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In the middle of a vast mountain near the border.


This area is very quaint, and there are several ranges in the surrounding hundred.


Among the mountains and mountains, there are few people, and I don’t know how many fierce beasts are hidden.


Fortunately, this area has ample power and is a resource-rich place for exploration and cultivation.


Ji Tianxing and others took the Shenzhou ship and stopped at this area.


The people hid in the hillside of a thousand zhang mountain and opened up a cave as a temporary land of cultivation.


Lin Xue narrowed the ship to a foot and placed it in the cave.


She and the bloody gods, Jin Zuo, the blood dragon right and other people, into the entrance to the ship to recuperate the wound.


True red is heavier. After all, she goes into a mad state every time she fights, and she is a dragon’s blood goddess of hundred zhang.


The goal is too big, it is not easy to avoid, the offensive method is too overbearing and strong, and the injury is of course heavy.


Ji Tianxing trusted her and took her into the Nine Heavens ten towers, practicing in the twisted time and space.


This is the first time she has entered the twisted time and space, and she was immediately stunned by the gorgeous scene in front of her eyes.


In particular, when she learned that the time flow rate here was 50x faster than the outside world, she was full of horror and shock.


After the shock, she suddenly realized that she finally understood the reason for Ji Tianxing’s strength surge, one day, a thousand li.


“No wonder the Young Master retreats every time for ten days and a half, and for three or five days, the strength has increased significantly.


It turned out that he was retreating here and practicing, and fifty days a day to the outside world! ”


It’s not hard to guess that Ji Tianxing’s cultivation time is 50x more than other Protoss, and his innate talent is superior.


In addition, his identity and mysterious origins, mastered the inexhaustible resources and magical skills, there is such a terrifying strength today, it is also appropriate.


As Ji Tianxing fluttered in time and space, he saw several familiar silhouettes in a short while.


Yunyao, Ji Ke and Ji Wushuang, as well as Bai Long, as well as Black Dragon and Thousand Moon.


Everyone has seen each other before, without the introduction of Ji Tianxing, Zhenhong also knows that these are his closest people.


At the same time, she also understood that today is the most important day in her life.


From this moment on behalf of Ji Tianxing, she truly trusted and accepted her.


She has also become one of Ji Tianxing’s closest people.


In addition to being moved, the heart is more grateful.


Because she knows that the arrogant son of Ji Tianxing, the world’s expert, is destined not to lack followers.


Being able to follow him, not only can he be taken care of and pointing, but he can also create miracles and glory with him, and he can see him on the peak of Shinto.


For ordinary protoss, this is a chance and blessing that you will never encounter in your life.


Yunyao, Ji Ke, and Ji Wushuang are all practicing hard and breaking through realm.


Especially the unparalleled, at the peak of Heavenly God, will soon break through to the kingdom.


Bai Long hasn’t started to practice, and he greeted him with a real red, and he went to a place to heal.


Ji Tianxing warned repeated: “This twisting time and space is where we recuperate and cultivate.”


You are here, just find a place, peace of mind to recuperate.


After the injury is restored, the retreat will be practiced for a while.


The previous few wars must have benefited you a lot, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to comprehend. ”


Really red nodded quickly and said: “Young Master is assured, really red knows what to do, and will not bother everyone to practice.”


Ji Tianxing suddenly said with a smile : “I certainly know you, certainly will not bother them, I am afraid they will bother you.


However, you don’t have to worry about it. They have accepted you and are not malicious to you. ”


True red certainly understands this, just laughing nodded, no longer saying more.


She took a tribute to Ji Tianxing and left.


When I found a place outside of Wanzhang, I took Divine Pill and started healing.


Ji Tianxing did not delay the time, and quickly meditated and practiced.


He first sorted out the fragments of the gods from the spoils.


In general, it is the fragment of the gods of 130 six gods.


But in fact, many of the gods are not complete and are missing.


Fortunately, the missing fragments of the gods are those of the lower gods, a few of the median gods.


As for the seven sect’s sect master and guardian are the superior gods, their gods fragments can also be pieced together.


In this way, Ji Tianxing will not care about it.


He casts a devouring magical power and quickly swallows a piece of another piece of godhead.


While drawing a lot of divine power, filter the available Shinto rules from the fragments of the gods.


This process is quite long and it is also a test of patience.


But he has been practicing for so many years and has long been used to it.


After entering the meditation practice, I forgot the Time Elapses.


Unconsciously, three months have passed.


For a full 90 days, Ji Tianxing only swallowed more than 130 fragments of Godhead and refining it.


At the same time, he also deprived 18 kinds of Shinto laws from the fragments of Godhead.


Originally he mastered the two hundred and nine twelve path rules, plus the newly added eighteen rules, it has reached as many as three hundred and ten!


The number of such terrifying rules can only be reached by the god king expert.


Look at the Great Yan Empire… No, put it all over the Northern Territory, even if it is a continuation of the whole day, there is absolutely no God, you can master the three hundred and ten laws like him!


Three hundred kinds of Shinto rules are the insurmountable gap between the gods and the gods!


And now, Ji Tianxing has done it!


He broke the gap and created a miracle invisible!


However, he did not say it, and no one knew the existence of this miracle.


In addition to the increase in the number of rules, his strength has more than tripled, reaching the peak of the Seventh Layer.


It’s not far from the Eighth Layer!


Ji Tianxing paused cultivation and opened his eyes.


Such a gratifying harvest, he was not excited and happy, but sighed.


“Oh… the more Shinto laws I have, the less law I can refining.


The interesting, powerful, and high-grade Shinto laws have become less and less.


Moreover, 90% of the Shinto laws that the gods have mastered are similar.


If you go on like this, even if I refining hundreds of copies of the gods, I will get fewer and fewer rules.


No way, after all, these people are gods.


It is estimated that only by killing a god, you can get a lot of Shinto laws. ”


Ji Tianxing whispered to himself.


After taking a break, he started busy with another thing.


Clean up and reorganize the previous loot.


The spoils worth more than 100 billion are contained in more than 2,000 space rings. It is a huge project to be cleaned up in different categories.


If you change to a common man, you will not be able to clean it up after spending a hundred years.


However, the soul and knowledge of Ji Tianxing has long been so strong that it is unfathomable.


In just three days, the spoils were cleaned up and divided into eight.



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