Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 3598

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  see the bones of the dragon in person, the landscape and the fox kings are more excited. Web phone address: https/m.vodtW.la

  The two people were watching the remains of the carpet, while the tsk tsk was sighted.

  “I can’t imagine that the remains of the dragon are so perfect!”

  “It is a shame that Divine Dragon, even after more than a thousand years of age, remains intact, and God is immense.”

  “Whether it’s done with Divine Artifact, Divine Pill, or with Divine Formation, this dragon bone is the top material!”

  “Even ten, fifty minerals are worth more than this dragon bone!”

  “It’s not a coincidence. It’s a real act!”

  The landscape and the fox moon king’s gloomy glory, which is already fantastic in his mind, how to deal with this dragon bone after getting it.

  And at this point Ji Tianxing flew to the skull of the dragon bone.

  Divine Dragon’s skull is very complex, densely packed with thousands of bones that form another layer of ‘protection nets’.

  He found in the head of the dragon that there was a big, small, red crystal stone of the fist, still spreading bleak divine light.

  After careful observation, he was sure it was a residual dragon!

  “Half a missing dragon?

  It seems that this dragon was reborn and comedy here for many years.

  Eventually, its wounds are not healed, but it’s getting worse and dying here. ”

  Ji Tianxing reached this conclusion in conjunction with the results observed prior to that.

  After all, the remains of the dragon appear to be complete, and in fact there are many damage and damage.


  10,000 years have been buried for bones, full of mud and debris, and there is no problem.

  Looking closely like Ji Tianxing, it will be found that the damaged bones are in a critical position.

  Of course, what this dragon has experienced before, and what it has suffered, is irrelevant.


  Ji Tianxing wrapped up a shining golden light and packed the whole dragon bone.

  As his hand rises, the whole dragon bone is pulled out of the ground, with countless pieces of sand, floating into the air.

  Immediately, rays of light have disappeared, and Ji Tianxing has been taken into the space ring.



  The landscape and the fox king of the moon were stuck, and one face was desperate to Ji Tianxing.

  “Dragon brother, you are…”

  Young Master Long, you…

  Both of you see, Ji Tianxing is going to swallow a dragon bone alone.

  But they can’t believe that a highly qualified and powerful expert like Ji Tianxing would do something so unstable?

  How can you swallow this dragon bone?

  Fortunately, Ji Tianxing was strong, and both of them merely showed discontent.

  If you’re the other gods, they’re gonna turn their faces right away.

  Ji Tianxing looked at both of them, and expressionless explained one sentence: “This dragon bone, I have a great use, so I took it.”

  This explanation is not the same as it does not explain.

  Bullshit, who wants this dragon bone to be useless?

  Is that why you swallowed the dragon bones alone?

  I can’t!

  Absolutely not!


  face of the Emperor of Fox, the scene was dark, blinking cold light in his eyes.

  He wrinkles at Ji Tianxing, with a low tone: “Young Master Long, are you not doing well? We agreed to join forces to deal with Wolf King.

  And it’s the King who found this abyss first. “

  See the King of Fox, the invisible question Ji Tianxing, silent when landing.

  Even though he had some pain in his heart, he’d like to split a glass.

  But when the King of Fox opens, he doesn’t have to follow up.

  Moreover, the King of Fox had nothing to do with Ji Tianxing, but he was different.

  Most importantly, Ji Tianxing’s strength and methods are there, and there are witnesses.

  The landscape still feels safer to shut up.

  Not really.

  Ji Tianxing, with no guilt, looked forward to the king of the fox, and said, “What, do you have an opinion?”

  Despite ignorance, there is an invisible god who goes to the throne of the fox moon.

  The fox was stubborn when the king of the Moon was stubborn, surrounded by nervous bandages, and the heart was raised.

  But he’s already in trouble, and he’s gone for no reason, and brace oneself says, “Young Master Long, it’s not going anywhere in the dragon world.

  You ignored us and swallowed this dragon bone alone. “

  Ji Tianxing’s mouth hooked up and laughed, and said, “The Dragon bone I’m going to make, you have only two choices now.

  Leave, or rob. “

  “You”… “The fox moon, the king of the moon, is a staggering coldly shouted channel:” You’re a rogue, taking advantage of the position to bully people! “

  Ji Tianxing was lazy enough to ignore him, and turned around to the abyss and left.

  Fox’s mind goes after Ji Tianxing, talk about it.

  In this context, silent landscapes have been maintained, and no longer dare to ignore them, even though the fox monarchs have been harassed.

  “Lord Fox Moon, you better calm down, don’t move!” He’s serious, he’s a solemn persuasion.

  The Emperor of the Fox Moon was very unhappy and asked, “Lord of the Land, are you here to judge that he does the rules?”

  And why don’t you open your mouth?

  Do you just look at him swallowing a dragon bone and not even saying a fair word? “

  Landing frowned, said with a bitter smile: “Lord Fox Moon, don’t forget that Wolf King was found by him and that he killed him.

  If he hadn’t done it, we’d still be fighting with Wolf King and King Kim Tiger!

  Anyway, this is the one that has persuaded you to endure this breath and not to provoke him again.

  Think about what happened to Wolf King and King Kim Tiger! “

  Hear here, the fox King Stone was silent, and his face became even more difficult.

  That’s right!

  Ji Tianxing’s horror power and method, he has seen it personally.

  And he can also see that Ji Tianxing looks calm, and it’s cool.

  If he continues to haunt, he must be angry with Ji Tianxing.

  He has a relationship with Ji Tianxing, and he doesn’t know Ji Tianxing.

  Then Ji Tianxing killed him under anger, and he had nothing to say about it.

  Think of it here, the emperor of the fox moon can only crush his anger and choose to swallow with patience.

  But in his heart, he finally had some resentment, and he had a grudge at the land.

  “Landlord, although you have a great relationship with this dragon, I would like to advise you.

  This man, though strong, is a cruelty.

  Don’t leave him in Azure Lotus. That’s the tiger. Watch out. He turned into Wolf King the second day! ”

  That’s what’s going on.

  The landscape of the Emperor of the Moon and the smell of fun: “The King of the Fox Moon, even though this house understands your feelings, you are so funny.

  You’ve never heard the name and the signs of the Dragon. Go back and ask your landlord.

  In the name of the Dragon, and in the context of the Lotus area, he will not be rare even if he has given the place of the Lord of the Areas of God and Azure Lotus. “

  Fox Moon King Complexion stiffened, embarrassing ashamed and unable to show face.