Swords Breaks Nine Heavens Chapter 4484


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Qingyuetang suffered heavy casualties, and the surviving people were furious. Qingyue Hall Master, several guardians, and Elders all ran away. m.wanmeizw.com

Eight thousand people roared angrily, and they were stimulated with great potential.

Originally everyone was exhausted and very weak, but at this time they were fighting spirited and murderous aura rushing to the sky.

On the other side, the members of the Prajna fleet were confused on the spot.

Even Marshal Zuo and Marshal Shi are full of stunned expressions, showing incredible eyes.

They couldn’t believe that the formidable power of their counterattack was so powerful and so lethal.

For a time, the same thoughts came to the minds of the two marshals and many gods.

“Could it be that the soldiers’ anger aroused their potential and burst out the strongest battle strength?”

“I am afraid it is because the people of Qingyuetang are already an arrow at the end of its flight and are retreating, so they are so weak, unable to withstand a single blow?”

“Since our fleet has such a strong battle strength, what are we afraid of? We must beat Qingyuetang down and let them surrender!”

“hmph! Despicable Qingyuetang, if you dare to play yin with us, then let you have a taste!”

Everyone felt very relieved, and at the same time their confidence skyrocketed. They must knock out Qingyuetang’s injured badly with many teeth.

It happened that Qingyuetang was also angered, and under the leadership of Qingyue Hall Master, spare no effort launched a counterattack.

The Qingyue Hall Master manipulated the ancient scrolls, did not hesitate to consume his own life essence, strengthened the battle strength three times, and released his unique tricks.

“shua~ shua~ shua~ !”

Suddenly, the Heaven and Earth of two million li shook. The terrifying Heaven and Earth divine force gathered into billions of blade light and sword shadows, strangling the Prajna fleet from all directions.

In the ancient scroll, dozens of Purple Qi dragons spewed out, blasting towards the Prajna fleet.

As for the other guardians, Elder, and the people, it goes without saying that they are all desperately breaking out and performing their trump card stunts.

All the Divine Ability spells are gathered together. The formidable power is unimaginable and powerful.

The dazzling divine light, billions of blade light and sword shadows and wind and fire thunderbolt, flooded the Prajna fleet like a monstrous flood.

Ji Tianxing can see clearly that even though Qingyuetang’s 8,000-character people counterattack with hatred, they all broke out the most powerful trump cards and stunts.

But these people are strong in appearance but weak in reality, their strength has been exhausted long ago, and they are supported by their minds.

The divine technique they used to attack just seemed to be huge, and the formidable power and destructive power were not strong enough.

At least, the joint counterattack of these 8,000-character people is far from enough to hit the Prajna fleet.

Of course, Ji Tianxing has to add fuel to the fire, add fuel to the fire, and secretly use Magical Powers’ tricks to help Qingyuetang enhance its formidable power.

Anyway, the blade light and sword shadows he secretly displayed are mixed in the brilliance of Heavenly God, and they can’t be distinguished at all.

“hong long long!”

The ending satisfied both Ji Tianxing and Qingyuetang.

With the deafening muffled sound, the defensive shields and barriers of the Prajna fleet were all shattered.

More than 20 divine ships were blasted into slag, more than 3,000 soldiers died on the spot, and more than 2,000 people were severely injured.

Such tragic casualties have caused huge loopholes and gaps in the battlefield of the Prajna fleet, and the defensive power is much weaker.

The shock wave of destroying heaven extinguishing earth fiercely impacts all battleships, making it difficult for soldiers to quickly regain their formation.

The soldiers of the Prajna fleet were so violently killed, they were naturally angry, roaring and cursing hysterically.

At the same time, the soldiers also lost their senses and launched a desperate counterattack.

Even Marshal Zuo and Marshal Shi put the order of the Prajna Divine Emperor temporarily aside.

The idea in their hearts is that our Prajna fleet can cease war, but we must never accept such humiliating results, let alone be fooled by Qingyuetang.

You Qingyuetang don’t want to shake hands and make peace, then don’t blame us vicious and merciless, and hit you on your knees and begging for mercy!

So, under the command of the two marshals, all the remaining divine warships, including more than 20,000 soldiers who had been standing still, all joined the battle.

Up to this moment, the Prajna fleet is unreserved and all members are participating in the war!

“Shua! shua~ shua~ shua~ !”

Three hundred divine warships turned on divine artillery at the same time, releasing tens of thousands of beams of light, rushing toward the people of Qingyue Hall like a torrential rain.

Tens of thousands of soldiers also formed a battle formation and jointly performed various Magical Powers secret techniques to bombard the people of Qingyuetang indiscriminately.

With previous experience, both sides are fighting with each other in spare no effort, and never stop and stay in a daze.

Both sides will not you attack once, I attack once in rotation, both of which are continuous output without stopping.

Suddenly, the light and shadow of the divine technique that covered the sky and the sun collided fiercely between Heaven and Earth, causing a loud and deafening noise.

The shards of sacred light that splashed are engulfed in circles of colorful torrents, spreading towards all directions, sweeping a radius of 100,000 Li.

Although, the Prajna fleet is clearly at an advantage, and it will certainly be able to suppress the people of Qingyuetang and fight them to collapse and escape.

But Ji Tianxing was secretly obstructing, always helping Qingyuetang strengthen its firepower, and severely inflicted the soldiers of the Prajna fleet.

Therefore, the two sides are inextricably fought, and it is impossible to tell the winner in the short term.

As for the casualties…Both sides are very tragic, with dozens of hundreds of people being killed every time.

In this way, the Prajna fleet and the people of Qingyuetang are crazy, and they are fighting in a bloody battle without reason.

The situation on the field has gradually gotten out of control, the formations of both sides have become fragmented, and the battlefield has begun to become scattered.

But no one noticed the clues, and no one suspected that someone was acting secretly.

Both sides thought that the other side had hidden their strength, and only took out the hole cards at this moment, and both cursed the other side for insidiousness.

Unconsciously, one hour passed.

This chaotic and cruel battle is finally coming to an end.

At this time, there are 180 divine ships left in the Prajna fleet, and fewer than 40,000 soldiers survived, and more than 10,000 of them were severely injured and lost their battle strength.

More than 4,000 people of Qingyuetang’s 8,000 people were also bombarded and killed.

Of the more than 3,000 people who survived, half of them were seriously injured.

Even if more than a thousand people were not injured, they were exhausted and almost lost their battle strength.

The most important thing is that at this time the battlefield expanded to a radius of 100,000 Li, divided into six or seven groups.

In this place, a dozen divine ships besieged more than two hundred people of Qingyuetang.

On that battlefield, more than 20 divine ships surrounded 300 Qingyuetang citizens and stormed.

This is the time when Ji Tianxing to fish in troubled water completely disrupts the situation.

He secretly wandered the battlefield, destroying one after another divine ship, and killing batch after batch of Qingyuetang citizens.

The soldiers and citizens of both sides have died in a state of confusion, and the number has dropped sharply.

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