Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 3599

Phone reading.

  Although, the King of the Fox Moon is not clear about Ji Tianxing’s bottom details. Publications/Web https//www.Vodtw.la

  But listening to the tone of the landscape, it’s absolutely not easy to guess Ji Tianxing’s identity background.

  Even, two domain owners could not be placed in their eyes.

  The expert who has a history of this identity, to Wang Lai, the Fox Moon God, said that it is already high.

  He definitely cannot afford to offend!

  If that’s the case, it’ll only be a dumb loser, and shut up.

  “Let’s go.” Landing pats, his shoulder, showing a comfortable eye, and flying towards the abyss.

  The King of Fox hesitated to keep up, and he said, “Thank you.”

  Yes, he does thank the landscape for its dissuasion and reminder.

  If that were not the case, he would have fought Ji Tianxing, and then the tragedy would have been him.


  A moment later, Ji Tianxing left the abyss, the king of the Land and Fox Moon followed closely from behind.

  The silence of the war before that shocked many people on the ground.

  Those high hands and ventures are looking for and exploring treasure in underground caves, canyons and cracks.

  At this time, countless people moved to the depths of the dragon, trying to find out what was going on.

  Ji Tianxing did not want to delay his time, leaving with the Lord of Landing and Fox and moving towards the ground.

  During his journey, the King of the Fox Moon remained silent and no further objections were raised.

  In the abyss of the dragons, he thought it had never happened.

  Not long ago, Ji Tianxing went back to the cave before.

  Flying is also selling gravity to excavate rocks and minerals, and busy sweats are not happy.

  When he saw Ji Tianxing coming, he stopped mining and asked, “Long day Senior, Martial Uncle, how did you get here? Did you find Wolf King?”

  Landing nodded, said, “Found, the truth is clear, and dragon brother killed him.

  It’s over, we should go. ”

  “Ah? So fast?” Flying is a little silly. It just feels unbelievable.

  For a moment, he kept asking, “What about Wolf King? What about treasure in Secret Realm? Divine Dragon inheritance and Divine Artifact… did you find it?”

  The Lord of Landing and Fox never answered, but only the same expectations to Ji Tianxing.

  Why do you want to be a man of mind?

  Although the Lord of the Landing and Fox Moon did not answer, the answer was also learned by their faces and eyes alone.

  He was surprised when he got there!

  “Oh, God! Isn’t that right? Dragon Senior has found Divine Dragon’s treasure.”

  The land is silent and trying to remain calm.

  And while the king of the fox is silent, the heart is bleeding, the face and the eyes are somewhat ugly.

  The atmosphere in the field is somewhat embarrassing.

  I didn’t realize that, with a very exciting interrogation, Ji Tianxing said, “Senior, what treasure did you find? Dragon? Divine Dragon inheritance? Or the related Divine Artifact, cultivation technique?”

  Ji Tianxing has not answered him, and the expression is peaceful: “Flying, we can do so quickly to find out the truth, and you can’t do it.

  Anyway, I’d like to thank you.

  I owe you a favor, and then you have something you can’t solve, and I can help you once. ”

  After all, he took out a message from Jade slip, which was sent to Yu Fei.

  It’s unbelievable, big eyes, hard hands to pass through jade slip, low lines: “Is this true? Anything you can do?”

  Ji Tianxing was just laughed, not much.

  He waved his hand to the people, saying, “There are still lots of rocks and minerals on the ground, and you don’t want to go on an errand for nothing, so take some more.”

  Remarks. ”

  And when the sound fell, he turned around, and he didn’t drag the water.

  The King of Fox in the heart of relaxed, thought this guy was finally gone.

  After all, Ji Tianxing was like a big mountain, and he couldn’t breathe.

  And the landscape was blown away, and the eyes were lost.

  He knows that the dragon goes this way, and he doesn’t know when to meet again.

  Unfortunately, it was not possible to have a good relationship with Dragon during this time and to close up deep friendship.

  Otherwise, contacts and mutual assistance will be maintained in the future.

  Think of it here, there’s some envy for dragon flying.

  The kid, who was so confused, got the dragon’s mood and left a message to jade slip.

  What an honor!

  Of the three, the most reactive.

  He didn’t even want the stone and the mineral, and he went out of the cave, chasing Ji Tianxing.

  “Long day Senior, wait!”

  Eighty hundred miles away.

  Ji Tianxing, stop walking, look back at him, wrinkle, and say, “What else?”

  “Long Senior, I give you the message jade slip, nor do you owe me any affair.”

  I’ll follow you, wherever you go, just take me.

  Don’t worry, I’ll never give you any trouble.

  Even, I’ll serve you in wholeheartedly and be your guardian and servant! “

  “…” Ji Tianxing looked at the legend jade slip and looked at his face seriously, and suddenly there was nothing to say.

  “This kid, he’s a thief!” He’s got a word of silence in his heart.

  See Ji Tianxing silent and flies in a bit of a hurry, even busy putting the message jade slip in his hand, and continues to be central: “Rong Senior, don’t look at me as low as I can, but I’m not stupid, and I can do a lot of things before this is the case…”

  Ji Tianxing frowned, solemnly asked: “Are you serious?”

  “Of course! It’s more true than the real gold silver!

  Ji Tianxing said, “What about Master if you go with me, and you may have come back for years?”

  “Master is a priest expert, and there are other Junior Brother and Junior Sister waiters, not missing me.

  And Master often taught me that reading books is better than a mile away.

  Even if it doesn’t come back in 700 years, the next millennium, I can come back and visit Master’s.

  Master has a hundred thousand years of life essence, and I have a lot to do. “

  See, like, 10,000 reasons and pretexts, Ji Tianxing chose silence.

  After a long time of thought, he chose to recover the message from Jade slip and to respond to the request for Flying.

  “Okay, since you’re so sincere, follow it.

  You don’t have to treat me as a guardian and servant from, whenever you want to leave, I will never leave you. “

  Ji Tianxing picked up a message from jade slip, turning over to the ground.

  “Senior, yes, it is my pleasure, how I could leave, not be brainwashed.”

  Although he is not strong, he is alone, far longer than he is often seen.

  He is well aware that he can follow Ji Tianxing, even if he is a guardian and servant, there is an indefinite future.

  At least he breakthrough the King’s chances.

  You can follow such a genius expert, you idiot will leave!