t help but look forward to their eyes and opened their eyes.


He tried to summon two times and asked about the situation of Sirius.


However, in order to maintain calm and plan in advance, he still resisted.


After about two quarters of an hour, the secret room door lit up and made a sound.


Obviously, even if you ask for it outside the secret room, there must be important news reports.


Even the prince came to the spirit and quickly waved open the secret room door.


“Rolling and rolling…”


With a burst of light sound, the secret room door opened.


Even two steps into the secret room, came to the front of the gods pool, kneeling on one knee.


At the time of his salute, even the prince quietly observed his expression.


Even the expression is solemn, the lips are tight, the eyelids are drooping, and the tone is low and powerful.


Even when the prince saw it, he had a bad feeling in his heart.


Sure enough, even the two very straightforward reports: “reporting to Wang Ye, Sirius City sent a message to report the battle of last night’s decisive battle.


As you might expect, the elite main force of the seven sects, lost to Tianxing and others, the whole army is gone!


In the vicinity of the Wolf Mountain in the city, the two thousand miles were razed to the ground, and everyone had no bones. ”


Although, even the Prince expected this result, he did enough psychological preparation.


But when he heard the news and confirmed that his guess was correct, the heart suddenly slammed and the body trembled.


The last hope and fantasy in my heart is shattered.


He has been stunned for a long time before he gradually returned to God.


This time, he was not angry and violent, just grinning a few times.


“hehehehe… The king has long known that the wastes of the big sects are simply unreliable.


Tianxing, the beast, seems to be getting stronger and stronger.


I really don’t know why he grew so fast?


If you continue this way, who else can subdue him within the Great Yan Empire? ”


Even the second silent, do not dare to answer.


After a moment of silence, seeing the prince no longer speak, he continued to report.


“Reporting to Wang Ye, in addition to this bad news, there is good news.”


“Well?” Even the prince raised a brow and asked: “Is there good news?”


He really can’t think of where to come from.


Even two quick reports: “Sirius City personally sent a message to report the situation to you.


Last night, he followed your instructions, dispatched the city guards to command, ten captains, and led thousands of city guards to encircle Tianxing and others.


As a result, Tianxing and others desperately resisted, and they surely killed all the city guards and went away.


The matter spread in Sirius, and the Sirius City Lord posted a notice, expressing anger and condemnation, and going all out to kill Tianxing and others.


Moreover, the Sirius City Lord reported the matter to the owner of the Sirius, and even played the monarch.


On the morning of this morning, the monarch announced the matter in public, which led to the indignation of the officials.


The monarch flies into a rage, ordered the Guard Legion to pursue and kill the thief Tianxing as soon as possible at any cost, with the righteous national law and Zhen Guowei. ”


After the second report was completed, he said to the prince: “Wang Ye, your plan is running smoothly, and Tianxing and others have become the public enemy of the angry god country.


The angry flames of the kingdom and the royal family also have an excuse for being justified and trying to kill Tianxing.


This…should be a good news. ”


When I heard this, even the prince was not happy, but frowned, showing a deep worry.


“Only this idiot will make you feel good news!”


Even the prince’s eyes were cold, and the tone was low and the drink was low.


Even the second body was shocked, and he quickly pleaded guilty and asked: “The subordinates are wrong, it is subtle, and please ask the prince to solve!”


Even the prince expressionless said: “This king instructed the City Lord, sent a group of city guards to die, just want to let Tianxing stir up public anger, let Changyi have a bright and excuse to take the excuse.


This is a very simple strategy, not a matter of crafty plots and machinations.


This king can think of it, and Tianxing can understand it naturally.


But the real purpose of the king is to try to test his details, how deep is it!


If he does not entangle with the city guards and chooses to flee from the Sirius City, it means that he still has scruples and does not dare to be enemies with the angry country.


But he has no scruples, simply killing the City Guard.


What does this mean?


He does not care about the revenge of the angry flame royal family. He has absolute confidence to deal with the king, and he has enough strength to fight against the angry god country!


Even, he probably already knows that Changyi is loyal to the king! ”


Even the second big shocked, incredulously exclaimed: “This… How is this possible? The relationship between Wang Ye and the angry flame royal family is a major secret. How can the bastard know?”


Even the prince’s face is cloudy, and the yin’s said with a sneer: “Don’t forget, Nie Feiyun may not have died yet!


That old thing, really wily old fox, can’t be underestimated.


The king is increasingly skeptical that he has given Tianxing a lot of secrets and news in order to live on Tianxing.


If this is not the case, how can Tianxing find the target so quickly and accurately when dealing with the seven sects and the Spirit Swords? ”


Even the second stunned, full of resentment nodded: “Nie Feiyun that mixed things, even made a traitor, betrayed the prince, it is a sin to die!”


Even the prince calmed his anger and waved his hand: “It is useless to say that now, Tianxing will soon come to Wangcheng.”


Immediately pass the message and let the people who angered the rudder gather and stand by.


It will last for a month, and within ten days, there will be a decisive battle outside Wangcheng! ”



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