Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4482


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After the Divine Emperor and several Palace Lords sent a subpoena, they waited for news and feedback in the God Palace. m.pdiea.com

On the other side, the battle between the Prajna fleet and Qingyuetang is still going on in full swing.

Qingyuetang only has more than 11,000 citizens left, still lined up in battle, relying on the ancient scroll and Three Big Divine Items to share most of the pressure.

This is so, the exhausted Qingyuetang citizens, fighting spirit has been consumed by most, and the battle strength has also fallen sharply, still unable to withstand the counterattack of the Prajna fleet.

More than 3,600 people have been killed by the Prajna fleet.

Every breath time, there are still people who have exhausted their divine force and cannot support them, dying tragically in the sky of light and blade light and sword shadows, torn apart.

The Qingyue Hall Master and the two guardians, several Elders, were also under tremendous pressure. Their faces were pale and their bodies were soaked in cold sweat.

Although, they have not been injured yet.

But their divine force is extremely exhausted, their minds are also shocked and traumatized, and their battle strength is gradually decreasing.

According to the current situation, if they insist on one hour at most, they will run out of strength and completely retreat.

By that time, Hall Master Qingyue, several guardians, and Elders can’t hold on, and the people under his command will be defeated.

They can only choose to return to July Mountain, and they will be chased by the Prajna fleet, causing heavy casualties along the way.

In contrast, the Prajna fleet is always in a Peak state of full offensive.

In the previous battle, only ten divine ships were destroyed and more than 800 soldiers were killed.

For the entire fleet, this casualty is harmless.

On the contrary, it has aroused the bloodiness and killing intent of tens of thousands of soldiers.

For a moment, Marshal Zuo didn’t want to stop the war. He had the urge to continue fighting and capture Qiyue Mountain.

But he calmed down quickly, and after weighing the pros and cons, he felt that it was not profitable to do so, but it would completely collapse the relationship between the two parties.

Therefore, the Prajna fleet has the upper hand, so as to minimize casualties.

When the order of the Prajna Divine Emperor comes down, he still has to obey the orders.

In short, it is necessary to make Qingyuetang pay a heavy price, but it must not be defeated.

Even if the two sides are reconciled in the future, Qingyuetang will be 30% low in front of the Prajna fleet and lower its posture.

The Prajna fleet must be the winner, and Qingyuetang can only be the loser.

Unconsciously, a quarter of an hour passed.

The Prajna fleet killed more than two hundred Qingyuetang citizens. Qingyuetang’s morale fell again, and the military’s spirit was still shaken.

At this time, the two transmission jade slips arrived at the Prajna fleet almost simultaneously, and flew in front of Marshal Zuo and Marshal Shi.

Although, neither of them understood why the Divine Emperor, Prajna, sent a message to both of them at the same time.

Is there any difference in the contents of the two jade slips?

But when the Prajna Divine Emperor did this, she naturally had her intentions.

Moreover, it also proves that she is fair and impartial, without partiality, and trusts the two marshals.

With full expectation, Marshal Shi opened the jade slip and listened to the orders of the Divine Emperor.

He wanted to know if the Divine Emperor was dissatisfied with Marshal Zuo, even angry.

And when he reported the situation before, he had already washed himself out of innocence, and most of it would not be implicated.

If the Prajna Divine Emperor is disappointed with Marshal Zuo and even orders severe punishment, then he will be more trusted and respected by the Prajna Divine Emperor in the future.

However, Marshal Shi couldn’t help being a little disappointed when he heard the message of the Divine Emperor.

The Prajna Divine Emperor only ordered the fleet to stop its offensive and ordered the fleet to retreat to a safe distance to treat and comfort the soldiers as soon as possible.

Regarding the fault of Marshal Zuo, the Prajna Divine Emperor did not say much, but only said one sentence after the matter subsided and the investigation was clear, then the punishment would be imposed.

Marshal Shi is very smart, and he can hear something from the tone of the Prajna Divine Emperor.

First of all, the Prajna Divine Emperor was very angry and disappointed when this accident happened.

But things have already happened. The focus of the Prajna Divine Emperor is not on who caused the matter, but who should be severely punished.

What she cares more about is Qingyuetang’s attitude and the winning or losing of this battle.

Her view is very clear. The two sides can truce, but the truce must be when the Prajna fleet has the upper hand.

In any case, she must not weaken her reputation, so that she will have no position and prestige in the Temple of Kongming.

This is also in Marshal Shi’s expectation, which fits the character of the Divine Emperor.

But he failed to get the results he wanted, and he was still a little disappointed after all.

On the other side, Marshal Zuo opened up the jade slip with a complex expression with a nervous mood.

He knew well that such a big mess would definitely affect the overall situation, especially the plan of the Prajna Divine Emperor.

No matter how big the fire of the Prajna Divine Emperor is, or how severe the punishment is to punish him, he is mentally prepared.

But Marshal Zuo was stunned on the spot after hearing the order of the Prajna Divine Emperor.

He didn’t expect anyhow. The Prajna Divine Emperor only had a cold and harsh tone, mainly giving orders, and by the way, he would come back to punish the wrongdoer afterwards.

Even, Imperial Capital, the god of Prajna, did not name Marshal Zuo, nor did he get angry at him.

This surprised him, and he was very grateful, and he became more respectful and admired for the Divine Emperor.

He secretly made up his mind that after the incident subsided, he would take the initiative to ask the Divine Emperor for sin and sincerely regret it.

Then, he solemnly put away the jade slip and contacted Marshal Shi with Divine Consciousness.

The two marshals didn’t say much, and after confirming the order of the Divine Emperor, they began to execute it.

Soon, they relayed the order of the Prajna Divine Emperor, and passed them to the ears of the soldiers through the gods.

More than 300 divine ships and tens of thousands of soldiers began to reduce their firepower in an orderly manner, gradually stopped the offensive, and slowly retreated.

At the same time, Hall Master Qingyue also received several summons from Palace Lords and began to execute the armistice order.

Although, Qingyue Hall Master repeatedly explained that the people under his command will gradually reduce their firepower and retreat in an orderly manner.

But these people have inexperienced combat, and they are very tired, divine force is very empty.

So much so that after the armistice order was issued, many people suddenly reduced their firepower and even stopped the attack directly.

In this way, the defensive power of Qingyuetang instantly weakened by 70%, which naturally caused heavy casualties.

Within a few breaths, there are thousands of people, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke under the indiscriminate bombardment of the Prajna fleet.

The Hall Master Qingyue was heartbroken, and the angry eye socket was cracked. He wanted to shatter the corpses of the Prajna fleet.

But the matter has come to this point, he can only focus on the overall situation, hold back his anger, and direct his people to a ceasefire.

Seeing, Qingyuetang and the Prajna fleet both expressed the intention of truce.

Ji Tianxing, who has been hiding in secret to observe the situation, finally couldn’t help but make a move.

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