Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 3337

  Now Ji Tianxing has just recovered to Divine King Realm. Publications Web:/

  He can only become a part, up to nine phantom.

  On the Day of Judgment, his strength, realm, and bottom, are even stronger, and he can become more intellectual and phantom.

  Like when he was Lord Peak.

  Full effort is being made to spread the 10 degrees of shadow, which can be divided into nine parts, with half the strength of each one.

  As for phantom, it’s more illusionable to imagine the sky and the earth, and it’s amazing.

  He has done his part, Kanbi magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, enough to cross the horizontal river.

  If it is a strong opponent, it is more likely to be divided into nine ways and to join forces against them, it is not hostile to realm.

  And now is Ji Tianxing’s first battle after Divine King Realm was restored.

  For the first time, he performed an invisible identity and produced its unintentional effects, not only by deceiving the well rainbow, but also by killing the King of Ring for one second.

  In general, well, the rainbows are naturally cold and cruelly.

  After a moment of checking, the rainbow was wisely chosen to stop the war.

  After all, Ji Tianxing’s strength and means are comparable to his flag drums, which are difficult to overcome.

  King Ling was killed, he became an orphan, while Ji Tianxing had two gods.

  Continue beating, he will surely be caught in passion, and consequently the wounds will increase until Ji Tianxing is defeated.

  Although the rainbow is confident and proud, he will not reckless and stupid.

  As the Lord of the Area, he knows more about the length of the trial than anyone else and holds back.

  “Boy, the King did look at you, and I didn’t expect you to have this Divine Ability!

  Your power is hard to break, and it’s meaningless to fight again.

  Today’s war, you win.

  But the King will write down this bill, and it will make you double it! ”

  Ji Tianxing, chilly angry shouted.

  He has remembered Ji Tianxing’s external shape and breath, and will never forget it.

  When it’s the right time, he’ll get back!

  After the words have been dropped, the rainbow will turn around.

  But Ji Tianxing showed a funny smile and said, “What? That’s not it?

  Didn’t you say before that the Emperor took himself as a matter of business, would you take the life of the King?

  This is Yun Yan, on your land!

  That’s how you sneak away. Don’t you feel embarrassed?

  How do you defend the empires and deter the people of Yunnan? “

  This word, though not with a dirty word, is even more heartfelt and humiliates the body of the rainbow.

  He’s full of indignation. He’s getting red and his lungs are going to blow.

  But he knew that Ji Tianxing was deliberately angry with him, just to keep him back to war.

  “Son of a bitch, what a poisonous heart!

  He killed not only the wind, but also the king wanted to fight again.

  Then the three of them came together to kill the King, and they tried to kill him. ”

  Those thoughts were flashed in the head of the well rainbow, and the eyes of Ji Tianxing were staring, and turned around and tore the sky.


  The sky was ripped off a huge spatial crack, and the rainbow was sweeping white and entering the spatial crack.

  He’s leaving, and he doesn’t forget to look back at Ji Tianxing, angry shouted: “Boy! The King didn’t fail to give you, but you were a trick and attacked the King of Ring.

  Even if the emperor leaves today, it will not affect the name of the Emperor, who is still the Lord of Yun Yuan!


  When we meet again, it’s your death.

  Clean your neck and wait for death! “

  At the time of the sound, he didn’t go back into the spatial crack and disappeared.


  The spatial crack that lasted 1,000 zhang was also rapidly healing.

  The fighting is over and the earth is restored to calm.

  “Young Master, why don’t you chase the rainbow?”

  “Lord Ring has been killed by you, the Ring Rainbow Army has fought.

  If we leave him alone, we will kill him! “

  Ji Tianxing slowed the recovery of Zang Tian’s sword, with deep eyes and quiet tongues: “First, there is no deep hatred between us and the rainbow, and there is no death.

  Secondly, the Ring Rainbow after all are the central gods, who also have the advantage of the King’s Divine Artifact, and I am not sure of defeating him at this time.

  Even if he was forced to stay, the three of us tried to do their best and could only hit him seriously.

  Once his dog jumped into the wall, determined to escape, we still couldn’t keep him.

  Rather, it is itself, not only to consume a great deal of power, but also to be seriously injured and not to be compensated. “

  After listening to his explanation, to Jade and Randall Nodded, I understand.

  But they don’t know.

  In fact, there’s a third reason Ji Tianxing didn’t say that.

  Thirdly, the owner of the Ring Rainbow after all is Yuan Yuan, is entitled to see the Lord of the Earth and the Lord of Asura.

  The angel of Asura is above the gods, and he looks at the whole continent with absolute hegemony.

  He will not personally manage this continent, nor will he be easily visible.

  Because the hundreds of domain owners are his most loyal subordinates, helping him manage the continent.

  However, once the main meteor and the murder of a particular area are lost, God Asura will surely be thrilled.

  Ji Tianxing and the Jade and the others are all invisible if the Asura gods are chased.

  Ji Tianxing has just resumed Divine King Realm, with a shallow base, and has no intention of contacting the Asura gods, even less of being eligible for confrontation.

  Until Lord Peak is restored, he can only be as low as possible.

  That’s the most critical reason!

  “Today’s battle, I can kill King Ling for a second, and you two can’t do it.

  Especially the Lane girl, more prominent and commendable. “

  Ji Tianxing looked forward to the Jade and Randall, with a smiling award for two sentences.

  The couples bow down and respond humbly: “Young Master has won, and we just follow your orders.”

  Ji Tianxing Point nodded and said: “We will then encounter more king expert, and we will also experience more dangerous war of killing.

  This is a danger and a challenge for you, but it is also an opportunity and a skill.

  Only in the battle of life and death can the cultivation base and strength be rapidly upgraded. “

  Nodded to Jade and Randall, indicating that they were taught.

  “Well, we should go.” Ji Tianxing lifted his hand, suggesting that he could leave.

  Three men flew into the temple.

  Soon, the sailor was running the ship, fast as lightning flew over the sky and continued to fly south.


  Beyond 100,000 Li here, the entrance to Rakshasa hole.

  Rakshasa Clan and High Priest and the others, looking out for calm outside, and guessing that the King’s war is over, that’s how the wings fly out.

  Several experts flew over the sky, across the vast ruins, thinking about flying south.

  On their way around, they released their consciousness and searched for Silhouette in Ji Tianxing and Ring Rainbow, and were interested in the outcome of the war.

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