Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4478


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Three hundred and sixty battleships still stay in the sky, lined up with battle formations that can be attacked and defended. m.hjaju.com

Eighty thousand soldiers dispatched sixty thousand. In the battle formation formed by the fleet, they lined up an offensive Array and began to attack.

The attack power of the Prajna fleet has tripled in an instant.

Three hundred and sixty battleships release tens of thousands of dao divine force beams of light every two breaths, like a downpour on the battle formation of Qingyuetang.

Sixty thousand soldiers continue to perform Magical Powers stunts continuously, and jointly release the sky blade light and sword shadows and thunderbolt flames.

The endless Divine Ability spells, like a monstrous flood, flooded more than 10,000 people in Qingyuetang.

The Hall Master Qingyue was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that the fighting had lasted for so long, and the Prajna fleet could erupt with such a terrifying battle strength.

Surprised in his heart, he did not forget to give orders to command more than 13,000 elite people, quickly change formations, and deploy defenses and resistances.

Although everyone is exhausted, the battle strength has weakened a lot.

But the decisive battle has begun, and the 13,000 people have to do their best to cast a huge defensive shield.

At the same time, Qingyue Hall Master also manipulated the ancient scrolls to gather millions li Power of Heaven and Earth to condense a barrier that shields the sky from the sun.

The two law protectors and Great Elder also fully used the formidable power of the three Divine Items to resist the attack of the Prajna fleet.

In the next instant, the divine technique of light and shadow and wind and fire thunderbolt that covered the sky and sun slammed into the huge Heaven and Earth barrier and shield.

The loud noise of “hong long long” burst out, echoing endlessly between Heaven and Earth.

The earth with a radius of hundreds of thousands li trembling fiercely, cracking open countless cracks, and many Mountain peaks collapsed, and the forest sea was destroyed into ruins.

The violent shock wave spreads all around, forming a circle of colorful ripples.

The surrounding mountains and rivers all collapsed into ruins in the violent shock wave.

This battle at first is doomed to impossible to end in a short time.

In order to win the victory, both sides left no room and tried their best to fight.

Time quietly pass, but the battlefield is fixed here and has not moved.

The loud noise of “hong long long” is endless and has never stopped.

The colorful shock waves of destroying heaven extinguishing earth continue to spread all around, circle after circle, never stopping.

Over time, the attacking rhythm of the Prajna fleet has not changed significantly, and the battle strength has not weakened much.

Looking at the people of Qingyuetang, it is obvious that the divine force is not good, and the battle strength is declining.

The two sides fought and fought for an hour, and the strength of the overwhelming majority soldiers was consumed violently, unable to be quickly replenished, and it was unsustainable.

If it weren’t for the Qingyuetang presiding over the ancient scroll, the two guardians and the Great Elder holding three Divine Items, the people of Qingyuetang would have already begun to lose in large numbers.

Of course, Hall Master Qingyue has already figured out a countermeasure.

Compared with the bloated and huge Prajna fleet, the people of Qingyuetang are more flexible and mobile, saw that the situation was far from good and can retreat in time.

As long as you return to Qiyue Mountain, the Prajna fleet will have no choice but to take them.

In addition, Hall Master Qingyue also took advantage of the battle, and asked the Elders under his command to send jade slips to several Palace Lords to report the cause of the incident.

In this way, when the two sides are fighting and fighting to the most dangerous moment, if Qingyuetang can’t win the Prajna fleet, they can also lift out the Kongming Temple to suppress the Prajna fleet.

Anyway, Qingyue Hall Master believes that the head coach of the Prajna fleet must have already reported to the Prajna Divine Emperor.

This is indeed the case.

During the previous battle, Marshal Zuo took the time to send out a jade slip, telling the Divine Emperor the most detailed and true situation.


At the same time.

The remote headquarters of Kongming Temple is located somewhere in Seizing Heaven and Earth Good Fortune, in the beautiful Secret Realm.

In the Secret Realm in the hundreds of thousands, there are the strongest Heaven and Earth divine force, the most abundant Heaven and Earth Treasure, and various cultivation resources are everywhere.

This is between Heaven and Earth, one of the most suitable Holy Land for cultivation.

Staying in this Secret Realm, even an ant or a bird can naturally open spiritual wisdom and cultivation to the realm of gods.

There is no way, Origin Star is the origin and source of power of the void of the entire universe.

And this Secret Realm is one of the ten rarest Secret Realms on Origin Star.

In the depths of Secret Realm, there is a lofty mountain, on which there are hundreds of majestic palaces and tall buildings.

There are a large number of Divine Kings and god experts patrolling and guarding all around every palace and tall building.

The God Palaces and buildings are also built in incomparable luxury, splendorous and majestic, revealing a sacred atmosphere.

In the depths of this cluster of palaces, in an exquisite and elegant God Palace.

Prajna Divine Emperor and Chixia Divine King are drinking tea in the study, and their expressions are talking calmly.

Although there is an array of defenses and secrecy in the study, there are also eight guards from God King Realm outside the study.

However, the conversation between master and disciple may involve some secrets and some words that cannot be heard by outsiders.

Therefore, the Prajna Divine Emperor is still cautious in his words and deeds, and has arranged a two-fold confidential Array before he speaks.

“The Secret Realm where the Kongming Temple is located is indeed blessed by heaven, the most suitable Holy Land for cultivation.

If you can secluded cultivation here for a hundred years, you will have a great opportunity to comprehend the Heavenly Dao mystery, breakthrough to the Divine Emperor. “

Chixia Divine King ordered nodded and said with a smile: “We have come to the God Palace of Kongming Temple. Today we have a day off, and tomorrow we will see several Palace Lords.

When the Kongming Temple is ready for the corresponding ceremony, the day after tomorrow, the Master will be able to join the Kongming Temple on behalf of everyone and become the sixth Palace Lord.

As long as the Master becomes the Palace Lord, there will be many opportunities for the discipline to come here in the future…”

Although she didn’t say it clearly, she meant it very clearly.

In the future, the Prajna Divine Emperor will be the Six Palace Lord, and most of them will live here.

Then she served as the disciple of the Prajna Divine Emperor and served around the Master. Secret Realm secluded cultivation in this place for hundreds of years is a matter of course.

Prajna Divine Emperor is slightly nodded, his expression is still flat, but a touch of worry flashes in his eyes, and he said: “It stands to reason that after we came into contact with Qingyuetang, it has been going well until today, and there have been no errors or problems.

At the latest tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, as a teacher, he will join the Kongming Temple and become the sixth Palace Lord.

I don’t know why, but I feel a little bit in my teacher, and I always feel uneasy in my heart, as if something bad is about to happen. “

The Prajna Divine Emperor has mastered the three wisps of Dao Rhyme. Although it is still the first stage of the Divine Emperor, it is not far from the middle stage of the Divine Emperor.

There is enough integration and connection between her and Heavenly Dao, and some feelings will naturally arise.

Chixia Divine King also understands that Master will not say these words for no reason.

But she still smiled and comforted: “Master, don’t worry, Qingyuetang’s attitude towards us is very warm and polite. Marshal Zuo and Marshal Shi will also follow your orders and supervise the soldiers and will never follow Qing What conflicts happened in Yuetang.”

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