Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 3800

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  the holes, silent and bored, and time passed fast. The textbook network’s cell phone ends at https//m.vodtW.la

  Ji Tianxing has been closed in God Palace’s secret room and has been working on Divine Dao root, hitting Divine King Realm Eighth Layer


  At the same time, he’s waiting for news from the Golden Channel Emperor


  But unfortunately, one month after another, he was getting closer to Divine King Realm Eighth Layer, and the Golden Channel Emperor never moved


  At the same time, the 3,000 generals of the Bangladeshi Alliance are all in Bandung City and all parts of the city, healing the wounds in peace.


  few months ago, the Great Demon League won a great deal of victory, but it was also hit, losing too many hands and experts, vital energy.

  Today, in the months, the Hurricane League has rested, not at all, to take the opportunity to expand its power and land


  This is what Ji Tianxing means, and both the Director of the Interior and the left-hand protective law understand his intentions and support this decision.

  After all, the Golden Dragon Emperor will not be eliminated one day, and even if the Bandar League occupies the entire continent, it will be returned sooner or later


  Instead of conserve strength and store up energy, until the Golden Channel Emperor is eliminated, the entire continent is gradually taken


  Of course, that’s just part of it.

  Another more important reason is that the star source continent is still in turmoil, and that the news of the panacea taking over the universe is still widely disseminated and debated


  The shock and shock of billions of people in Paris are still failing to recover.

  The information organization of the Banglas has investigated that most people believe that this is a turmoil and that the change of dominance will lead to chaos throughout the continent.

  So, it’s not too bad to say that the Star source continent is now human.

  No one knows how many people are concerned and how many forces are disturbed.

  Even more so, countless people are ready to escape.

  Because everyone believes that the Allies of Demons take over the holes of the universe, it is only the beginning of a protracted war.

  When the Golden Dragon Emperor returns, the regroupment of the old ministry is fighting back, it is the real war


  The people of Paris don’t care who loses, fears only the battle of the Plateau, covers the entire continent, touches themselves.

  Of course, there are a lot of experts and forces, and they are watching and hesitating


  They do not belong to any faction, but they want to gain the corresponding status and benefits from this protracted war.

  There is also a part of the subordinate power of the universe, as well as the old ministry of the Kingston Dragon Empire, which, with sadness and distress, liaises in the dark.

  Naturally, they refuse to admit losing, and they’re still trying to keep their strength, waiting for Kim Chan Dragon to return.

  At this point, the Vagin League is naturally not idle.

  The elites who had previously participated in the war were indeed in closed detention.

  But more than 20,000 other allies who did not participate in the war have become unusually busy these months.

  In addition to the functioning of the normal affairs of the Bandung League, they have many tasks to do.

  For example, investigating the whereabouts and information of the Golden Channel Emperor is a top priority and a top priority


  For example, the investigation was very loyal to the unidentified cave, unproductive forces and experts, clandestine clean-up and assassination.

  Also, for example, there is little loyalty between those who belong to the universe, but only for survival and benefit.

  In addition, lobbying and comforting those ‘wall grass’ shaking around.

  Divine King expert, both first-class and immense, will use various means to reassure.

  It would certainly be best if it could be absorbed into a panacea.

  Even if they cannot be included under the umbrella of the Almighty Demons, they must be guaranteed that they must not be thrown into the universe against the Allies of Manifesto


  Of course, there is also one thing that the Bandits have been implementing: the creation of rumours and the deliberate dissemination of speech.

  These things have always been the responsibility of the Golden Eagle, and he’s very proficient and skilled in this business.

  The golden eagle did something like that long before the Wang ‘an alliance attacked the hideout hole.

  Its purpose is to manipulate public opinion, to generate debate among hundreds of people on the continent, and to reach advocacy and confusion.

  Simply put, it is to brainwash millions of people in order to make their hearts more and more receptive to the Universal Alliance of Demons in charge of the Star source continent


  Moreover, there is a need to erase the image of the black and weaker unidentified cave and to reduce its harsh position in the minds of the


  These are just some of the things that have been done in the last few months by the Allies of the Demons


  There are many complex things that are not clear.

  Fortunately, there are enough allies of the Almighty, and elite people from all walks of life are well trained in various tasks.

  Ji Tianxing, the left-hand protective law, the Director of the Interior and Elder and the others need only agree on a response, and an order can be issued


  If they are allowed to do so in person, these cumbersome miscellaneous things do not know how many years it takes to do so.

  In conclusion, the Bandit Alliance is not expanding for the time being, it is not fighting, and it is unhurried to take over the Star Source continent.

  However, the Banglas are not doing anything, and are actively preparing and paving for the takeover of the Star source continent.

  Although Ji Tianxing was far from the universe, he had already developed a plan to make the law about the right and the fox moon, the golden eagle and the others work according to

the plan.

  The Golden Eagle is responsible for detecting information and assassinations, the Fox Moon is responsible for comforting and buying people’s hearts, and the Left Protection Act is responsible for destroying very loyal forces over the universe.

  Everything’s going on in an orderly manner.

  If the Golden Dragon Emperor appeared, Ji Tianxing would deal with him himself and try to get rid

of it.

  If the Golden Dragon Emperor never showed up, then over time, the hearts and winds of the Star source continent will change.

  Perhaps ten years or eight years later, the heart of man is not a hollow, but a panacea.

  By that time, even if Kim Jong-jung returned to the Star Channel continent, he would like to assemble the old department and fight against the Virtual Allies, I’m afraid he won’t be able to help


  This is Ji Tianxing’s plan, preparing for two hands, just for the best of all demons.


  It is unknown that the Star Source continent has been in turmoil for a whole year


  Throughout the year, there was a dark flow of star sources, and the situation was very confusing and complex.

  But under the dark control of the Bandit, not at all major chaos appear, much less war and mass murder


  Nonetheless, many forces and experts left the Star source continent quietly to avoid the wind elsewhere, which could not be avoided by anyone


  There are also many forces and Divine King expert, who can easily join the Bandit Alliance through the temptation of the Bandit.

  In addition, there are a number of individuals belonging to the unidentified cave, who are loyal to the Golden Channel Emperor and unable to cut off forces that have disappeared without surprise


  Don’t doubt it. Of course, it’s a pandemon!


  everyone knows, once the Golden Dragon Emperor returns, those forces will respond to the orders of the Kingston Dragon Emperor to launch a counter-attack against the Bandits.

  Since that is the case, it is of course imperative that the Bandit be eradicated as soon as possible in order to prevent future scourges


  It is only that the Bandar League has deliberately hidden the news from such an act of ‘clearing the heretics’, causing panic to the people of the Lebanese people.


  sword broke Nine Heavens


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