Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 3600

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  Two minutes later. Publications/Web https//www.Vodtw.la

  Ji Tianxing and Ji flew out of the ground and returned to the fantastic jungle.

  The two men stopped above the jungle and waited for a while before the landing and fox king appeared.

  The King of Fox was not close to Ji Tianxing, and said hello to the landing, so he quit.

  Landing in front of Ji Tianxing, archers for a week, and said, “Brother Dragon, are you leaving urgently and not going to my principals for days?”

  Ji Tianxing set up his hand and said, “Many thanks Brother Lu, but I have other things to do.

  As for Flying, please ask Brother Lu to tell Master that I took it.

  He wants to go out with me, see the world outside, whenever he wants to come back. “

  And when the landscape is wrinkled, the eyebrows are flowing, and the eyes of the warning are blown out of sight.


  dares to ignore flying in front of Divine Sense sound transmission, and he’s using Divine Sense sound transmission, “stinky brat, what the hell are you doing?

  You didn’t report this to you, Master, nor did you tell this house how you could do it? “

  “Many thanks Martial Uncle’s support and encouragement, and disciple will do his best to serve Senior, humble and serious learning experience with Dragon Senior.”

  The landscape almost blew his lungs and hated not to slap his ears.

  Faced with Ji Tianxing’s presence, land rings can only endure anger, evil fiercely staring at the eye, and sound transmission warns: “stinky brat, don’t think this place knows what you’re doing.

  I’m telling you, the background of the dragon’s identity is not what you can imagine.

  With your strength, there is no right to follow him into the world, or to be ashes any day.

  The dragon is here, not to tell you much.

  But you need to be smart and get a chance to leave in a few days and get back! ”

  “Martial Uncle’s reminder, disciple has been remembered, and Martial Uncle has been reassured.”

  That’s it, before the banging ‘Tinker’ ends.

  Ji Tianxing left with a blanket for a week.

  The original size appearance, which was very conscious, became Golden Winged Great Peng bird, carrying Ji Tianxing on the roof and heading north-east.

  Landing is standing on the ground, seeing Ji Tianxing so naked that he can’t hold his head straight, and his cheeks are pumped.

  “Damn shameless brat, how does this place talk to Master?”

  After a long time, he sent a sigh of ignorance and turned away.


  Golden Winged Great Peng flew over the open sea, fast as malaria power.

  Ji Tianxing stood on the back of the gold, stood up, stood up, was proud, was surrounded by a holy breath.

  It has to be said that riding a Golden Winged Great Peng bird can be more solemn and authoritative than taking a sail.

  “Senior, where are we going now?”

  Flying would like to do everything in its power, but it would also be necessary to identify the direction and objectives.

  “deep principle holes.” Ji Tianxing expression’s brief answer.

  “profound principle?” The cave? ”A little bit, a moment later, reacted, and the body was trembling.

  “Senior! Are you sure you’re not kidding me?”

  It’s a little shaky, and it’s weird.

  Fortunately, Ji Tianxing said the four words, and if he were to be someone else, he would have taken 30 feet long ago.


  deep principle hole. Who can go there?

  So he’s a cave mansion of Golden Dragon, Star continent to Holy Land!

  Golden Dragon, the master of Star Africa, the ruler, the king of Peak-Stage!

  Whatever you want, you want to go to the deep principle hole, you’re tired of it?

  Ji Tianxing continues to be freshly and calmly questioned: “What? Are you scared?

  If you don’t dare go, then go back to the mountains. “

  “This…” is hesitant or unwilling to recognize the fear and fear in his heart.

  “Senior, I said I’ll follow wherever you go.

  But you don’t have to test me with this!

  This is not a joke. The deep-principle hole is Cave mansion of Golden Dragon! “

  Ji Tianxing had a smile at the corner of his mouth, a little bit of nodded: “Yes, I’m going because the Deep principle hole is cave mansion of Golden Dragon.”

  “Are you serious?” And Ji Tianxing didn’t joke, or deliberately test him, is really going to deep principle holes.

  “Senior, an affront question, you’re going to Deep Principles Cave, see Golden Dragon?”

  Ji Tianxing again nodded, explaining, “Well, there’s something that needs to be found with him, and it’s clear.”

  Prior to that, he shouted at the land to hear about the Golden Dragon Empire.

  At the same time, he knocked on the side of the question, and there was no human race teenager next to King Long Emperor.

  It is regrettable, however, that the status of the landscape is not sufficiently high and that it is far from the Deep Principles cave and that it is not clear at all.

  Nay, Ji Tianxing can only travel personally to Deep principle holes, when interviewing Kim Long Emperor.

  “Senior, do you know Golden Dragon?”

  Ji Tianxing thought about it, taking out the memory of the year in his head, and pointing out nodded: “You know it.”

  In that year, he did speak a few words with the Golden Dragon Emperor.

  Even the Golden Dragon emperor praised him in the face and encouraged him to say a few words.

  Only then he was a young genius named the Quartet.

  And the Golden Dragon Emperor has long been Lord Peak-Stage, the Lord of Star Africa.

  He didn’t know if Golden Dragon remembered him.

  It was a bit complicated at the time of the festival, whispered: “What do you mean you know?

  Senior, if you don’t have enough certainty, let’s forget it. ”

  “What?” Ji Tianxing picked the eyeballs.

  “The status of the Golden Dragon Emperor is too noble and has not been seen in nearly a thousand years.

  He seems to have been closing down, trying to go beyond Divine King Realm, reaching a deeper realm.

  Even if you knew him, you wouldn’t have seen him in the deep principle hole.

  Besides, you have nothing to do with the Golden Dragon Emperor, even if we get to the Deep principle cave, we can’t even get into the door. “

  Speaking of that, he was angry about Ji Tianxing, and explained one more thing.

  “Senior, don’t be angry, I didn’t look at you.

  I also know that you’re an honorable, experienced expert.

  But the Golden Dragon Emperor is not normal after all. “

  If Ji Tianxing did not finish, he was interrupted, and the tone of the whispering: “Don’t say that many, deep principle holes. I’m sure I’m going.

  Not only are the Deep Principles holes, but there are a few other continents’ hegemony, and I may have to visit each other.

  If you are afraid, go back in the morning, lest I be tired. “

  Listen to him like that, Pentagon was silent.

  He kept his mouth shut, and he was determined by his mind.

  “The ’s all, I said to follow you, even if Blade Mountain fires the sea, I can’t regret it.

  How can I be afraid of shrinking when you’re so bold and angry?

  I’ll come with you only when I grow my experience and insight. “

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