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Ji Tianxing ended the cultivation and distributed the spoils to everyone. Bookstore mobile phone



He first gave a copy of the white dragon, which was placed in three space rings, with a total value of about 12 billion.


The resources and divine objects inside are all available to Bai Long.


Then he gave it a real red one, also with three rings, worth about 15 billion.


Like the real red, Bailong is in retreat.


So, Ji Tianxing didn’t wake them up, put the space ring in front of them, and quietly left.


He left the time and space, returned to the cave, and entered the forest of Lin Xue.


Lin Xue, Xue Xing Shen Jun, Jin Zuo Zeng and Blood Dragon Right are all practicing in their secret rooms.


Ji Tianxing put a few space rings apart from their secret room, which is the reward they deserve.


Lin Xue got the most spoils, worth about 20 billion.


The reward for the bloody gods is about one hundred more than 6 billion.


Jin Zuozhi and the blood dragon right, each got a hundred more than 2 billion of spoils.


At this point, Ji Tianxing issued six loot.


The only two spoils in his hands were packed in a space ring.


One of the most valuable things, with the home of the seven sect sect masters, the total value is hard to estimate.


Only the artifacts inside, Divine Pill and various divine objects are worth about 30 billion.


If you count those strange treasures of rare treasure, the value is even more amazing.


This trophy, of course, belongs to him.


The other spoils, only loaded with billions of resources and divine objects.


This space ring is for Nie Feiyun!


Since Nie Feiyun has surrendered and surrendered, after relying on Ji Tianxing, he has been conscientious and cautious.


Ji Tianxing did not blame him, and even praised him twice.


Despite this, Nie Feiyun did not dare to take it lightly.


He knew in his heart that he was always a surrender, and his identity was different from Lin Xue and Zhen Hong.


Moreover, everyone still does not fully accept his participation, and Ji Tianxing can’t really trust him.


In this situation, he can not have any complaints and dissatisfaction, can only be more cautious, in order to seize the opportunity to have outstanding performance.


Before Lin Xue and others participated in the war, they were all not hurt, and they are now recuperating.


Nie Feiyun followed the instructions of Ji Tianxing, hiding in the ship of God did not appear, and naturally did not participate in the decisive battle.


At this moment, he stayed alone in the secret room, but did not practice hard.


He is in a daze, thinking about the problem.


“The prince and Tianxing have been complaining for so long, from the blood of the gods to the anger of the gods, but they have not been able to take advantage of it.


The seven sects battled with him and he was still killed by him.


The knife is falling and the water is falling. Which one is not a thousand years of the kingdom of God, and the senior thing that stands still?


In the end, these people are in the face of Tianxing, are unable to withstand a single blow.


The nine sects loyal to the princes are gone. Now even the prince’s majesty, only the people of Hetianzong, and the help of the angry flame royal family.


From the current situation, the chances of winning Tianxing are greater.


Old man At the beginning of his decisive surrender, being able to follow him is indeed a wise choice.


Although, the old man has not yet gained his trust, others are also prepared for the old man.


But the old man persists, and over time, it may not be possible to gain their trust.


If you can become one of Tianxing’s confidants in the future, or even become his steward and loyal servant, it is a great glory and glory…”


Nie Feiyun secretly thought, his heart is full of hope and expectation.


Although, he was once the master of the school, aloof and remote senior.


If people hear him, know that his wish is to be a loyal servant of Ji Tianxing, and he must be ridiculed and mocked.


But he knows that this is not a shame at all, but a glory!


Because he firmly believes that the future of Ji Tianxing is limitless.


It is also the genius that he has seen in his life, the most hopeful to become a king of God!


A loyal servant and steward of the King of the Kings, does it sound like no face?


And won’t!


It will only make all the gods envy and hate!


Just as Nie Feiyun traveled the sky, silently, the door of the secret room lit up and made a sound.


Nie Feiyun suddenly woke up, frowning with doubts: “Who will find an old man at this time? Is it going to fight again?”


wrong! Everyone stopped to heal for two days and could not go out so fast…”


With all his doubts, he got up and opened the secret room door.


A white robe youth stepped into the secret room, and it was Ji Tianxing.


Nie Feiyun snorted and quickly saluted, said: “I have seen Tianxing Young Master, old man but listen to it!”


He thought, Ji Tianxing suddenly came to him, there must be something or a task.


Unexpectedly, Ji Tianxing waved his hand and said: “You don’t have to be nervous. This Monarch guessed that you didn’t practice, so take a look, there is no task for you.”


Nie Feiyun was a bit lax and a little surprised and moved.


“Young Master is really good at guessing that the old man is not retreating?”


Ji Tianxing glanced at him and smiled and said: “Oh, don’t tout this Monarch.


You have been following this Monarch for so long, this Monarch still doesn’t know your mind?


The previous decisive battle didn’t let you participate, you will definitely think about it, think about it…”


“old man dare not!” Nie Feiyun quickly squatted, and said with a tone of voice: “Everything listens to Young Master, how can the old man dare to have other ideas?”


Ji Tianxing frowned, said: “The most boring way to chat with you, that’s all, this Monarch is straightforward.”


After all, he took out a space ring and handed it to Nie Feiyun.


“This time with the Seven Sects, we won a big victory and seized most of the resources and belongings of the seven sects.


Although I did not let you participate in the decisive battle, I failed to make any achievements.


But the information you provided before the seven sects is also a credit that cannot be ignored.


The thing in this ring is the reward for you. ”


Nie Feiyun listened and didn’t even look at the ring. He quickly went to salute and said: “many thanks Young Master love, but the old man has not made a good effort, how dare to win?


Ask Young Master to take back the reward, otherwise the old man is upset.


In the future, the old man will really make a meritorious deed, and if you reward again, it will be justified. ”


Ji Tianxing suddenly showed a smile of fun, saying: “Oh, don’t play with this Monarch to retreat. Is this Monarch going to look at you?”


Put away your point and think carefully, this Monarch has always been rewarded and rewarded, and the grievances are judged.


If you have merit, you should reward it. If you have a mistake, you must be fined.


If you resign, then this Monarch will really be withdrawn. ”


Since Ji Tianxing said so straightforward, Nie Feiyun no longer shirked, and quickly took the space ring with both hands, and filled with joy.


For him, it doesn’t matter how much resources and treasures are in this space ring.


He is the flying sect master, the resources and possessions in his hands are also worth two or three billion.


What really delights him and excites is that Ji Tianxing’s attitude towards him is gradually changing.


This award is also the performance and the greatest affirmation and encouragement since his sincerity.



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