Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4479


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From the perspective of Chixia Divine King, Qingyuetang’s attitude is very respectful and will never take the initiative to cause trouble.

The two marshals will follow the orders of the Prajna Divine Emperor and strictly take care of all soldiers and will never allow them to go out.

In this way, it is absolutely impossible for both parties to have conflicts and frictions.

Where did the Master’s concerns come from?

Seeing the Prajna Divine Emperor, he was silent, and seemed to be sensing the secret of heaven, guessing where the uneasy factor came from.

Chixia Divine King went on to say: “There will be nothing between the fleet and Qingyuetang. The only thing that may change and disturb the Master is the Kongming Temple, right?

Could it be said that there are disagreements among several Palace Lords, and someone wants to prevent us from joining? “

The Prajna Divine Emperor sensed for a moment, but the secret of the heaven has been a little vague, and he can’t find the source, so he simply doesn’t think about it anymore.

Hearing what Chixia Divine King said, she thought about it for a while and said slightly nodded: “Thinking about it, probably only this is possible.

But the Second Palace Lord said before that several Palace Lords wanted to invite us to join the Kongming Temple.

Because he is a Hong clan, he was asked to act as a representative to approach the teacher.

Putting it that way, there is no reason for several Palace Lords to trick us into being teachers and refuse us to join. “

“Uh…” Chixia Divine King has nothing to say, and can only smile comforted: “Master, it’s mostly because you have been overworked recently, and you are worried about it.

You can take a good rest. It will be clear when you see the Palace Lords tomorrow. “

The Prajna Divine Emperor felt that this was possible, so he stopped struggling with this issue.

Next, she plans to take Chixia Divine King to stroll around in Secret Realm and see the environment in Secret Realm.

After all, she is likely to stay here for a long time.

But at this time, a messaging jade slip flew from the sky and stopped in front of her.

Seeing the special messaging jade slip with golden light on, the Divine Emperor browses knit on the spot, and my heart chuckles.

She recognized it at a glance. It was the jade slip she left for the two marshals. It was only three yuan. It was used for emergency contact and was extremely confidential.

If it is an ordinary communication contact, the two marshals will never use it lightly.

Since the two marshals used a special jade slip, it proved that there must be important things or news.

For the Divine Emperor at this moment, the two marshals urgently contacted her, there must be no good.

Chixia Divine King also thought of this, his pupils shrunk, staring at the special jade slip, hidden path in his heart: “No way? Is there something wrong with the fleet?”

Prajna Divine Emperor’s city residence is deep enough, and his face doesn’t change and picks up the jade slip to read the contents with Divine Consciousness.

Then, Marshal Zuo’s voice sounded in her mind.

The low, somewhat hoarse voice narrated something urgently and solemnly.

Prajna Divine Emperor only heard a few words, his face changed on the spot, his beautiful face became frosty, and within both eyes there was a flash of anger and murderous intention.

Chixia Divine King saw the Master’s reaction, and he suddenly felt inwardly grumbled.

She has guessed it, it must be something that happened in the fleet.

It may even be related to Qingyuetang, and there have been conflicts and disputes between the two parties.

Otherwise, Master’s face will never be so embarrassing!

hundred breaths After time, the Prajna Divine Emperor heard the message from Marshal Zuo.

With regard to what happened between the fleet and Qingyuetang, as well as the detailed cause, history and current situation, Prajna God Imperial Capital has enough understanding.

Her face is frosty, the pupil light like a sword puts away the jade slip, and slowly raises her head to look at the Chixia Divine King.

At this time, she exudes the majesty that shocks Heaven and Earth, and the anger and killing intent in her eyes makes her heart palpitating.

Chixia Divine King was stared at by the Master’s fierce gaze, body trembled at the time, and couldn’t help but shiver.

“Uh…Master…what happened?

Why do you… look at the discipline like this? “

Chixia Divine King was instinctively afraid, and he was particularly flustered.

The Prajna Divine Emperor did not explain in detail, but only briefly said a few words.

“Flying Divine King took the lead in making trouble, took the soldiers and left the fleet, went out to search for cultivation resources and treasures, and had conflicts and fights with the people of Qingyuetang.

Since human lives have been lost, Qingyuetang will naturally not let it go, so the situation intensified, and now it has been full-scale war, with more than 10,000 casualties! ! “

Suddenly hearing this news, Chixia Divine King was shocked by thunder, and the whole person was stunned.

This news is really amazing!

She didn’t expect anyhow. The source of Master’s anxiety was the conflict between the fleet and Qingyuetang.

She didn’t expect even more, the contradiction was caused by the flying Divine King, and the matter got to this point, leading to a decisive battle between the two sides!

This is ridiculous!

She was so absurd that she couldn’t believe it, and her brain was blank.

After a long time, she came back to his senses and finally understood the reason why the Master was so angry and sharp-eyed.

There is no way, to cause such an irreversible situation, the culprit is the Flying Divine King!

When the Prajna Divine Emperor left the fleet, he repeatedly told and ordered the two marshals to never allow the soldiers to go out, and stayed obediently and honestly in the divine ship, waiting for her news and orders.

Ke Fei Yang Divine King disobeyed the order without saying it, and incited other soldiers to make trouble together.

The reason why he has the courage and confidence to resist the two marshals is because of her trust and respect!

In the eyes of the two marshals, Feiyang Divine King is her confidant. They dare not offend, so they can only acquiesce…

In short, Feiyang Divine King deserves to die, but she can’t get rid of it!

As soon as I thought of this, Chixia Divine King’s forehead burst into cold sweat, I can’t wait to find Feiyang Divine King and chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades!

But this is impossible, and she also believes that with the strength of the Flying Divine King, she would have been killed in the battle.

Even if Feiyang Divine King is not dead, it is estimated that the two marshals who are furious and furious will also frustrate him.

“pu pass…”

Chixia Divine King without the slightest hesitation knelt in front of the Divine Emperor, kowtow in fear.

“Master, please calm down! It is because the discipline has no eyes and no knowledge of people, which has caused such a disaster and caused irreparable losses.

The discipline is guilty, the discipline should be punished, please Master to punish it! “

The Chixia Divine King has followed the Prajna Divine Emperor for thousands of years and has a very good understanding of the Master’s qualities.

At this time, the more sophistry, rebuttal, and shirk responsibility, the more irritated the Master will be, and the more brutal punishment he will face.

Conversely, if you take the initiative to confess your guilt and ask for punishment, without any sophistry or evasiveness, it will let the Master calm down.

The most important thing is that she is the most respected discipline of the Master. The Master treats her as if she is his own, and will never really punish her.

As expected, Chixia Divine King’s approach is very wise.

The Prajna Divine Emperor took a deep breath, suppressing his anger, looking at the prostrate Divine King expressionlessly, and said in a low tone: “Things have developed, and now the soldiers are talking with Qingyuetang People are fighting hard, so what use is there to hold someone accountable at this time?

Get up, and punish you after the matter is resolved for the teacher! “

Sword Break Nine Heavens

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