Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 3339

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  Only a half feet of darkness tower, floating in the air.

  Ji Tianxing entered to be entranced tower long ago and returned to distorted time.


  He flew over the twisted clouds, and landed beneath the Blaze Tree.

  Yunyao, Ji Ke and the White Dragon and the others are also focusing on operational refinements and trying to increase strength.

  Before he breakthrough Divine King Realm, he spilled out the horror gods, and so far no one has refining.

  Ji Tianxing went to see the situation of Lord Rock again.

  Rock’s still sitting under the Flame Tree, still working on the wounds.

  Only two months have elapsed outside, and he has been rehabilitating under the Tree for more than eight years.

  The wounds of his body were largely healed, and only the wounds of his soul needed to be treated.

  Ji Tianxing assessed that he had been in detention for a few years and that there should be no major impediment.

  By that time, he’ll let Rock follow.

  There’s Rock and Jade following him, no matter what trouble he’s in, he doesn’t have to do it himself.

  And there are two Great God Kings who are guards, and what is this?


  least on earth, it’s an amazing force!

  After looking at Rock, Ji Tianxing sat under the tree of God and started cleaning the profits.

  Before this war, he killed many Rakshasa Clan’s gods.

  But he won’t pick up the Divine Spark fragments and space rings of the gods in the face of identity and face.

  The real harvest is that after he killed the King of Ring, he got Divine Spark’s fragments and ring ring.

  After all, he’s back to Divine King Realm.

  Only Divine Spark fragments of King expert, and Divine Artifact, treasure, resources, can generate his interest.

  Ji Tianxing first took the red ring of the Lord of Rings and looked at what’s inside.

  The result is that his eyebrows are comfortable and pleasant.

  As the deputy of the well flew rainbow, King Ring, who manages the clouds, naturally harvests the incredible benefits.

  In the dark red space ring, various refined resources and treasure accumulated into mountains.

  Uncountless stones, precious stones and monarchs have accumulated into a big mountain.

  There are also odds, strangely famous, curious rare treasure, which is not known, and has also been shattered into 100 zhang high mountains.

  In addition, there are several sophisticated boxes with several divisional material on which to solemnly carry its business.

  Unfortunately, those sub-materials were used to refine and codify Denmark and were not used by refiners.

  But for Ji Tianxing, he was pleased that he was still a huge asset.

  He probably estimated the various resources, treasure and materials stored in the ring, worth more than one Thousand two Hundred million stone.

  This is most of the family of the King of Tornado.

  It is normal for Wang Lai, the next god in charge of the clouds, to say.

  Ji Tianxing transferred the resources and treasure in the ring to its own space ring.

  Those branches of silk and symbolic materials were taken on hold by him solemnly.

  After the war profits were cleared, Ji Tianxing took out more than 20 Divine Spark pieces and started operating refining.

  After careful observation, he found that in the Divine Spark fragment of the King of Rings, a total of 3,100 to sixty mythological rules had been integrated.

  This result is in his anticipation, not unexpected.

  “The vast majority of the lower gods, the number of divine laws in their possession, is more than 200 and more than 400.

  The strength reached Divine King Realm III Layer, like the Lord of Rightning, and the number of laws in hand was more than 3,100,000 sixty, and it was even in the middle.

  It is estimated that the number of rules at the disposal of the Jade is less than that of this guy. ”

  Ji Tianxing’s minds flourish from these ideas, without darkness: “When I have not recovered Divine King Realm, 300 laws are in place.

  Now I’m going to refining King Divine Spark’s fragment, and I don’t know how much the law can reach? ”

  But a little sure.

  When he was Divine King Realm First Layer, the number of rules at his disposal would exceed the King of Rings.

  When he reaches Divine King Realm III Layer, the number of rules at his disposal will certainly exceed the rainbow of the Lord of Yun Yan!

  Even when he reaches the king, the number of rules at his disposal will definitely exceed the world, breakthrough a thousand times!

  Not later, Ji Tianxing started to swallow Divine Spark fragments.

  As time passes, Divine Spark fragments spill out with no effort, as if they went into his body.

  Another rule of law tattoo is gradually stripping and disappearing from fragments.


  It’s too soon.

  Somehow, more than six months passed.

  The Divine Spark fragments of the King of Rings have been framed by Ji Tianxing refining.

  This has led to a significant increase in his strength, and the roots of the gods have become more solid.

  And the biggest gain is that Ji Tianxing has been deprived of thirty laws and successfully refining them from the more than 300 rule tattoos of the Tornado King.

  As a result, Ji Tianxing has an alarming number of divine laws, reaching 300 or 40!


  His strength has also risen, about 50 percent higher than before!

  If it were now, let him face the rainbow again, he would be better equipped to defeat it.

  Only, however, it is still impossible to re-establish and shoot well off the rainbow.

  After all, Zang Tian sword has not recovered to the royal level.

  After the refinement was completed, Ji Tianxing was thinking, “Now I’m back to Divine King Realm, and I should also look for the royal refinery material and try to get Zang Tian sword back to the throne.

  Otherwise, I would still be able to lose, and Zang Tian sword would always drag back. “

  打定了主意,Ji Tianxing 离开扭曲时空,回到secret room 中。

  He’s going to go find Jade and ask where he can find the royal refiner material.

  After all, the Topaz is more familiar with the area around the continents and Northern Territory.

  More than half a year has passed since the distortion of time, and in fact the outside world has only been for four days.

  Ji Tianxing stepped in the motorcade to be entranced, and saw the management of a sailor to the Jade side and the operation.

  Although he’s driving a sailor, he can’t close it.

  But he’s not leisure, he won’t waste time, he’s still breeding the roots of the gods.

  See Ji Tianxing coming, and he’s busy with the maid company.

  Ji Tianxing set up his hand, suggesting he didn’t have to be polite, straight to the point, and said, “Jade, I intend to look for some royal refinery material to build a royal soldier.

  You’re familiar with the neighborhood. What are the recommended secret or forbidden areas? “

  A little thought was given to Jade, and it was difficult to show, “Young Master, a royal refiner, smelter material, has always been Marccome by with luck, but not by searching for it.

  Although I know a few places, there was a royal material, but that was ten thousand years ago.

  I don’t know what’s going on now.

  Such things can only be seen in heaven and in luck.


  may take a long time to wait for many years before the royal material is present. “

  Ji Tianxing had a long time of psychological preparation, and that was not an accident, but only a little bit of nodded and said: “That’s all, that’s natural.”


  sword broke Nine Heavens.


  sword broke Nine Heavens.

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