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If you change to someone else, he will encourage a few words and say something like ‘following again’.


But for Nie Feiyun, he felt that those words were unnecessary.


This old man is a personal fine, there is no need to say more, I will realize it.


After Ji Tianxing left, the secret room door was closed again.


Nie Feiyun really showed a happy smile, whispered in a low voice: “The previous pay and performance, finally did not waste effort.


Following such a wise and straightforward master is the most worry-free.


Unlike the guy who even the prince, the city is too deep, temperamental, unpredictable, and always fearful.


Under such circumstances, even if others surrender to him, they will only fear and never be united. ”


Later, he opened the space ring and looked at the resources and belongings inside.


In a short while, he counted it out, and the total value of the property was about one billion.


These resources and property are dispensable for him and will not make him excited.


However, when he saw the space ring, stored with a broken armor, and two strange swords, he couldn’t help but tremble, tears!


He ignored the mountains of the gods and Divine Pill, artifacts, took out the broken armor and swords, clung to his arms, tears in his eyes.


“Han, my Han, I finally saw you…”


At this time, Nie Feiyun, no longer has the calmness and calmness of the past, and the pain of heartbreaking.


He clung to the broken armor and the double swords, and rubbed his relatives.


From these two artifacts, he felt a faint breath.


It was his son, the breath left in two artifacts.


It is also his only life in his life.


After all, the broken armor and the strange double sword are the life of his son.


Inside, it involves an old past.


About a hundred years ago, his son Nie Yunhan and Feihong sent elder to go to some secret exploration and treasure hunt.


Nie Yunhan is young and prosperous. It is the age of temperament, and the integrity and sincerity of the people, the mind and the city are still very shallow.


Before that, Nie Feiyun had reminded his son not to be too close to the Feihong faction.


He always felt that the flying elder’s elder had met his son and there was no ulterior motive.


However, Nie Yunhan refused to listen, and firmly believed that the young elder of the Feihong faction was very close to him and was a confidant.


Facts have proved that Nie Feiyun guessed it.


After Nie Yunhan and Feihong’s elder entered the secret, they lost their tracks and news.


After half a year, Feihong sent the young elder, who was seriously injured and escaped from the secret, and returned to the rainbow to raise his wounds.


Nie Yunhan never appeared again.


Nie Feiyun went to the Feihong faction and asked the elder to ask about his son’s whereabouts.


The other party informed that Nie Yunhan had suffered an accident in the secret and had already died.


He had died and saved, but failed to save Nie Yunhan, himself was also hit hard, coma for a long time.


How can Nie Feiyun believe in this rhetoric?


Naturally, it was in dispute with the Feihong faction, and almost hit the shot in the Feihongpai Mountain Gate.


Finally, Wan Liuzong came forward to mediate, only to calm the storm.


Nie Feiyun could not accept the result of his son’s commandment. He kissed several elders of Feiyunmen and went into the secrets to explore.


As a result, they spent several years, entering the secrets nine times and finding all the places.


In the end, Nie Yunhan was not found, and even the relics and cheekbones were not seen.


At this time, the Feihong faction has mastered many secrets of Feiyunmen.


Feihong sent secret action, killing many genius disciplines, and also robbed a lot of resources and treasures, causing the power of Feiyunmen to continue to weaken.


Nie Feiyun finally convinced that Feihong sent elder to kill his son.


Even the secrets and news that the Feihong faction had been dug up from his son.


Feihong faction naturally refused to admit it.


The two major sects have hatred, and they have been smothered and contested for decades, but they have never been separated.


In addition, the Spirit Sword faction also has a hatred with Feiyunmen, and also stalks from it.


Feiyun door is backed by the enemy, and it is gradually difficult to compete, gradually becoming weaker.


That is, at that time, even the prince was developing power in the angry country, and successively conquered Feiyunmen, Lingjian and Feihong.


Under the pressure of the prince, the three sects stopped fighting.


However, the pain of losing the child made Nie Feiyun never relieved, and the hatred of the Feihong faction never diminished.


It is precisely because of this that he first relied on Ji Tianxing, with the slightest hesitation sold out seven sects.


After the Lingjian School and the Feihong School were destroyed, he was secretly happy and grateful to Ji Tianxing.


After all, Ji Tianxing helped him with a big hatred.


Today, in this space ring, there is a relic of Nie Yunhan!


These two artifacts have become the object of mourning for Nie Feiyun, which is invaluable to him!


Tears, talking to himself for a long time, Nie Feiyun calmed down.


He frowned and said to himself in confusion: “How can the Tianxing Young Master get the relics of Haner?


Is it… found in the space ring of the beast of Feihong?


should be!


The beast killed John, and guessed that the old man would explore the secret and find out the truth.


Therefore, the beast hid the remains of Haner.


However, how can Tianxing Young Master know the cause of death of Han Er, the old man and the Feihong faction?


Under normal circumstances, even if he counts the space ring, he will not notice the relics of Haner! ”


This problem has made Nie Feiyun puzzling.


If you change to someone else, you may feel that this is just a coincidence.


But Nie Feiyun firmly believes that this is definitely not a coincidence, and it must be Ji Tianxing deliberately!


Therefore, in addition to grateful to Ji Tianxing, he is even more awe of Ji Tianxing.


“Tianxing Young Master is really inscrutable and means to go all out.


Moreover, his heart is as beautiful as his hair, and he is a master of the world. It is worthy of the old man’s life to follow! ”


Nie Feiyun experienced too many storms and bumps in his life.


Wife, bereavement, closing the crime, death, brother betrayal, friends, and so on, have experienced everything.


His temperament has long since faded, and he has a deep understanding of the despicableness of human nature.


Basically, no one can make him respect and admire from the heart.


Even the prince is just a fear of him.


But now, he is respectful and admired by Ji Tianxing.


Only this thing, let him see the warmth in the cold, decided to follow and loyal to Ji Tianxing.


After a long time.


Nie Feiyun solemnly put away the broken armor and strange swords, and his expression and eyes were calm and clear.


He began to practice hard, conserve strength and store up energy.


He has made up his mind to stay at the peak and be ready to fight.


Ji Tianxing Waiting for him is not thin, he must not live up to the trust and expectations of Ji Tianxing.


In the next battle, he must have outstanding performance and build merit!



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